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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. theveterans
    Chord Mojo with its <1 ohm OI also does this to a lesser extent but still way too thick for my tastes. That's why I use my iPod Touch 6G/7G with its 1.74 OI instead to give that punchy, well textured bass, incredible detail retrieval and out of the head soundstage. Only con with using iPod Touch 6G/7G is that since the mids and upper mids are much more pronounced than most DAPs whether in SE or Balanced (only with Andromeda IEM), sibilance is inevitable, but with a well mastered recording, it sounds extremely good to my ears.
  2. koven Contributor
    Which one did you like? It's only been a few hours w/ AG for me so far but I have to conclude I still prefer the VX.
  3. Rockwell75
    VX...bass seemed a tad congested to me on the AG. VX's whole presentation had this laserlike precision and detail that was borderline surreal...like if you took Andro G, cleaned up the bass a bit and added 1/10 of a hit of lsd. Suffice to say it left quite an impression on me. On the whole VX is about equal to Solaris for me-- Solaris counters VX's intensity with an almost laid back analogue tonality that I find no less satisfying. The two are a great complimentary pair.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
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  4. koven Contributor
    Agree w/ you on the bass. I like the VX bass more, the decay feels more natural. And yes the resolution and imaging on VX is pretty top tier.
  5. NewEve
    @rodel808 @BeerNuts (and others interested in the pairing ZX300 x Andromeda Special Edition Gold)

    Ok, last post on this before I try my Andromeda SEG on Monday.

    For what I found out based on my research; here's the deal which might explain a pairing issue with the ZX300 x Andromeda Special Edition Gold using the ZX300 Single Ended (SE):

    - Low-impedance ear/headphones are harder to drive;
    - It isn't a question of power (voltage) but of current (amp);
    - Low impedance ear/headphones require a lower output voltage but draw more current;
    - And if the sources's amplifier isn't capable of providing enough current, it compromises the sound...

    So, my understanding is that the ZX300 SE output is limited by this with the Andromeda Special Edition Gold whereas the ZX300 Balanced output isn't (to the same extend).

    Sources: #1, #2, #3, #4
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
  6. BeerNuts
    Yeah this has always been an issue with andromeda’s. They sound best with a certain level of power (ohms/z-out) from the source. I am now remembering that this is one of the reasons i also switched to the Solaris from my green andros a year ago. I had forgotten how picky they are. I was trying to post just so people knew sources that were not working with the blacks which may have worked with the greens. Tons and tons of people have either the zx300 and use the 3.5 or a iphone x as source and its would be a shame if that was their first impression. The zx300 is one of the few daps highly recommended for the original green andros, but if you used 3.5 or 4.4 was just preference before i thought. Now it's downright required. Just buy a cheapy 4.4 cable on amazon.
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  7. NewEve
    Not that easy for me—I don’t really like balanced output—which is something you really get nowhere else aside the audiophile community—and from my limited experience (Campfire Audio Cascade & Empire Ears Bravado): I prefer SE.

    The extra separation and too much detail frankly piss me off and ruins my listening experience, it isn’t my music.

    A well designed ear/headphone should work as intended regardless of the termination one uses. The baseline should be SE and if one fancies balanced output and what it brings—by all means.

    So in that sense, getting a balanced cable for the Andromeda SEG in order to pair well with the ZX300 isn’t for what balanced can bring but just in order to overcome the ZX300 technical limitations in SE while taking the risk to add layers I not only don’t care for but genuinely don’t like (again, only based on the aforementioned, limited, experiences).
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
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  8. pr0b3r

    Andromeda OEM
    info on reddit

    Apparently, Andromeda counterfeits are being sold around the community (I'm aware of one seller here in our country). Don't know much of the other details of the OEM, just raising this for awareness.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019
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  9. haoyuan
    That link you linked to on Taobao is clearly for the upgrade cable as the title says in Chinese.
  10. pr0b3r
    Thanks for clarifying. I'll edit that out. Anyway, still, the precense of OEM versions have been validated. There's also one guy selling here locally with unit only, no box, sometimes no cables. The worst part is that his selling price is way too expensive and costs almost like an authentic B-stock.
  11. AutumnCrown
    Two questions about the Andro: 1. Is there any kind of mesh or screen to keep things out of the armature mechanisms? I can't see anything, but the holes are tiny. 2. How exactly should the provided tool be used? For the interior of the bore holes, or just the outside?
  12. Bones13 Contributor
    Just the screen/lattice as seen on the photos. I have used a similar tool on CIEMs, and this tool looks sized to clean the screen/lattice, not anything that gets through it.

    I make enough ear wax to require occasional cleaning of CIEMs. I’ve never had to clean my regular IEMs, other than to clean the tip entrance with a Kleenex. I do clean my ears a few times a week with QTips after showering. (Disclaimer, I am a surgeon, and have gotten away with it for 60 years, the ear doctors don’t recommend it)
  13. robulation
    What the?!?... you sound mighty calm about that... if anyone from my work stole my Vegas, I’d get them bloody arrested!
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  14. KEV G
    If they did it to me..... I think they’d rather the police arrest them.......because if I got hold of em :smiling_imp:
    Nothing worse than a thief in the work place !!!
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  15. tworooks
    So glad we are circling back to this. It's been driving me crazy all week.
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