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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. fokta
    Wew... Stolen at work, man that's f@ck. Usually the first suspect is the guy who u talk to you about what ur wearing...

    must talked to ur HR, if There's no action about this.. it will happened again...

  2. robulation
    Everything I’ve ever had or heard of being stolen has always been the contract cleaners. My first place of work, I noticed my Mac tower had been moved, and then everyone running around shouting ‘everything’s been stolen’... they didn’t dare move the macs, probably too heavy. But anyway, it was the cleaners.
  3. KEV G
    So what did the police have to say “here’s a crime reference number for your insurance” maybe. If other people had property stolen as well, surely the police would have got involved and is the company still using the same agency/company?
    Trouble is, we are short of 20k police officers, personally I’d say about 40k short.
    They are stretched so thin in the UK that people know this and use it to their advantage!!!!
    I know I’d be pretty torn up if my Andro’s/Vega had been stolen and you have my sympathies :disappointed_relieved:
  4. robulation
    This was 15 years ago... the particular individual cleaner’s swipe card was used to enter the office at 11pm at night... (strange behaviour anyway). He denied it, saying he’d lost his card, the contractors were banned. BUT, the very same cleaner was back in with another contractor less than a month later, walking with a certain simian stroll and a spring in his step.
  5. AutumnCrown

    There is no screen/lattice I can see unless you mean the bore holes themselves
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019
  6. Bones13 Contributor
  7. NewEve



    So, I received my Campfire Audio (CA) Andromeda Special Edition Gold (SEG) this evening.

    Let's say that, following the recent talk over their performance when paired with the ZX300, it was a rather tense moment — particularly given the investment they represent.

    The unboxing process didn't particularly help, I mean, this box is ridiculously gorgeous. @KB Kudos to the designers — while we're here for the audio quality I think most of us can appreciate great design.

    Setup & Plug-in

    I start to setup my Andromeda SEG and quickly settle for the medium CA silicone tips — they're the most comfortable for me.

    The Andromeda SEG are smaller than I expected and are really comfortable, much more so than the Empire Ears Bravado, thanks to their slimmer design, longer nozzle and tip selection.

    Since I mentioned the Bravado, time to mention that, together with my CA Cascade, they'll be my points of comparison since they are the most expensive IEM and headphones I ever owned before the Andromeda SEG. While I didn't like the Bravado (annoying, to much of a show off — hence their name perhaps), I love my Cascade — so you can imagine that lows, for me, are somewhat important.

    So, I turn my ZX300 on which, for the record:

    - Has been bought in Europe
    - Has been uncapped with the following settings
    Destination: E
    Sound pressure: 0 (off)
    - Has 413+ hours of playback roughly equally divided in-between the Single-Ended (SE) and Balanced outputs
    - Has been set to:
    -- Volume 40
    -- High Gain Output (Output Settings) / EDIT: I strongly recommend a Low and not High Gain Output (Output Settings) for the Andromeda Special Edition Gold
    -- Direct Source: On (Sound Settings)

    I then plug my Andromeda SEG in my ZX300's SE output, honestly expecting the worse…

    … and I am f l o o r e d …

    Simon & Garfunkel (Anji), Stevie Wonder (Superstition), Styx (Boat On The River), Wilco (Forget The Flowers), UB40 (Red Red Wine), Tracy Chapman (Across the Lines), Toto (Africa), Lady Gaga (Shallow), Buddy Rich Band (The Beat Goes On), Galt MacDermot (Coffee Cold), Miles Davis (L'assassinat de Carla), Plüm (You're the one), …

    Lows — Mids — Highs, everything I'm looking for is there.

    The Campfire Audio Andromeda Special Edition Gold are engaging and musical, without being in your face.

    I can hear small details and audio cues here and there yet, without the annoyance that the Bravado generated.

    Their soundstage is just right. I was afraid of getting a strange out of you head experience, but no, what I got nailed it.

    The lows are there, really there, in the sense that I can feel them. I also (re)discover that there's texture to music.

    From a more technical perspective, I didn't hear any hiss — at all.

    Btw, am I considering trying them Balanced? Absolutely not.


    The Campfire Audio Andromeda Special Edition Gold put a smile on my face.

    They make me enjoy my music even more which, more importantly, makes me happy.

    Isn't that what this is all about?

    Nicely done indeed, @KB.


    EDIT for Sony NW-ZX300 users: As mentioned by @Ryokan a few posts after this one, disable direct sound as well as all sound settings on the ZX300 — it indeed isn't the same as with the direct sound enabled… Give it a go!


    EDIT 2 for Sony NW-ZX300 users: I strongly recommend a Low and not High Gain Output (Output Settings) for the Andromeda Special Edition Gold — which is logic at the end of the day :p )
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
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  8. rodel808
    The bottom line is that you're happy with your purchase. That's all that matters.
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  9. tworooks
    Picking mine up tonight if all goes well :ksc75smile:
  10. Ryokan
    Try Direct Source off, and everything off - DSEE-HX, Phase Linearizer etc.
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  11. SpeleoFool
    I'm about to break the seal on my Andromeda Golds. I've had them since Thursday, but my ZMF Eikons beat them here by a couple hours. I felt a little bad letting the brand new Campfires sit, but, well, these:

    Now that I've had a few days with my new babies, though, I'm ready to get back to IEMs. The majority of my listening will be through an SP1000 + Amp Module and balanced cables. I'll be comparing them to Atlas, Solaris, and to the extent I can pry them away from my wife, OG Andromeda:
    (Do this many Campfires constitute a Bonfire?)

    It will probably be a little while before I have much to report. I want to take some time to saturate myself with varied listening and try to develop some meaningful comparisons rather than rely too much on first impressions.

    All of the Campfires are relatively new to me, having first auditioned them at CANJAM SoCal this year. Andromeda stunned me with its clarity and imaging, then Solaris immediately upped the ante with its satisfying bass. I didn't listen to Atlas at CANJAM, but I ended up picking it up anyway just to have a set of Campfire IEMs with "fun" tuning. Like the other two flagships, Atlas has exceeded all expectations and could also easily fill the role of go-to IEMs.

    The Solaris sound signature pretty much nails all of my personal preferences; it is certainly my favorite of the three flagships, and thusfar has worked well with everything I've played through it. I have the least time on the OG Andromeda, which I bought for my wife so that I can hoard the Solaris to myself, lol. And I picked up Atlas for a change of pace / occasional bass fix, but ended up logging a decent amount of time with it due to its impressive presentation.

    I gave into the lure of Andromeda Gold so I could have my own "Andromedas" and because they seem to be targeting an "Andromedas + bass" profile, which is pretty much what I like about Solaris. Doesn't hurt that they're limited and I'm already all-in on Campfire. I'm looking forward to figuring out where these fit in the spectrum of other Campfire IEMs I own and where my preferences fall. Whenever I figure that out I'll come back and share some notes.
  12. shadow_shooter
    We don't know who did unfortunately. The police doesn't do anything if they have no suspect, which's the case here. I'm super upset but what can be done...

    Luckily I've received AGs today to replace the stolen original Andromedas.
  13. nornicle
    Sad to hear but do give us your first impressions of your preferences originals or gold? And differences?
  14. NewEve
    That's what Direct Source: On (Sound Settings) is, no?

    Turning it Off allows me to enable the settings such as DSEE-HX, Phase Linearizer etc.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  15. virt
    Decided to try a few ALO cables on the Gold Andros (Smoky Litz, Regular Litz Cable, Super Litz Cable and Gold 16), on 3.5mm unbalanced.

    I'll just say that the Super Litz Cable is, in my opinion, the worst pairing out of the four here. While I got to hear just a bit more detail in the midrange, the bass got somewhat muffled and even a bit bloated to my tastes and I couldn't bring myself to like it.

    The Smoky Litz and Regular Litz Cable seemed to be relatively similar, as I couldn't hear the biggest of differences between them. I do feel like the Smoky Litz is just a tad bit warmer and clearer in the mids, which is why I've been using it on them even when there are other cables that I have.

    Finally, the Gold 16. This cable makes the Andro Golds sound great, but for its price, I think the Smoky Litz is almost as good. The Gold 16 gives percussion especially more clarity, and the bass is given more character and "room to breathe" if that makes sense. Makes it ever so slightly closer to DD bass, but again doesn't quite cut the job for me. I still love my Solaris. Anyway, the Gold 16 makes the Gold Andros more refined in clarity and presentation. Slightly enhances its somewhat mild V-shape signature and may not be for everyone, but it's great for me.

    If I were to rank these cables it'd be:

    1. Gold 16
    2. Smoky Litz (this honestly sounds great with the Gold Andros already)
    3. Regular Litz
    4. Super Litz

    In conclusion, unless you need a balanced cable with the Gold Andros, I think the Smoky Litz does its job pretty well.

    I can't seem to find my Reference 8 which is probably somewhere I didn't search well enough and I haven't been able to find an SXC 8 cable for purchase around where I live. Somewhat unfortunate.
    One thing I'm happy is that I've finally removed the memory wire on these ALO cables, I swear they are so uncomfortable when they were around.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
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