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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. KB Contributor
    Hey Guys,

    Regarding the high polish Andromeda S, it is stainless steel that does and will easily pick up scratches, the wear is part of the look. The mirror finish will not stay that way and they pretty much will start to pick up micro scratches immediately. You can minimize the amount of wear by polishing it. We do a extremely tedious amount to work to inspect them and get them to you largely with out any micro scratches, but have found that even the protective pouch can give it some marks. I guess the take away is they will not stay a mirror finish. Just a heads up.

    Heres what mine look like and is prob a worse case look since I throw them around willy nilly in a pouch. I have never re polished them and I use a hard custom tip that I made for meself. Also we did not have the nice screws so mine use junky flat head screws. But if you have a buffing wheel you can re polish them back to a mirror finish.


    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
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  2. Slashn77
    Thank you for the honesty Ken I appreciate that! Even the protective bags cause scratches! Dang!

    I am really glad I have the green since mine still look flawless and personally do not want to have to deal with polishing them.
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  3. KB Contributor
    I like the way they look warn like this really... My builders detest this model though, they have to wear special gloves during the assembly process. This is why we will not be making this model after this production run.

    But IMO the more they are used the better I like the look, worn jeans.

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  4. candlejack
    But how is it different from building the Atlas or the Comet?

    For some reason I was under the impression that all new CA IEMs will be made in this fashion. I guess what you're saying here is that I was wrong to think that.

    And Ken, could you please confirm the steel recipe, is it 316L as suggested when you made the comparison to your watch case?

    PS: thanks for sharing the pics of your own set. The flatheads don't look too bad to be honest. The shinny top matches the rest of the IEM very well.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
  5. hk29
    Do you miss the bass of the shures? Or would you say its perfectly acceptable?

  6. muffins
    They are surprisingly neutral in tone, at least more than I was expecting. But I'm pleasantly surprised at how impressive their punchy yet subtle sound is, very alluring :p

    What tips are everyone using? I've never had to tip roll like I have with the Andro and Vega, they both are quite sensitive in this regard. I find the foamies on the Andro to be a little too polite overall for my liking, but the narrow bore of the Type E seem to compress and scatter the higher frequencies - though they do increase the bass. Right now I find the fit and sound of the wider bore plain-jane silicone tips included to be the best for me.
  7. vault108
    Hey, I finally sign up just to say I joined the Andromeda club. I bought S version because I really like the look and it look really nice when you have it.


    My early impressions on the casing; I like the stainless steel look, I prefer rounded corner and not hard corners, I don't like the protruding screws because they are sharp, wide and short nozzle make it hard to fit in my ear with any of the foam tip. I had to use the small Final tip.

    Comparing to SE846; it’s heavier, slightly bigger, the nozzle doesn’t go as deep in my ear canal, you have to find the right ear tip. Sound wise, it’s easier to drive. I have to raise the volume on the SE846 to match the loudness of the Andromeda.
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  8. SilverEars
    Personally, I don't like the stock tips. I don't like those spin-fits either.

    The bore diameter must be a specific length for best sound, and this includes imaging/sound stage. It's interesting how tips make such a huge difference for sound.

    I wish CA either consult Symbio for Mandarines W or somehow get tips made of such fit and spec. Another type of tips that work precisely is KZ star tips. The problem for me with KZ star tips is that, it doesn't have a notch in the tip canal to keep it in place. Also, it slides out easily as it doesn't fit tightly to the sound nozzle.

    Given the cost of the iem, I expect something that is of top importance like tips to be presented the best possible.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
  9. Youghin
    Thx for the sharing, hope CA would give further clarification
  10. theveterans

    Foam tips protrudes too much, and that's why I use symbio tips aside from its more open sound than foam tips.
    BTW, if you don't like the ergonomics of the stock cable, you can either remove the wire or order the pure silver cable (the one that's supplied with Atlas) or use a 3rd party cable like the Lionheart from Effect Audio that I use.
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  11. HeartOfSky
    @KEV G
    Ok, story time.
    Tonight, a whole bunch of dots just got connected. Dots of the life-changing kind. I'd been enjoying the Andro-S, and not even missing my Vega. When i got home from work, I properly altered my consciousness, so as to get more out of my listening experience. I felt the urge to listen to:

    This is a song that I have known my entire life. I just looked it up and it was released the year I was born. Whenever it played on the radio, I heard it. I also always confused it with Fleetwood Mac's "You Make Loving Fun", which made it hard to track Miracles down later in life. I really don't like any of the rest of their catalog, but... with every media player I've ever had, I insisted upon finding a copy of that song to go on it. As for the song, itself, I feel it's mastered quite poorly. It always sounds a little muffled and is hard to separate any of the details. That has bothered me from the very beginning. A note about me is that I don't really understand prose. I hear the words. i can even sing along, but I really have no idea what the artist is feeling and/or trying to convey.
    That was until I got the Andro-S. It lifted out more of the vocals for me, and with mind properly altered, i was finally able to understand the true nature and depth of the words. It perfectly mirrors an experience I've been having for the past nearly 4 years, and pretty much just let me know that everything is true and it's time to take action. So, I reached out to the person whom I confident is the only person I ever want to truly get to know. Fingers crossed.

    BTW - great ****ing IEMs. Should I feel guilty that I don't miss Vega? Should I apologize for abandoning it for another lover? hehe
  12. HeartOfSky
    I love the "Hi-Bes Audio" sticker. :p
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  13. HeartOfSky
    I very much look forward to mine getting scratched. It's inevitable. I'm surprised they're not already coated in chocolate. BTW, I'll be sending you guys a box some time soon.

    Thanks for yet another superlative product. Can I use 'superlative' that way, when you have several that are? :p

    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
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  14. candlejack
    My fingers are crossing for you!
  15. Persco
    Exactly why I would love to have a pair of the stainless Andros. I love the patina stainless develops with use.
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