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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. syke
    No more sparkle in treble? Oh no. Guess I will hear it in a while once I arrive the exhibition halls.
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  2. highfilter
    Can you comment on if the S version has smoother physical edges on the IEM or is it about the same as the original version? Or if there's any noticeable difference in fit/weight? Thanks.
  3. MXRaia
    Physical edges: about the same.

    Weight: Andro S is definitely heavier.
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  4. deafdoorknob
    just what i am after then!
  5. yeah
    Is the Stainless Steel surface more scratch prone in your opinion? Thanks!
  6. oscarnr
    I've been using CA Andromeda (balanced) with my new Questyle QP2R (I previously had a QP1R) and the sound is awesome. With the standard 3.5 Litz cable the sound is just fantastic, slightly dark but very inviting and open enough; you can listen to it for hours. The balanced Litz cable with QP2R opens the soundstage more maintaining a superb tone and rising the dynamic impact of the music. I use high bias in the QP2R. It competes well with my much more pricier desktop and speaker system (see signature) Incredible. Best portable combo I've ever had.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
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  7. Cheaplad
    Having the same question but dare not to try during the Show:grimacing:
  8. syke
    I hate to say this, especially I am an owner of the original Andromeda. The SS version is better sounding than normal version. Vocals, mids are clearly a notch up. Those wanting to purchase the Andromeda, go for the SS version.
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  9. emptymt
    In what way is it better?

    Lol, I just bought mine a month ago
  10. auronthas
    Worry no, if you secure each earpiece in chair sock respectively . Bought from Daiso :D (Not sure Andros S come with protective mini string bags?) 20180811_212844.jpg
  11. auronthas
    Same here *sob* with the same price
  12. KB Contributor
    He all,

    Skye thank you, I figured many would prefer the Andromeda S, but yet many also the classic Andromeda. I was VERY careful to only ever so slightly alter the tuning of the Andromeda S as not to change something that is not broken. Rather the tweak to the classic Andromeda is indeed exactly how you have keenly observed.... golden ear. The main diff is that mid rage vocal touch we added. The great thing about the Andromeda S is that is still retains everything good about the classic Andromeda.

    I also would like to note that the Andromeda S is a one time limited run, we are only making one main production run on the polished stainless steel Andromeda S and after this production run we will not have anymore. I am saying this because our previous special edition Andromedas (Snow white, Iceberg and the blue cerakote) when these ran out we had so many people asked for these and we did not have them. I dont want to sound all sales-y but warning, we are only making one run of these. Also sorry for the delay from when you order one and when we will actually ship them, so apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. We had 200 sets delivered for the show in Hong Kong and at the same time had a larger order of shells made which will be delivered next month.

    Andromeda S, yes it will scratch but the cumulative scratching actually is not as noticeable as say the green anodizing wearing off and showing the raw aluminum. So IMO the stainless steel ends up looking way better over time as they age. Its a lot like my watch case that is the same grade stainless steel material. My watch is 8 years old and the polished case has lots of micro scratches but still looks awesome, I would argue the worn in look of the stainless steel looks, cooler in a wabi-sabi kind of way.


    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  13. Cheaplad
    Thanks from HK Head-fier. As far as I know, it sells like a charm here.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
  14. syke
    Oh Ken, I can't be buying another Andromeda... Not only it sounds better, it looks better as well... Argh.... Look at what you are doing to us...
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  15. emptymt
    haha, what comes around comes around.

    My original plan is to get The Andromeda and be happy with it for a year or two.

    And then when CA decides to come out with the successor/new flagship, maybe I jump ship then..

    I don't know what CA stance on hybrid IEMs, but I found the Andro's mid very good sounding.

    Imagine, if you have a DD driving the lows while having newer better driver to replace the old BA driver in mids and high, but keeps the tuning in check, that would be a dream.

    Like I said, The mids already sounds very good, I wonder how Ken makes this even better? that will be interesting.
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