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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. theveterans
    I believe the new flagship will be a CIEM based on the leaks I've seen somewhere.
  2. auronthas
    Hi Andros owners , I experienced condensation built up on surface of nozzles, using various eartip, stock (Comply?), Final E, and Symbio W listening for less than an hour.

    May I know how to avoid such incident ? I am worry moisture will seep into nozzle chambers … pls advise
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  3. theveterans
    Happens to me all the time. So at around 30 minutes or so, I check mine and wipe it right away. So far I've never encountered a muffled sound due to condensation in the nozzles. If that happens though, I have my Jodi vac cleaner at hand
  4. gabetjh
    does this usually happen in cold countries? or in tropical countries too?
  5. deafdoorknob
    ken said it is not a big deal as long as you allow them to sit on some dessicant once in a while, the condensation do not go into the drivers and the drivers are damperless.
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  6. oscarnr
    I usually have the same issue. I simply wipe it with a cloth, etc. I don't thing that it could be a real problem
  7. cocolinho
    idem here. It happens also with my Comet
  8. theveterans
    Definitely in tropical countries such as my country where humidity is always > 90% all year round. Even my effect audio lionheart cable has develop some pink staining on the memory shrink sleeve due to weathering, fortunately my Andro CK Pacific Blue still looks brand new with no visible changes due to weathering.
  9. gabetjh
    ah i see thats worrying. but i guess storing them with desiccant after every use should fix the issue
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  10. theveterans
    Don't forget to recharge them from time to time too or they would never work at all
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  11. Erfan Elahi
    Hi, sorry to buzz in late. Thanks for bringing this up which I was thinking to ask here too. Today is my 11th day with my Andros and I also felt water drops there once (!) Probably too much earwax?. So my question is, once any earwax, condensation or any other foreign element gets there, it's there, right? How can I take them out? But the manual if says to avoid it. It's not like the SE846 which has protective filter nozzles!

    So I hope no worries?

    I am keeping them normally inside the stock leather bag. Is it really important to keep with desiccant packs?
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
  12. deafdoorknob
    i have had the andros for almost 2 years, i use them daily and they have condensation every time, i put them an airtight plastic box every fortnight with dessicant, so far so good
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  13. Erfan Elahi
    thanks! So dessicant it is...
  14. syke
    Happens to me all the time. That's why I keep them in the DryCaddy every night
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  15. auronthas
    Perhaps we need to store them into dry pack box with silaca gels … especially for high humidity tropical countries
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