Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

  1. blazinblazin
    I read one is going to be discontinued and replaced by Polaris.
  2. Midgetguy
    Well now I see where you're looking. I wasn't on CA's direct site. They're still in stock on ALO's site for anyone who wants them:
  3. Midgetguy
    I don't see how that would be the Nova though, unless they're gonna tag the Polaris with the Nova's price tag cuz the Polaris costs $100 more than what the Nova has been listed at.
  4. Tommy C
    Oh ok. Thanks man. I found another place here which is out of stock but it seems like they are still available for now based on you link.

    Also, if indeed they are being replaced by the Polaris I’m not sure they are for me.
    Might need to place an order while they are still available. So many good offers recently but without hearing the Polaris and based on reviews alone I’m certain the Nova will Be closer to the sound I’m after.
  5. KingCharizard
    Yeah, I think it was discontinued around the time the Polaris was released.
  6. koven Contributor
    So I've been using the Ref 8 with Andro for the past few days and wow, the improvement vs stock is more noticeable than I expected. I feel it added more bass impact and also treble clarity. Anyone else using this combo and agree or am I crazy?

    On the other hand, someone here did mention it was microphonic and I agree, noticeably more so than the stock Litz and also stiffer but I can live with it because it sounds amazing.

    I wonder how similarly priced cables from EA, Norne, PWA, etc would compare to the Ref 8.
  7. Fatsosixsixsix
    It's probably the treble clarity that I noticed the most, although it felt like most of the range sounded clearer for me.

    The microphonics aren't such an issue if you can stop the cable from moving, I use them whilst working at a PC so there isn't a huge amount of movement. The stiffness does make it more difficult to put both it and the Andromeda back into the official CA case though

    Pretty good upgrade for anyone wants a bit more out of their Andromeda though
  8. Bosk
    I'm considering purchasing a pair of Andromedas to use with my AK380 duralamin, has anyone had the opportunity to listen to this combination perhaps? I've read the Andromedas can be quite picky when it comes to sources.
  9. LaCap
    They are picky but I tried them on the AK70 and the SP1000 and I had no issues with both!
    For now my perfect combination is SP1000 > Andro (Balanced)
  10. SilverEars
    Depends on the impedance difference between the stock to Ref 8 cable. There are several variables that can change what is heard out of the Andromeda, and one main aspect in regards to the frequency response is the impedance added between the source and the drivers. The other is the tips, bore sizing and the material type(silicone, foam, etc..).

    The impedance effects the warmth of the signature, level of bass, and to less degrees mids, and least the treble. The bass is at the most sensitive impedance level to be effected by output impedance of the source. If the cable doesn't have much impact on impedance, should be least of differences heard.

    The tips has effects on the high frequencies, whereas the impedance has effects on mainly toward the low frequencies. The right combination of both should make the ideal preference of how sound is heard.

    But, like other iems, drivers react to the sources to varying degrees in how sound is heard. Cables should be least of the concern in general, but particularly depending on the significant of the impedance of the cable as the low frequency impedance of the driver's impedance response is significantly low compared to the avg iem.
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  11. Returnity

    I hope to catch a black friday deal on the andros but I do have some questions. All over the forums I read that it sounds not so good with the Chord Mojo and that it gets too bassy and dark. I was planning to use it with mojo actually but I'd like to know if this can be attenuated with some EQ'ing or does Mojo interfere with the clarity and detail levels of Andros as well so it loses its magic? I have no problems with EQ'ing and I think I have great results with my Pinnacle P1+Mojo+iPhone 7 combo due to amazing EQ function of the Kaisertone app.

    And as you might know, Campfire Audio is offering its Litz lightning cable for some time. Did you guys have any experience with them? I'm not a DAP guy, and also my budget is going to be "terminated" after Andromeda, so maybe this cable might be satisfactory?
  12. SilverEars
    It's difficult to make Andro sound dark(to the opposite, it's easier to make it sound leaner and brighter), and Mojo provides greater warmth, but not the kind that messes the mids. Andro works well with Mojo, so no worries.

    When you look at bass on a graph, the incline toward sub bass in a close to linear fashion doesn't blead to the mids. I guess we refer to them as L response, but it's more obtuse than a strict L.

    I guess with a bit of teble boost, it's closer to a V sig? But, to me mids arn't like what you expect out of a V sig.

    Sonically, it's more of an L sig.
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  13. Returnity
    Actually bass boost is not a big problem for me, I can tolerate that, to some extent even like it. I mostly listen to progressive rock and metal and I love thick sounding kick drums and proficient bass guitar licks. But when observing the normal graph there was also some kind of a treble spike. Does Mojo harm that? I love cymbals and fear that they might get drowned with Mojo.
  14. Returnity
    How's hissing with the lightning cable? And how would you compare the sound quality with the standard Litz cabled attached to iphone dongle?
  15. AlexZK
    I understand that the ZX2 is the general go-to DAP for the Andromeda, but are there any other equivalent combinations? Although prices are decent by now, I'd like to future-proof myself if possible as the OS on the ZX2 hasn't been updated in over two years and people are running into issues with Tidal now. Furthermore the battery will be well along its life cycle by now.

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