Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

  1. Brooko Contributor
    You weren’t scolded - I simply asked the manner of you conducting the comparison. And I’m not a Mod anymore, and was simply asking a question. Why is it when someone simply asks for more information when cable claims are made, some people get so defensive?
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  2. theveterans
    You can always ask the seller to demo one and if it doesn't make a difference or it makes a difference, but not what you expect, then return it and go back to SPC Litz stock cable.
  3. goodvibes
    I wasn’t referring to you. No prob there at all. It’s not the sound science forum and something stated as being subject to opinion in the original post shouldn’t require a technical defense(ive). Prove it or shut up is not appreciated. I’m done if you are.
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  4. Brooko Contributor
    My apologies :wink:

    And actually the Andromeda is one of the few which may very well change frequency response with cable dues to impedance changes but it will depend on the cable.
  5. goodvibes
    We good. I made some posts about that. I came up with 3.9 ohms added as my preference with a very low z source. I get it.
  6. Brooko Contributor
    Have you tried many of the other CA IEMs? I didn't have the means to test the Orion or Nova for propensity to impedance changes during the tours (something I can do now - but sadly don't have access to the IEMs)
  7. goodvibes
    I like a balanced sound so andro and orion are my favs for awesome valueness.
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  8. koven Contributor
    Anyone using Ref 8 cable w/ Andro? Is it a solid improvement from stock?
  9. blazinblazin
    There's improvements but is it solid enough for you. I cannot comment.

    I remember there are a few Ref 8 cable reviews around if you google.
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  10. Passenger11
    I managed to remove the memory wire and heat shrink off the Litz cable today. It was a painstakingly tedious job, but oh was it worth it, fit and comfort now is top-notch! Not sure why I waited so long to do this, just cowhearted I guess...
  11. Jearly410
    I’m having a strange issue where there is a crinkling/ crackling sound from only the left earpiece. It happens when I move my head with and without cable attached, with different tips as well. I can also hear a distortion at certain parts of songs reliably from the earphone that is not present in my other headphones. My guess is a ba driver is loose/ broken. Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. ExpatinJapan
    I enjoy the Andromeda with the Reference 8 (see my signature for ALO Audio cable review) and also the iBasso CB13
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  13. KingCharizard
    Just started happening to mine over the last week or so (my experience is almost exactly the same as yours, down to the left earpiece), and it persists over multiple sources. Could it be a problem with the MMCX connectors? It would be really good to know what the likely cause is since I love my andros and want to keep them alive and well.
  14. koven Contributor
    Just read it, thanks!
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  15. Fatsosixsixsix
    I bought it during a sale and to my ears the audio sounded a bit clearer and slightly more open. Not a $200 difference though and it's microphonic as hell compared to the stock cable

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