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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. ncristia
    I have found that spiral dots ML work very well for me.
  2. rawrster
    The sony a35 is really tempting especially at such a low price now. It would be around $200 with a micro sd card. It would make a cheap portable solution for the andromeda.
  3. SilverEars
    It think the Andromeda works well with the Mojo. It's a good tuning job on this iem, pretty neutral, but may sound like more of studio monitor or analytical for some that is looking smoother, tamer treble signature. I would say it's close to UERM, but will have listen more to see what the nuanced differences are.
  4. vilhelm44
    I'm using mine with MandarinE Symbio W eartips,a WM1A and loving every second. I went into the shop for Vega's until I listened to them and the Andros, the later hit the sweet spot. It was lucky I was in Canada and able to demo both as I would have been utterly disappointed with the Vegas if I had to blind buy.
  5. SilverEars
    I took a look at those. Makes sense to add some support(in their case foam behind the silicone face) as thin silicones are too malliable if the size is off(and thus it may cover up one of the bores, and whatever else it does to the sound). This is the pitfalls of spinfits, and also the stock wide bore tips. Also, the complies can effect the sound due to the material.

    I recall Sony EX-1000 hybrid tips they did something similar with foam supporting the structure behind the silicones.

    I probably would not have heard them to full potential if it wasn't for tips I got from other iems. The problem with the stock silicone wide bore is like the spinfits, thin and easily malliable, and medium to large is significant size up. There should be a medium-large size in between. Large is too big for me, and medium is too small.

    The tips I've been using is similar structure to the Spiral Dots, they seem ideal. The silicones should be thicker to resist bends better.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2017
  6. SilverEars
    I think my canals are close to your size, and those probably work the best.
  7. SilverEars
    I like this pic, different types of tips out there.

    Gavin C4 likes this.
  8. blazinblazin
    MandarinE Symbio W are good. Gives a more open/wide sound.
    MandarinE Symbio N will give you more concentrated/focus sound with more Bass.
  9. goodvibes
    Now that they are run in and smoother, I'm back to the supplied foam tips that I prefer to the Complys I have on hand. Complys always seem too porous for me. If these are Comply's they don't look or sound like my others. I'm lucky because the medium just fits and I put them in without tip compression so I actually get more highs than the spinfits with foam comfort and a great seal. I also found that with the QPR1 ( fw 1.05) and resistors, I use low gain as it tightens things back up. The resistors made it sound a tad less 'tight'. I used medium gain before them and thought low gain was a hair too tight. Subtle but to me, meaningfuls stuff.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2017
  10. SilverEars
    Why does the Andromeda remind me of Shure iems(SE535,846)? After listening to it for a bit, the similarities when it comes to forward treble is to the UERM, but the treble quality are different between the two. It has similarity to Shure type iems, and even the fit ergonomics is quite similar(albeit the material and shape differences), and the cabling connector(the way it rotates as well). Did a Shure iem designer move to ALO? LOL.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2017
    alphanumerix1 likes this.
  11. SilverEars
    Any Depeche Mode fan here? The sound sig fits the genre Depeche mode is in and probably NIN
  12. goodvibes
    Maybe it's their chamber. They have more extension than the Shures but sound as smooth. I was a little worried about the highs when new but whether it's the drivers or the cable etc. thats been run in, they've become very smooth without being soft.
  13. rawrster
    I had the SE846 right before the Andromeda and didn't really find anything similar other than they both use mmcx connectors. The sound of the Andromeda is probably what I wanted the UERM to be however that's from memory as it's been years since I had the UERM. The ergonomics are fairly similar to the SE846 but so are many other earphones.
  14. SilverEars
    The sound is really tight for sure, reminds me of HD800, but luckily that nasty 6k is not there(I guess for headphones it's more of an issue, especially the way HD800 presented it, which made me fear the volume knob. LOL.). I think if you one appreciates the sound of HD800, Andromeda provides it in iem form. Very balance armaturey sound. LOL.
  15. Gavin C4
    The Andromeda on my Dr. DAC2 DX is a subwoofer bass monster like the SE846. Similar Subwoofer like experience. It is probably due to the close to zero output impedance of the Op-amp based circuit. The Andromeda is not as bassy on my other sources, while I consider the SE846 to be relatively consistent with multiple sources compared to the Andromeda.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2017
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