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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. M3NTAL
    Just buy the white ones already and move on. Nobody is stopping you.
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  2. Hi-Fi'er
    What an amazing perfectly logical practical solution. Why didn't I think of that? Maybe it would make MORE sense CA just offered it instead of expecting customers to spend another $1,000.00 or more ($500,000.00) for a special order when it's really not that special or hard to offer? :money_mouth: Love the logic. I'm done don't care anymore.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017
  3. goodvibes
    You're only right for you and Campfire is right for them and seemingly the rest of us. Removing the balanced cable allows them to keep pricing lower and not increase as most companies do. If you want one, it's there for you. You get one better cable than what the Jupiter started out with instead. Fortunately they seem to have a very happy customer base. Have you considered that they are more interested in QC and performance that growing at an exponential rate. That they may actually like what they do and how instead of maximizing the almighty dollar? Can't please everyone. Not happy about color choice is like not buying a Preamplifier that you love because it doesn't come in silver. You'd probably be the 1st to complain about a price increase for that extra cable or color options.

    Enjoy your options.
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  4. goodvibes
    I'm lucky that spinfit mediums are perfect for me. They take a tiny edge off the treble which appeals to me and the bass is strong. Not bass head strong but I'm going to try some resistors to try and achieve my perfect balance. I bought some 6.8 ohm which I suspect are too much but will have enough of them to try 2.3 and 3.4 as well. One will get my desired result.
  5. deafdoorknob
    @Hi-Fi'er thank you, I have finally discovered the point of the ignore button...
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  6. Gavin C4
    I was considering to do a custom paint job on my pair of Andromeda using air spray gun which I normally use for coloring model parts. But I worry it might change the sound or damage the internal driver even if I am able to seal the mmcx connector and the sound vents. Since it would definitely void the warranty, I will only consider it after the warranty period.

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  7. Hi-Fi'er
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
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  8. goodvibes
    So I got a bunch of 6.8 ohm resistors to play with today and soldered them up in series with a 3.5mm stereo jack and plug and left room to parallel resistance and allow me to lower the value. What I came up with as a good overall value for those that want closer to neutral bass would be to use a 4.3 ohm series resistor if you have a very low Z output like the QPR1. That value would change or not be beneficial for that sig with other higher z devices. Many/most phones and older AK players are already over 3 ohm output impedance. This is not a fix as they are great as they are. It's a flavor change for those that want it and regardless of curves etc going higher in resistor value had the overall balance not working as well for me. It's possible that 4.7 would be OK in this instance but the 5.1 that I could achieve by manipulating the resistors on hand was too much IMO. 4.4 was my best attainable value which was 1, 6.8 ohm resistor in parallel with 2 series'd 6.8 ohm resistors. Closest available single resistor value is 4.3. 4.7 may be OK too but I prefer to err towards an original sig as the voicing is better maintained.

    Oh, and I think these have finally run in. Highs have smoothed out even more.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
  9. Gavin C4
    Based on my reading, it seems that powering the Andromeda with a source that has an output impedance lower than 1 would give the stock frequency respond. (Please correct me if I am wrong.)

    @goodvibes Do you mean using a resistance adapter? Apparently, I think all of my sources have an output impedance lower than 1. Onyko DP-S1, Dr. DAC2 DX and Schiit amps. So powering my Andromeda with them would give a stock sound signature. In that case, if I am adding a 3.5mm resistance adapter, am I increasing the output impedance and making the Andromeda sound brighter and reducing the bass?
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
  10. deafdoorknob
    ZO of >1 was the intended tuning BUT ZO of > 2.5 makes it more warm/neutral and less dark
    ZO of > 2.5 makes it lean
  11. goodvibes
    Less bass as source impedance increases. It was likely designed to have sufficient low end with a wide range of devices and the drivers they chose to use. Stock sound is relative as every earphone changes sig somewhat with source device. In this case the change is most significant in the bass and in a linear way so that adding resistance works as a bass control the drops the entire range rather uniformly. Some already would like more bass than an Andromeda so this would be undesirable for them and YMMV. I didn't come up with this. I just thought I'd experiment with values and give my personal impressions.
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  12. Gavin C4
    Sharing my particular listening experience on the Campfire Andromeda and SE846.

    IEM: 1.) Campfire Andromeda 2.) Shure SE846
    DAP: Onyko DP-S1
    Output: 2.5mm output in ACG mode.
    Cable: ALO Litz 2.5mm balanced
    Song: Beauty and the Beast - Ariana Grande & John Legend (2017 Movie version) Link to song:

    Listening on the Campfire Andromeda:
    Ariana Grande's voice is so damm sweet and stands out. Full of texture and emotion. However, listening to the entire track, the whole focus is on her. It is like sitting on the side where Ariana Grande is standing where as John Legend is standing far away on the other side. The whole focus is on the female vocal, John Legend voice just sounds like he is 10-20 years younger. The bass is tight and separation is superior.

    Listening on the SE846:
    The focus of the vocalist is more balanced compared to the Andromeda. Just like sitting back in the middle, right between Ariana Grande and John Legend. John Legend's voice on the SE846 is much thicker and sounds right. It's just right for the male vocal. The bass, oh my, holy moly, the subwoofer bass on the SE846 is just so damm good on this kind of song. Since each beat of the bass is slower on the song, it does not feel muddy at all in comparison to those with a fast beat where the bass hits are more scuttle.

    In general, for female focal, it is almost a land slide victory for the Campfire Andromeda. However, in a specific situation like a duets song, a thicker voice for the male vocalist is more preferable.

    Thanks for reading :)
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2017
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  13. JaeYoon
    I love that song too!
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  14. goodvibes
    And that's what I was getting at with preference. Legend's voice is too warm for me on the SE846, at least with my sources. Players have sigs beyond their measurements as well. More about what floats your boat than absolutes.
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  15. goodvibes
    The ~2.5ohm (high sensitivity mode) that IEMatch provides sounds just right IMO.[/QUOTE]
    IEMatch probably isn't a straight 2.5 ohms inline and likely a resistor bridge so while that may be your optimum setting on that device, it probably doesn't represent your optimum inline resistor value. The 8k peak is a function of a measuring setup resonance and not the Andromeda.
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