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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. beowulf
    Great choice! I think the Black Label and the Andromeda have excellent synergy. Makes them sound very airy, with zero hiss and a nice full sound that rarely needs XBass on.

    The knocking is annoying indeed, but it's the price to pay for having solid metal shells. BAs are usually fragile, but that little knocking isn't a problem. Might scratch the green paint a bit with time.
    To be honest, I don't think you can avoid the paint chipping with time (at least at the edges) and the bads will be an inconvenience.

    What I do is try to separate them when I put them in the case. The original case squashes them together, but with the side flaps removed, there's a lot more space (easier to store, no rubbing together). I posted that mod a few pages ago.

    Never noticed that, but all ears are different, plus tips and insertion also change things. In my case the Andromeda are quite comfortable, at least as comfortable as something "round and smooth" like the Shure SE846.

    Can't help here. I like Spiral Dots, but not so much Spinfits. Silicone didn't work well with the Andromeda for me, especially with some loss of low frequencies.
    I get a fuller sound and more comfort with Comply TX-400 (Or TSX).
    Also, given how huge that pig-nozzle of the Andromeda is, I prefer to have a thin mesh like Comply's Waxguard in the way to avoid debris getting inside. The effect on sound is imperceptible to me.
  2. Fatsosixsixsix
    As they're only 1000 yen for a pack of 6 I decided to buy all sizes :) I accidentally left the small size Spinfit on my Andromeda before I took it into work but found that actually if positioned just right it does a decent seal. Only issue being that it tends to go too far in and the hardish rubber irritates my ear, but given that the seal is okayish it may be that my ears range from small to large..

    Yeah I decided on the BL after skimming through this topic as well as reading several reviews. At this sort of price point it was a toss up between the Chord Mojo and BL but as I was primarily using it via USB with my phone the BL was the obvious choice. The BL itself is a powerful thing, it's versatile enough that if I ever need to use full size headphones it'll be able to easily power them. It's also the second solid state amp I've bought so far...the first being an iBasso D2 back in 2008 which died after a year

    I saw your mod, but I'm the type that hates cutting things apart :p I'm hoping that I can at least bag them in individual velvet bags and then put those into the case as a rough solution

    It's probably just down to my ears being a funky size...

    I'm using the Andromedas in a work environment so I'd be regularly inserting and removing them when I talk to colleagues, so having to wait for the Complys to expand would be a bit of a pain. The huge-ass nozzles and keeping them debris free is certainly a concern though <_<
  3. all999
    Did You guys experience any trouble pairing Andros with Galaxy S8? I tried it with S8 and S8+ and all I'm getting is dead silence. Stock cable's plug looks like a standard 3 pole 3,5mm Jack.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2017
  4. blazinblazin
    Might be S8 problem. Same as mine.

    Try plugging in the plug 1/2 way till you heard a click on your Andromeda then fully push in.

    It happenes to me for all earphones. I going to have my S8 exchanged.
  5. all999

    My other iems works great with S8. This is strange, maybe it's somehow related with low impedance of Andros?
  6. blazinblazin
    Not sure, maybe some detection problem of the phone.

    I use Andro on all my players and also pc. All works well.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2017
  7. silvahr
    Sorry but can you tell me where you ordered the mini velvet bags please?
    Thank you in advance!
  8. Fatsosixsixsix
    I ordered it from Ebay but they proved to be a failure :disappointed_relieved: only the outside is velvet, the inside is still a sort of hard polyester lining so they don't do much protecting. I only use it on one of the Andromedas so that if they do hit each other it there's not as much risk of chipping the paint.

    I'm still looking another bag in the meantime
    silvahr likes this.
  9. KEV G
    How about using the two pieces removed from the case to make two small pouches. Not sure how possible it is as I haven't got the andromeda (yet) if it's possible, at least they would match the case.
  10. esm87
    For the members looking for bags, just a suggestion... how about the little clear bags drug dealers use for their coke?? Ye....no....ok lol
  11. esm87
    Don't knkw what they are called, gram bags? Lol
  12. Fatsosixsixsix
    You could, but then you could also just buy the raw materials as either method would require you to stitch your own bag. I can't stitch however which is why I'm looking for an already made bag :p
  13. KEV G
    Had a look on Amazon and there are lots of felt/cotton draw string bags used by jewellery shops. More than likely there will be something suitable. Stitching is not a problem for me, it is for my wife. She can't sew for s..t
  14. blazinblazin
    I am using these little cotten bags from DAISO.
    I put a pack of Silica gel in each.

    They are actually chair legs covers.

    I bet if you do some shopping might be able to fine something that fits~

    Last edited: Jun 3, 2017
  15. Fatsosixsixsix
    Haha that's very cute! Probably too large to put them inside the Campfire Audio case though, but perhaps it's worthwhile looking into a dedicated IEM case/bag like other users have
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