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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. vilhelm44
    I see you're using the Symbio eartips, I'm so glad I found those as they've been the best match for me with the Andro. Been really impressed running them SE from the WM1A, am thinking of getting a balanced ALO cable next. Do they improve a lot from WM1A balanced?
  2. blazinblazin
    Most of the time i will just left it plugged into the player. Then use the cute pouch to protect the iem and just put into bag without any case.

    Too lazy to take them out of pouch and case then put them back as i use them daily.
  3. blazinblazin
    Yes i like them a lot as they dont give me the "tunnel" sound like some other tips.

    These are Symbio W tips.
    Normal Symbio tips i felt gave a more concentrated/focus sound actually more bass. W gives you a more spreaded sound which i am still testing if i like these or old ones more.

    Actually 4.4mm balanced itself is already an upgrade in sound without factoring in the cable.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2017
  4. vilhelm44
    Thanks, I'll pick up a balanced ALO cable. Yeah, I'm using the W tips as well and find they give a good balance and great seal. I haven't tried the normal tips as yet so may give them a go.
  5. csps12345

    Limited Edition Andromeda(Polished Brass)& Limited Edition Andromeda(Polished Aluminum-Silver Screw)
    China only:cry:
  6. KEV G
    Think I prefer the green, just something about that colour works really well(for me anyway)
    Fatsosixsixsix and Surf Monkey like this.
  7. Fatsosixsixsix
    The brass just seems overly gaudy to me. The silver is pretty nice, but like Kev G I prefer the green to be honest
    KEV G likes this.
  8. LaCap
    Totally agreed! The green is far better.
    Surf Monkey likes this.
  9. esm87
    Bit of a strange situation. I have been loaned a pair of Andromeda. They work with my samasung galaxy s6 edge + but for some reason I cant get them to work with my galaxy s8??

    Anybody able to help??

  10. Asspirin
    Do other earphones work with the 8? Could be a faulty 3.5mm jack
  11. esm87
    Ye lol. I use various IEM's and HP's with my s8. At first I thought my 3.5 jack was goners but no, all my other gear works?

    It's as though there's a compatability issue?? Why there would be one though I have no idea it's onely a HP jack...

    Thanks for input though
  12. blazinblazin
    1/2 plug the jack in till you feel resistance of the jack, hold it there. Listen for a click sound from the earpiece. After that fully push it in.

    Somehow S8 dont works well with some 3.5mm jacks. Very funny.

    I had a S8+ having this detection problem.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017
  13. esm87
    So push until no longer loose, will the click come through the earphones or a physical sound?

    Once click detected, push in fully?

    Bizarre.... well on my way to work now so will have to try it when I get home later. Thanks for this! From short listening impressions, the BASS on these is wicked! A few drake tracks punch holes in your ears, will compare the sound to my other IEM's.

    Cool looking too. They are a bit scuffed from general use but I imagine new, these must look the s**t.
  14. blazinblazin
    Its a electronic click coming from the iem.
    Its like the phone have detected your 3.5mm jack n sending power through it.
  15. esm87
    @blazinblazin cheers bro. How do they sound paired with s8? I put trinity kombi tips on them, seem to be a good match, good seal, full solid low end.

    The difference from s6 directly to the mojo with these was big, mojo adds weight to the whole spectrum, as though everything comes in fuller with a spacious sound to my ears, from brief impressions
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