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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. moedawg140 Contributor
    In my opinion, out of everything I've listened to (headphones and C/IEMs), nothing sounds like the Andromeda. Still adoring it to this day!
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  2. beowulf
    I spent some time thinking about this one, if there's something else to try after or if this is enough to park my IEM adventures for quite some time. At least I consider the possibility, something that never happened with other models. Certainly not with the SE846. Perhaps I need to listen to more gear, or perhaps the Andromeda have a special touch of their own.

    High frequency clarity and overall sense of detail and resolution remind me of the HD800 a lot, and so does in air, separation and positioning. It's a bit of an 800. Softer, but without feeling as softish as the 800S (which is good, IMO).

    It has a much fuller, meatier lush sound tho, when paired well. Not thin like the 800, but not as lusciously fat as warmer, bassier closed cans. A good balance between those.

    It's a very well tuned IEM, with really good balance.

    I actually had an annoying episode yesterday. Thought I had dropped mine by accident while getting in the car car after work, I really shouldn't just put the case in my jacket pocket without closing it because "the car is right there".
    Realized while driving home and immediately started driving back like a maniac.

    Yes, they are not cheap, but it was not even that, it was that thought "damn, I really like those Andromeda. I can buy another set as punishment and be more careful, but what if the tuning is a bit different and they don't sound exactly the same?!

    They're there on the floor of the parking lot. Noooo!!!"

    I was almost arriving back at the office then I grasped them under the seat while stopped at a red. Indeed just slipped out of my jacket pocket when I sat in the car, but landed on the inside, not the pavement... :)
    That was a relief. These ugly, green scratchable things sound absolutely fantastic...

    There are many like these out there, but these are mine and sound so good you'll find yourself driving back like a deaf, suicidal Lewis Hamilton...
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2017
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  3. esm87
    Hmmm cheers for feedback guys
  4. rayhe19
    How easily scratched are these guys? I've heard quite a few people describe them as having scratches on the corners common after some use. Are they just not taking care of them? my full size headphones I use at home look as good as they do the day I bought them. But I guess I only use them at home so I dont know.
  5. Midgetguy
    From what I've gathered, fairly scratchable from daily use. Better if you there's less outside use like in your case. The issue is that it's obviously not the metal's native color so the finish is adhered on, resulting in scratches and chips at the sharp corners which are most likely to scrape against something. Wasn't really an issue with my Nova because the Nova is just metal colored. But also because I mostly used them at home and sometimes on my work commute.
  6. moedawg140 Contributor
    Great points, @beowulf, as I agree as well the HD800 and HD800S could relatively be compared to the Andromeda. The Andromeda does bass better than the HD800 or the S variant in my opinion, more like in between a TH-X00 Ebony and TH-X00 Mahogany's when you obtain a really good seal. Those that have listened to the Dharma D1000 may hear the unique treble capability embodies similar characteristics to the Andromeda's upper mid and treble presentation.

    A lot of IEMs get lost in the shuffle and sound more like another IEM than sounding truly unique. The Andromeda is one truly unique IEM that is sure to be cherished by a lot of listeners.
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  7. blazinblazin
    Normally the scratches are at the sharp edges. Body wise not that much.

    It's better if you have individual little bags for each IEM so when you store them or take them out they dont knock onto each other causing paint chips.

    Yes, even you don't let them drop or hit something, with daily using the left hitting right iem also can cause chips.
  8. willowbrook
    They make a special sound when they hit each other like when marbles collide. :) Haven't had a chip though for 4 months now. I always carry my leather case with me and mostly use them at home. If you don't drop them and make sure to keep the housings separated or put in place while moving, there is no reason for the paint to chip off.
  9. beowulf
    Certainly agree. They have a level of detail that is very HD800-ish, but the bass is more satisfying, fuller, with a lot of punch considering the design. Not as impacting as something like the SE846 or good dynamic drivers, but it's a tight, clean and precise bass that works out very well with the rest of the signature.
  10. rawrster
    I found out a few days ago that my geek out 1000 has 2 different output impedance for the two outputs so it allows me to have a slight sound change depending on preferences.

    On another note I bought an s7 edge by accident so hopefully that sounds decent with the Andromeda.
  11. beowulf
    The Exynos version (Cirrus/Wolfson/Lucky) is pretty good with the Andromeda overall, but has a faint hiss, audible during very low volume moments. Not much, tho, definitely not the worst hissing source I've heard with the Andromeda.

    It's mostly tolerable and compensated by the good overall sound.

    Never tested them with the Qualcomm chipset tho...
    Last edited: May 23, 2017
  12. all999
    Anyone tried Andros with Exynos S8? Still hissing like S7E?
  13. koven Contributor
    I've used mine heavily since November and don't have any noticeable scratches, I feel like the finish is pretty durable.
  14. Fatsosixsixsix
    As May was a cheaper month than expected I went ahead and joined the group of Andromeda owners! I also picked up an iFi Black Label last month to go along with it :p


    (Only noticed the piece of dirt after I finished taking the photo, gah)

    I've listen to them only for a short while but they're pretty damn impressive, the most noticeable things being how wide the sound stage is compared to my cheap Sennheiser IE7 IEMs, the clearer bass and how vocals now shine. They're far more more reminiscent of my HD600 now despite being IEMs. The sound of them knocking against each is rather bad for my heart though, and I've order two mini velvet bags to see if they'll be usable. I am curious to know how much of an effect replacing/upgrading the cable has on the sound, but that's probably an experiment for another month

    One other thing to note is that I do find one of the screw scratches a bit against the inside of my ear, maybe I have small ears?

    On a slight aside, does anyone know what the equivalent sizes are between Spinfits and Spiral Dots? I use two different sizes for my ears but I'm finding the medium and large slightly too large

    Edit: Just found a topic on size comparisons on here which answer the question about spiral dots!
    Last edited: May 31, 2017
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  15. willowbrook
    XS spinfit tips = Small Spiral dot tips and then works up from there respectively. Large spiral dot tips are 1mm larger than large spinfit tips.

    Make sure to try to find the right size for yours ears. One size can make all the difference. It's too bad jvc does not offer mixed sizes.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2017
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