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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. kino lau
    Can't say much because I need to study for a Spanish exam. Moved quickly through different cables, because I'm used to the sound through my 8 wire Therium. Initial impression not even listening to a track in its entirety...Wow!
  2. Jackpot77
    Finally managed to write up my thought on the Novas over in the Head Gear section along with a few pics - link to the impression is below:
    As always, any suggestions for improvement/disagreements with the conclusions/general pointers on life always very gratefully accepted! :wink:
  3. audio123
    norne therium litz? if its that, a very mighty cable!
  4. kino lau
    That's the one
  5. chefboyarlee

    I had the exact same concerns.  Received mine last week and they are fantastic.  Incredibly comfortable and not heavy at all. They sound perfect to my ears. (coming from Ether C's)
  6. Midgetguy
    I've got the Novas, but no the shell doesn't feel heavy at all, despite what the physical profile looks like. I'll say that the edges can be a bit sharp, but it's all about getting just the right angle for your ears. I've got small ears and there are certain angles where I can feel the sharp corners, but do it right and I have no problems with it. Realistically, the biggest problem that can be said about the design (IMO) is that the nozzles are long enough. The build design would be complete to me if the nozzles were a couple mm longer. Maybe I'm just spoiled by the insertion depth of my Earwerkz Supra [​IMG]
  7. John2e Contributor
    Thanks guys !!!
    I was ready to say Goodbye Andromeda but I'll give her a go [​IMG] 
  8. Midgetguy
    Good to hear. Especially since we seen the revised shell for the Andromeda which has a couple extra facets that should help with comfort.
  9. alvinmate
    I'm happy to hear that the revised shell design has resolved some ergonomic issues and more importantly whether the paint chipping that was occurring has been sorted as well with the new anodizing process.
  10. Midgetguy
    Yeah? I didn't hear about how they fixed the paint-chipping issue. I've only seen the new shell design.
  11. Jalo

    This is a question really for all the Andromeda owners, given the sound signature, do you think it is best match with pure silver, copper or hybrid? I am thinking in term of whether I want to enhance the low end and smooth out the high with copper, or should I use pure silver and enhance the high, the clarity but at the risk of controlling the bass? I want to keep the sparkle in the high but enhance the bass at the same time.

    Second question I have is that I have not read any discussion on is the three bores. Why are there three bores? Traditionally, bores on iems are because separate BA drivers need separate tubes to deliver different frequencies to the ears but in the case of the CA resonator box design, all the sounds are deliver and mixed in the box so there is really no need to separate the same sound into three bores as the sound coming out of any of the three bores should be the same, right? Shouldn't one big bore is even better without any disruption?
  12. kino lau
     I've got less than a few hours listening on mine, but I'm more impressed each time I hear them. Norne Audio's Therium cable is about as pure silver as is available. I understand the concern about different cable materials effecting the sound signature...mainly because I'm in the exact same boat right now with my next cable. I've got a NA Vorpal ordered which is a SPC/Occ Copper hybrid that I ordered in anticipation of maintaining a signature that I hadn't even heard yet. But when I listened a little earlier today with the Theirum...the low end was slammin! The one thing that I'll cautiously put out there from my own experience in regards to aftermarket cables...is that there are copper and silver cables...and then there are GOOD copper and silver cables in similar price ranges. Wish I could be of more help...but I feel your pain...lol 
  13. musiclvr

    Let me preface this with; I am not an engineer or insider of any sort. I simply love music and want to extract as much as I can from each listening session that I can.

    With that being said I believe that separate bores are necessary for two reasons.
    1) Each transducer is tuned to deliver sound in its specific range. This is aided by the fact that the individual bore is tuned separate from the other bores with said driver in mind.

    2) For the most accurate timing/coherency. Unless each transducer was the same distance from the shared bore or didn't need dampening via conventional filters(which Campfire Audio doesn't use to my knowledge) to achieve the desired sound, having a dedicated bore is better. Not getting into crossovers for the actual wiring of the transducers (which also can affect timing/coherency in a big way)seperate bores seem more logical to me.

    So in my opinion iem's that have multiple transducers are better engineered when multiple bores are used for a more accurate reproduction of music through better realization of transparency, timing/coherency, and I personally like the aesthetic too.

    Lastly I believe the "resonator box" is specifically engineered for the transducer(s) responsible for the highs/treble. It allows for the most transparency and extension without it sounded forced. I have experienced other "reference" iem's that can ,sometimes, sound too sibilant for my ears. I love my Andromedas for providing me with a transperent and truly reference tuning without sounding disconnected or forced in any frequency.
  14. Jalo
    I have the Therium also, Should I get the Vorpal which is a mixture of silver and copper wires, or should I get the Draug2, which is all copper.  I know they are all good, but which one will compliment the Andromeda well is the question.
  15. Jalo
    My understanding of the Resonator Box is that all the BA transducers (5 of them) will dump their sound into the box and allow the sound to mix or settle down prior to delivery to the ears via the three bores.  I don't think the bores are individually tuned at all.
    By the way, why are you selling your Andromeda? I thought you like it alot.
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