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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. goldendarko
    Ok thanks for your help
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  2. mrazik
    Today I got chance to listen Nova and Jupiter side by side. Jupiter were first Campfire earphones I ever listen and I was fascinate with their sound. I noticed Campfire some time ago already, but my first touch was magic. Than Nova was on Massdrop and jump on them with high expectation. Well, my first kiss with Nova was not that sweet as was with Jupiter, but I gave it time and I do not regret. I tried different tips and cables. Now I have Nova with Spiral Dot tips and with Linum BaX cable. I do believe in synergy between whole chain - DAP, headphones, cables, etc. I found ideal synergy for Nova in combination with Cowon PD or iPhone with Kaisertone. I simply love that sound and and I can listen with no declining joy all day. It reminds me one of TopGear episodes. One when Richard, Jeremy and James is testing sporting cars for fun and Richard choose Morgan 3 - wheeler. It was not fastest or most power-full car on track, but Richard got most of the fun that day. And that is how i see Nova. Pure fun and joy.
    Anyway today I test both models. Jupiters are great earphones, no discussion about that. But. Their trebles are little to prominent for my ears. I add to testing my K10U and I choose as testing song Radecky March perform by London Philharmonic Orchestra. With Jupiters it was cymbals, than cymbals and behind it rest of orchestra. With K10U is sound much more coherent. Everything is in balance, nice and smooth. Nova it is like baby K10u for me. Nova sound signature is closer to K10u, than to Jupiters. Of course Nova is not that balanced. Trebles are a bit overshadow by mids and lows, but really only for a hair a bit. And that is exactly magic of Nova. Relax, easy going sound. I can listen that all day with smile on my face. It was impulsive purchase, but I do not regret at all. But don`t take me wrong. Jupiters are wonderful, only I like Nova more. Thank you Campfire Audio.
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  3. Jimmy TU

    using any amp? im going to buy amp for my andromeda currently using samsung s7 and fiio x3 but both of them not much big different so I might get amp to upgrade sq rather change player
  4. musiclvr
    If I may, I would highly recommend the National+ by ALO Audio. It's even on sale for $149.00! It adds more weight to the bass and gives a sense of more liquidity to the mids and treble. Just my .02.
  5. kimD

    Hope for chord mojo able to connect them.
    The sounds will be slightly warm and more bassy too
  6. audio123
    alo mk3 is legendary though :smile:
  7. redstar
    What does the andromeda sound like with the sony nz2? Is there any hiss? Can the nz2 play spotify?
    Thanks again.
  8. somanydynamos
    q1: What does the andromeda sound like with the sony nz2?
    tight, good separation, bass is punchy but not overwhelming

    q2:Is there any hiss?
    no hiss when i tried
    q3:Can the nz2 play spotify?
    FYI, it should be zx2 and not nz2, unless there is a new player in the market which i am unaware of
  9. alvinmate
    Guys anyone received the new batch of Andromeda's yet? Im curious to know if there is any noticeable changes to cosmetics and potentially no fading of colours!
  10. goldendarko
    Got word mine shipped yesterday. Actually placed the order Sunday too and it said 2-3 weeks on the website so I was pleasantly surprised it shipped in one day. Will post pictures when I get it but I think they modified the machining process to make some edges slightly less protrusive
  11. kimD
    I found that Andro, sub-bass not as lack, if you were do with amped out from iPod touch.
    Unlike Jupiter unamped still do great sound from iPod/iPhone :)
  12. kimD
    Great pair for Andro
  13. John2e Contributor
    The build has been a concern of mine. These are metal and seem to have some non rounded edges (almost sharp ).  I would imagine after an hour or so my ears would be irritated.  Would really like to see the revisions that were made.
    Are the relatively heavy ?
  14. goldendarko
    Not sure if it's been confirmed that this is the revision but this was posted a few pages back. Looks like they just rounded some edges a bit.
  15. ngoshawk

    I only have the Nova, but it is a shared design. The weight is not heavy at all. As for the edges, I took it easy the first few days, but can now go several (>5) hours non-stop; with fairly small ear openings.

    Very enjoyable.
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