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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. goldendarko
    Thanks guys I'll check out the echo box
  2. kimD

    Cool bro.. You sharing a good stuff here :)
  3. audio123

    forgot to back them during their kickstarter [​IMG]
  4. goldendarko
    Seems like an interesting product. Lack of balanced output kind of turns me off since I'd like to use it with my other headphones that require some more power. Not a huge fan of Burr-Brown DACs either. The DP-X1 still looks like a better option but the quality issues cause some concerns.

    Wonder it's worth just holding off altogether for now and wait a year or two for some next generation DAPs. I feel like if I buy now I'll be settling. What would be really nice is an A&K unit with streaming. When will that be happening!
  5. audio123

    dpx1 seems the best option given your needs
  6. goldendarko
    Yeah that's kind of what I thought, may just wait until they get the issues fixed or hold off for 2nd generation maybe. iPhone 6 plus should be capable for just the Andromeda's for now anyway
  7. audio123

    i would recommend cayin i5 though as i love the sound
  8. kimD

    Wait for iBasso DX200 :)
  9. audio123

    too many to catch up!
  10. kimD

    Can't follow right :frowning2:
    That is why stick with my iPod will work fine to me :D
  11. goldendarko

    Does it support TIDAL?
  12. audio123

    when i switch from my DAPs to iPod, i realise the resolution of iPod is not as good.
    let switch to the main topic nova and andromeda...
  13. audio123

    let me tag u in the i5 thread.
  14. goldendarko

    Same question, support for TIDAL? So hard to find any information on the manufacturers websites. I'm assuming it doesn't if they don't advertise it as a feature. TIDAL support is a must for me as I don't have much music stored on my PC. Almost all of my listening is done via TIDAL now.
  15. audio123

    balanced and tidal = dpx1
    tidal = i5
    @goldendarko i prefer i5 sound but if you need balanced go for dpx1!
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