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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. audio123
    Actually you can head down to Music Sanctuary or Treoo and do a testing with your Andromeda, Samba and 6R as well as the latest CAH 8.2
  2. waxiboy
    Is it just me? I think sony zx100 is very beautiful sounding with Andromeda...It is the dap that make me say WOW with
    Andromeda, I have tried ak100ii, Lotoo Paw 5000 and also connected them in Cord Hugo but I can't find hear the wow
    effect that I felt in pairing my Andromeda to ZX100 and ZX2.
  3. goldendarko

    Does it play TIDAL?
  4. waxiboy

    No I think its stripped down android only to play music.. I love how it sounds...it gives more bass to Andromeda unlike
    other daps
  5. somanydynamos
    like this? =)
  6. prismstorm
    So as per the picture a few pages back, is the latest 'revision' of the Andromeda the one with the two new facets, and is it safe to presume that future batches will all look like this? 
  7. audio123
    based on @twister6 review,
    Sirius vs Andromeda – soundstage expansion nearly the same in all directions, though I feel Sirius is a touch wider, while Andromeda is a touch deeper. Andromeda has a little more transparency and slightly better layering and separation. The quantity and quality of sub-bass and mid-bass are nearly the same. Sirius has a little more body in lower mids, making sound more balanced, while upper mids are nearly the same, very detailed, resolving, non-fatigue, though Sirius is just a little smoother in upper mids. Both have an excellent treble extension, crisp, well defined, detailed, but Andromeda has a little more sparkle and airiness while Sirius is a little smoother at the top. Also, Sirius has zero hissing, while Andromeda has some.
    very interesting comparison.
    am going to try the sirius myself soon.
  8. kimD

    Bro really can't beats with all dynamic drivers
    Even my Rose7 1BA+1DD for that deeper soundstage and bassy all do better than Andromeda, that is honest.
    I am never cheated.

    But Andromeda do better textures and layering and transparency with separation detailed.
  9. Pingupenguins
    I'll just leave this here... :wink:
    Not my headphones, but I really like how the Eidolic pins match up with the matte aluminum shells. Also the silver plated wire doesn't hurt either. 
    damobananna likes this.
  10. aohk1997
    Just hopped on the andromeda train :) Been using my phone as a source but am looking to get a dap. Does anyone have any suggestions for daps which would pair well with andromeda? :)
  11. mrazik

    If you have iPhone, that before you will buy any DAP, try Kaisertone. You can be surprised how good sound your phone can have.
    Tony1110 likes this.
  12. kimD
    Kaisertone do better than iAudiogate?
    Can add tracks to favourites liberally.
  13. mrazik

    I have no experinece with iAudiogate, but this week I did comparisons between iPhone with Kaisertone and Cowon PD on various tracks in different quality and they are 99% identical. I test it with CA Nova. Kaisertone cost 10EUR, you will not get DAP at that price tag with same SQ.
  14. kimD
    Yes, i am agreed with you..
    Got mine AK70 less than 2 days and sold out.
    Currently just love with my iPod Touch/iPhone 6s for iAudioGate, don't know how smooth there are, especially EQ can Gain up the volume as well. 
  15. Whaleshark12

    It looks freaking awesome, especially the metal housing and metal connector housing. Looks so industrial [​IMG]
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