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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. pr0b3r

    Dayumm! Looks awesome! I'm a big fan of the quality and looks of Eidolic and Viablue products. Do you know which cable that is specifically? Would be interesting to check them out for my Nova.
  2. Pingupenguins

    I made it for him. :wink:
  3. kimD
    Wow I love that green :D
    Pingupenguins likes this.
  4. goldendarko
    I'm also looking for a DAP to pair with the Andromeda but can't find anything either. One of my requirements is that it can stream TIDAL but I've ruled out the DP-X1 and Fiio X7 due to all the issues I've read about them.

    The Kaisertone app looks interesting but requires you to store your music files on the phone and mine is already full of pictures and apps and stuff. I don't suppose it works with a NAS to stream hi res music off the network does it?

    Anyone know of any other DAPS to check out?
  5. audio123

    questyle qp1r, ak300, cayin i5, lotoo paw gold, ak380
  6. kimD
    Ah go to iPhone 6s and incoming 7 will works great.
    All apps can bring over for futures, one day the iOS can able to support you have never waste forever.

    TIDAL, Spotify and ITunes music all are awesome over for Andro.

    Just depend for DSD native streaming music were a difference :)

    Maybe I am wrong way, cause seem like busybody now :frowning2:
  7. goldendarko

    Do any of those let you stream TIDAL?
  8. audio123

    oh wait streaming tidal sorry for my missing out.
    try echobox explorer x1 and cayin i5
  9. aohk1997
    Anyone has experiences regarding pairing of opus 1 and ak70 with andromeda? 
  10. kimD

    Opus 1 was good too, AK70 still not stable and wait for new firmware update.
    Current works great with iPod touch 6gen, the rest much expensive than iPod should be able too
  11. Jackpot77

    Echobox Explorer X1 should be shipping to backers from the crowdfunding this week at some point and is on offer in their website - impressions should start appearing shortly but it is designed with Tidal streaming baked in to the UI.
  12. niron
    What do you take pictures with?
    The results are awesome.
  13. kimD

    iPhone 6s with PS Express.
    Listening music and works plays all in one :D
  14. niron
    Have a look at something like Sandisk iXpand lightning v2.
  15. niron
    Very cool. Thanks!
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