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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. ngoshawk
  2. ngoshawk
  3. audio123
    anyone tried making their Nova "bright sounding" with reference to its original sound with the aid of other cables?
  4. kimD

    Wow cool, my andromeda just wake up with nocturnal hydra v2, 8 cores wire cable :)
    Now never feel lacking of bass & even mid-bass, sounds sig much close to sxc24.
    Just few hours burned only.
  5. audio123

    well there is copper in the hydra [​IMG]
  6. Jalo

    What is it made out of, silver, copper, hybrid? Plated? Gauge? Do tell.
  7. kimD

    Pure copper + Pure silver
  8. kimD

    At this time already tried with purely wires.
  9. audio123

    technically copper litz and silver litz will brighten up the sound
  10. pr0b3r
    I tried using Linum BaX and the slightly dark or recessed mids had some improvement. Highs also improved and became more noticeable compared to using the stock cable. Aside from cables, I experimented and switched on my VorzampDuo's treble switch (while using the stock cable). Although the treble improved, I didn't like the feel of the music slightly getting the tempo up. It felt like that but I'm not sure how to properly describe that. So far, I have only tried the Linum BaX and it's a clear upgrade for me.
  11. kimD
    This is the one
  12. audio123

    i see. im interested in the nova if i can remove its darkness
  13. kimD

    To refer here

    Try with this, you should love thier sound an over effect audio.
    Cause effect audio used with gold plate only, unlike nocturnal used pure gold strands
    jrcai likes this.
  14. pr0b3r
    I already started to appreciate the sound coming from the Nova after a few weeks of getting them, I love the bass quality that the dual BAs provide. More on the mid bass I think. Only the slightly recessed upper mids turn me off. But once I tried the BaX, I completely loved what I heard. For sure, there would probably be better cables out there that can pair to the Nova so I'm not giving up on this gorgeous IEM. Cables and tips are highly influential to this. I even tried using different sources and the sound difference was also noticeable. Finding the perfect synergy for your preference is the key.
  15. kimD

    Actually I'd had tried nova before, I love the sounds too.. the overall sounds to me is superior and incredible bass.
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