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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Jalo
    Well, I ordered the Andromeda with FedEx overnight delivery. So I will have it tomorrow. If it turns out not to match all the impressions reported here, you guys will hear it from me:)
  2. kino lau
    Wouldn't be too concerned about that happening...lol.
  3. redstar

    Are you saying you prefer the Nova to the Andromeda? Better bass on the Nova?

  4. Brooko Contributor
    And how exactly will it do that?
    Unless the cable has drastically different impedance - it won't do a thing.  And if the impedance is higher or lower, it will have to be by quite a bit in order to make those changes.  Plus it would depend on the IEM's impedance curve in the first place.  If the IEM has flat impedance - you would get no change but volume (one louder than the other).  If it has an impedance hump in some area of the frequency - that will dictate the possible change, and influence what area of the frequency would change.
    Saying that Litz will brighten every IEM is pure BS.
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  5. goldendarko
    Well, ordered the Andromeda on Sunday and it showed them backordered for 2-3 weeks, yet I got them by Thursday and I live about 3000 miles away. Pretty impressive!
  6. Jalo
    Well as of yesterday they have ten Andromedas in stock. I order one today and should get it tomorrow.  Even though they say back order on their order page, they can ship immediately.
  7. kimD

    Hi mate.
    How often do you swapped cables as often?
    Usually do with measurement couldn't help much, the only your ears will telling the sounds has difference in between the combined of cables of used.
    Actually I've don't trust anything such as upgraded after market cables.
    But I don't like to invest that much also, once you has them and do a simple interchanges cables.
    All the sounds would be difference as well.

    So for me, I'll would trusted on each cables has thier own signature as well.
  8. Brooko Contributor
    I've used multiple cables from different manufacturers.  Biggest changes seem to be slight changes in impedance - which correlates mostly into slight changes in volume (one will be louder than the other).  The problem is that most people comparing do not volume match (with a proper SPL meter) when they compare.  Therefore whichever one is slightly louder (and it can be something really small like 1 dB) can be perceived as being brighter, more vibrant, better bass, more details, better sound-stage - all the usual jargon.  When measuring the frequency change - all that is really different is the volume.  The frequency curves almost always match. So changing the volume will net you the same differences.  I've started showing it in some of my latest reviews - actual measurements.
    Ken has designed cables (especially latest Litz - which is a great cable in terms of comfort, noise, aesthetics and ergonomics) to match perfectly with the IEMs he produces. Why would you add aftermarket cables when in reality you would be better simply adjusting the volume slightly for the same effect?
  9. goldendarko
    Yeah not sure why there's so much talk about upgrading these cables. They are already very well designed that alone sell for $150. Most stock cables beg to be upgraded, but not these ones. No need too really unless you just want a different termination such as 2.5mm balanced.
  10. kimD

    Yes, I was do agreed your statement.
    But for me not part of volume louder or slower.

    The impressive was do more bass and more textures of detailed :D

    Ken has did one of the best Monster ALO sxc8 silver plate copper wires.

    IF do side by side comparison of them, for sure you won't love that stock litz cable anymore.

    Sxc8 do more implacable bass and ultra sonic bass with brighter mids & trebles.

    Just the price may concern :D

  11. ngoshawk

    I would completely agree; and I even caught myself looking at aftermarket cables for the Nova. Then I realized the "stock" cable costs $150, and there is a reason Ken went with it. I'm not going to question the manufacturer on something such as this. And if I did, I would have to spend several hundred dollars to "justify" it.

    I'm happy with the existing sound, as Ken and Co saw fit. Just stop with the "oh this cable is better, and that cable is too", and enjoy them AS IS.

    Thus endeth the rant. Apologies.
  12. ajaxender
    Litz is the design of the structure of the cable, is it not? Very little to do with affecting the sound besides avoiding distortion effects, as far as I understand.
    The thing with cables is - prove it. Prove that there is a measurable difference, and you know what? I don't think it necessarily has to be in frequency response. I think other aspects of the sound waves are as important for how the whole is perceived. I can imagine how a different cable material and conductivity, or burn-in for that matter making a difference in the characteristics of a driver, could potentially affect various aspects of the sound produced.
    Key word there is 'imagine'. I don't know so I make no claims. Burden of proof is on the claimant. Prove the cables make a difference somewhere, prove burn-in makes a difference somewhere. We tend to talk about tips in the same 'make claims with no backing' kind of way here, but I read this last night. Do that for cables and burn-in. Until then, ideally couch claims with 'in my opinion' or 'I perceive', acknowledge that others may not have the same perception (just as with tips), and absolutely stop telling people it will definitely make a change. Thats other peoples money you're trying to spend, particularly with cables. 
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  13. kimD

    My Summary of them
    Andromeda do better textures and rich detailed.
    Nova has the most huge bass and do slight less detailed than Andromeda.
    Orion best for overall, but not up a pair with Nova.
    Lyra has better bass and warmer sound sig than all CA IEMs.

    For my conclusion of them
    Pickup Nova just enjoyable like the most hybrid will do, such as damn bassy IEM out there.
    Andromeda & Jupiter will were best on detailed with vocals, also more soundstage and musicals.
    Orion & Nova will be best on entry level, but both of them do much better than others brands IEMs, that is all my personal opinion :D

    Just one thing Nova needless upgrade cable, for that bass already do awesome.
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  14. Audiowood
    I just bought the Andromeda. I have tested it at the show and I am impressed with it. 
  15. Audiowood
    We talked about cables alot here, did we get our ear checked by audiologist? They have diff FR chart too?
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