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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Midgetguy
    I think the Nova is good, but it doesn't quite strike the right balance for me between forward mids and clarity. Good IEM and it's definitely the right one for many out there, but of course with hindsight, would I have bought it? Probably not. I love how it looks and it fits fairly well (how well is just down to me having small ears), but somehow it feels a little muffled. Could just be because I've been darting back and forth between it and the Supra. Kinda like how I feel about the HD600/650 where I feel the HD650 is just a tiny bit muffled compared to the HD600. And even though a lot of people say that it's the most fun of the CA IEM line, it feels far more balanced and polite than one would think (keeping in mind that I haven't actually heard the rest of the lineup though). For my ears and music tastes, it feels very realistic balanced. Not reference balanced like frequency-wise since I'm sure the bass levels are higher than flat and that on the whole it's not reference neutral, but it's like a walk-around-everyday sorta neutral if that makes sense to anyone.
  2. Jalo
    I should be getting my Andromeda in a few hours. Does it need any burn in? I know some people say BA don't need burn in and I am not trying to start any burn in argument. Just checking general experience of users.
  3. audio123
    Back to the technicality of Nova and the balance of Andromeda!
  4. WayneWoondirts
    I can't wait to get an Andromeda. A dealer in Vienna has CDM and Rx listed as coming soon. Guess you should be able to get Campfire goodies also through him too...
  5. musiclvr
    Congratulations! Your in for a treat! I really enjoyed trying out the Andromeda with different audio rig set-ups to see how transperent it is. In doing so I realized that I have something special in the Andromeda. It was very telling of my signal/ audio chain but never too in my face. It has made me appreciate its extended and balanced tuning when listening to my music. Balanced tuning to me means being able to pick out whatever area or nuance in my music I want without really trying to hard. It's so effortless! You'll see......

    I just let my brain adjust to the sound of the Andromeda as the Andromeda burns-in.......see what I did there.:thumbsup_tone2::grinning:
  6. Wil
    Eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Andromeda. 
    I sold my Angies to fund the purchase - it wasn't a hard choice.
    I had a brief listen of a demo set and found that the Andromeda retained the technical capabilities of the Angies whilst lending to the sound a tad more liveliness and overall joie de vivre.  
    (The Angies, while excellent, sounded alittle cold compared to the Andromeda, which is weird, seeing how i felt that the Angies were in fact warmer sounding than the Andromeda, but after some thought, i reckon the Andromeda is more emotionally involving - hence the comparison.) 
  7. Jackpot77

    That's e almost exactly how I hear them - "realistic balanced" is a good descriptor. I can hear the treble as slightly muffled as well, even though my brain can "hear" the detail and clarity in the background. I can really appreciate the craft and technical achievement they put in to getting the sound signature, but just can't "get" the sound enough to make it a long term keeper for me, hence why they are up on the FS boards at the moment (at Massdrop price if anyone here is interested) - they are far too good to sit in a drawer gathering dust, so hoping the next owner can appreciate the sound more than me.
  8. audio123
    agree with you fully. There is something about the Andromeda that makes it both highly detailed yet retains the musicality. Of course, it compromises on soundstage but the sound is phenomenal.
  9. Wil
    Luckily for me i don't care much for soundstaging. heh. 
  10. audio123
    yeap i see but this resulted in me going for the Sirius when I was so set to get the Andromeda. Next iem will be either Andromeda or Celeste. Depends which sound sig I prefer.
  11. Wil
    Lol i'm considering the Sirius even though i have the Oriolus and Andromeda incoming. 
    What is that Celeste iem you're talking about? soooo many choices. 
  12. audio123
    celeste by flc technology the company that produced the 36 combinations FLC8S. Now the celeste has 108 combinations sound signature. Yea many choices.
  13. likearake
    I very rarely get to make substantial headphone purchases these days, so hopefully you can indulge me and perhaps even feel a bit jealous of me joining the Andromeda club.
    Managed to pick up 1 of 2 sets that were delivered to a shop in Sydney last night. First impressions are... wow. The detail is excellent and rivals my full size headphones, using my Onkyo DP-X1 as a source. It certainly tends very slightly towards bright, but doesn't seem to destroy poor recordings in the same way an HD800 does. This is a relief as I prefer music to gear (as much as I like gear), and tend to love plenty of music that isn't exactly audiophile friendly. 
    Also, got to say that I find these earphones and the shallow fit to be absolutely the most comfortable IEMs I've ever tried. I know there are mixed opinions on the fit of CFA earphones but for me they are amazing. 
    knopi likes this.
  14. imserious
    Could you give me link to that celeste?
  15. aohk1997
    I understand that paint chips are a common issue regarding CA iem shells. When kept in the case, does the knocking of the andromeda shells together result in paint chips? If so, has anyone found a way to store the iems in a way in the case that prevents paint chips? Wouldn't want my incoming pair of Andromeda to have paint chips :frowning2:
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