Burson V6 Vivid and V6 Classic Discrete Audio Opamps Discussion and Reviews

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  1. mikaelmark
    Burson are not recommending to use BIAS Class A (the simple way we DIY:ers are use to, with two resistors to the output) due to the risk of overheating and the fact the discrete OpAmp are FET.

    But one question still remain: Are the V6 already Class A from the factory?
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  2. mikaelmark
  3. mikaelmark
    As V6 is my first discrete OpAmp, and earlier I have used OPA627, LM4562 and THS4032 in many of my projects, and the THS4032 tend to oscillate because it´s not stable - I used to solder a small unpolarized 0,1uF film cap between the Power pins (pin 4 and 8 for dual).

    And as Burson also sales Wima 0,1uF caps, I asked them if V6 should need it for Power pins, and get the following answer:

    With our V6 opamps, there is very little need for 220uf caps and 0.1uf caps. : )

    But then I read this article at Burson´s homepage:


    Maybe it will be a good ide to use 0,1uF film for V5/V6 however? May there be any downside´s with this tweak?
  4. Ricard

    This article is very old, not even the V5.
    Do you already have the V6? How you listen unlike the previous ones.

    I think I'll go first with Sparkos
  5. mikaelmark
    My V6`s is shipped with Hong Kong Post. Are those made in China? Strange, as Burson are in Australia.
  6. mikaelmark
    As I only bought Dual one´s and my DAC need two Single OpAmp´s, may it be possible to make own wire adapter like this:


    Voltage is only taken from one of them, so I left the other socket´s voltage pin´s unused. Do someone think this this will work well, or not?
  7. choisan
    I am testing the V5I Dual on my Zishan Mini DAC and Little Bear B1+ (Single Tube). Both are China made.
    For the Zishan Mini, i was using the ceramic version of AD827.
    IMG_1641.jpg IMG_1643.jpg

    Owing to the thickness of the socket and corresponding spacing in between 2 circuit boards via the pins connector on the circuit board, V5i installed couldn't be used even though it fit into the socket perfectly.
    I had to leave the the AD827 in it.

    And in turn, insert this Burson V5i into my Little Bear B1+ single tube portable amplifier, which i already used a LME49720HA from its original bundled NE5532P, see below.

    IMG_1648.jpg IMG_1649.jpg IMG_1650.jpg IMG_1652.jpg

    First Impression, V5i Dual was already producing a clear sound quality with my Zishan, AK on my UE900s, and KZ ZS5.
    Right now V5i Dual is burning in with this Little Bear B1+, I will update later on.
    I will test with my AK Junior and Onkyo DPX1 on my Shure 535 and AK Layla 1.

    Anticipating more detail from these combinations.
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  8. bcschmerker4
    @choisan Ouch! Zishan® packed things even tighter than ASUS®. I'll definitely double-check the heights to determine whether the RFI shield for the ST and/or STX II needs a bump at each I-V socket - at least there's no PC board forcing a monolithic on the Essence™ series. Obviously the Little Bear would need a hole punched into the case above the DIP8 to accommodate a full-size Burson® V-series dual op amp such as the just-released V6 Vivid.
  9. choisan
    Actually, the little Bear has no problem fitting it in. Burning in now. The tight packing only happened on my Zishan's Mini.
  10. raoultrifan

    Please have a read here: http://www.analog.com/media/en/training-seminars/design-handbooks/Basic-Linear-Design/Chapter1.pdf, page 30 on top should suffice. Also, http://www.ti.com/lit/an/sloa011/sloa011.pdf page 33 and https://electronics.stackexchange.c...nge-the-quiescent-current-in-an-op-amp-lm4250 could help too.

    As V5 and V6 opamps are having a quiescent current of +/- 14mA this means these babies will work in pure class A until the output current gets to +/-14mA; after this value the Bursons V5/V6 will work in class AB, per their internal design. Sparko's opamps are working in class A until output current gets to +/15mA, so figures are quite alike and I'd say the +/-1mA difference should not matter in sound quality.

    However, opamps could sound different when used in different Hi-Fi equipment, so testing many opamps until desired sound is obtained could be a solution.
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  11. Ampeezy
    Just Received my V6 Vivids...Will post impressions soon!
    2017-08-21 19.16.40 - Copy.jpg 2017-08-21 19.39.12 - Copy.jpg 2017-08-21 19.37.48 - Copy.jpg
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  12. Ampeezy
    Double post sry
  13. newdoughboy
    Supreme Sound Lycan (Burson) Audio & V6 Classic Dual Opamp Impressions with Cambridge Audio Azur 651p modded with swappable Opamp dip

    Let me start by stating that this is my 3rd Burson Opamp review. I am an audio enthusiast, being that I spend tons of money on decent audio gear. I can tell what sounds good to me, and that generally falls in line with the general consensus amongst fellow audio enthusiasts. So take from this what you can, especially with my lack of audio vocab.

    Equipment wise, I own/have owned HT Omega Claro Halo, K702, HD650, K550, Beats Studio, SE535 Reshelled (CIEM), Xiaomi Piston 2, TTPOD T1-E, Xuelin ihifi960, Blox BE03, Brainwavz S5, Bravo Audio Ocean, PreSonus HP4, Racoon SG-300.

    My newer equipment tend to lean more towards speakers equipment. At120usb, Denon 110 MC cartridge, Anthem Integrated 225, Cambridge Audio Azur 651p, Totem Forest, Burson Soloist, Supreme Sound Lycan, Burson Air, Chord Mojo, and AK120.

    So I get a good sense of what I can get in terms of sound quality for the extra cost. My favourite combination is Anything going into my Anthem 225 and coming out of Totem Forest. Source is very important, and most of my music is in FLAC, and I am slowly building up a decent vinyl collection.

    I was first introduced to Burson through their v5 release. “Reading through many forum gave me one simple conclusion. Burson Audio is a highly regarded/respected company when it comes to the quality of their products and customer service.”

    When I first reviewed the v5, it was up against cheap if opamps, so naturally, it blew them out of the water. Now we will try to see how much of an improvement they made upon the v5.

    The test will be kept simple on the Supreme Sound Lycan Opamp test bench with Chord Mojo and K702, and my Vinyl setup; I will be listening to 2 songs all in CD quality FLAC. after 50+ Hrs Burn-in (I've read that it does make a bit of a difference)

    Digital Song Selection
    1. Lady Gaga - Starstruck (Feat. Space Cowboy @ Flo Rida)

    2. Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill

    Vinyl Song Selection

    1. Lorde - Pure Heroine

    2. Florence and the Machine - Delilah

    I feel that my observations of the 4 songs between the 2 opamps are very consistent. I did notice differences of the 50+ Hrs break in; the sound became more full. Everything just opened up more. Here comes the tricky part; or so I feel. I love the V5 ‘originals’ They are detailed, with large soundstage. The highs just keep on going without harshness/fatigue. THe lows are punchy which being super controlled/tight. I couldn’t imagine anything better; and it’s just that. The V6 Classics are not better than the V5; they are not worse. The V6 Classic is simply how Burson describes; same performance, but with a bit more ‘colour’. Here is the differences that I perceived.

    The V6 Classics makes vocals seem more intimate; female voices are more seductive. The highs get pulled back a tiny bit; where the notes are still there, but in comparison less piercing. The lows definitely get a bit of a bump. I hear a slightly greater bass extension. So it hits harder.

    Due to my personal preference, I would pick the v5 (v6 vivid) over the v6 classic. I just like level of detail in the treble, even though I definitely liked the bass boost of the v6 classic.
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  14. alphanumerix1
    Look forward to it
  15. Dricks
    Burson V6 Vivid received and installed on my Asus Essence STX2
    The sound using foobar and asus ASIO is simply perfect for my taste.
    Highs are really precise, and bass sounds really deep. With stock opamps, sound was good, but not that smooth and clear on high.
    Nice improvements :D
    I'm using a Meze 99 Classic as headset
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