Burson V6 Vivid and V6 Classic Discrete Audio Opamps Discussion and Reviews

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  1. newdoughboy
    Hey Guys,
    It's been a little while since the release of the V5 opamps by Burson Audio.
    Since then, they have brought us a compact option in the V5i for those with limited space and budget.
    Once I get my hands on these opamps I will update you guys on how they sound in my phono preamp, and my Supreme Sound headphone amp.


    I am very excited to bring to you some information for the upcoming V6.

    Burson is about to introduce not one but two V6 audio opamps!

    The V6 Vivid is an improvement on the V5. Dynamic, transparent and exciting, it has the same sonic characteristics as the V5 but better on all aspects.

    The V6 Classic deviates further from its V5 foundation. With an entirely different output stage design, it is intimate, exquisite and very engaging.

    Key features of V6 Vivid and V6 Classic:

    * Higher voltage supply. Up to 16.5V+-

    * Unity Gain and I/V stage stable.

    * Improved enclosure to accommodate a higher working voltage and temperature.

    * Reverse voltage protection. They are the only opamps in the world that don't die when plugged in reverse.

    * No other opamps in the world offers warranties. On the other hand, Burson doesn't just offer a warranty, we offer a LifeTime warranty!

    Here's how the two new V6 compare with the rest of Burson's audio opamps

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  2. newdoughboy
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  3. grig
    subscribed, curios to read some review :)
  4. jazzwave
    I use V5 and V5i in my headphone amplifiers, love both opamps.
    Curios with V6 especially the Classic "The V6 Classic deviates further from its V5 foundation. With an entirely different output stage design, it is intimate, exquisite and very engaging"

  5. newdoughboy
    The web page just came up. : )
    Why not be the first to review it.
    I love the v5. And can't imagine how they can be improved on. Excited to try and find out


    Early Bird Offer
    It ends on the 21st July, 2017.
    Shipping starts on the 21st of July 2017
    It is opened to the public so please share the good news with your friends.


    Complete your order selection.

    Before check out, enter EARLYBIRD into the promotional coupon section and receive 15% off the total. Any orders above $199 will also enjoy free shipping.
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  6. Faber65
    I am tempted to place an order.......
  7. bcschmerker4
    Thanks for this preview of new hardware. I'm currently awaiting information on a potential V6i due to space limitations in my LinUX box; both discrete V6's will require as much space as do the V4 and V5, and I anticipate needing a video display adapter alongside the ASUS® XONAR® STX™ (contraindicating the discrete V's due to insufficient room for the multiple-coaxial extension harnesses needed to stretch the V's to hook up to the sockets for the STX' stock Japan Radio 2114 I-V amps and Texas Instruments LM4562N line-level buffers). The V5i fits beneath the STX' stock RFI shield, unlike the Sparkos® SS3602, and I'd like to find out what fitment issues, if any beyond the V5i, I can expect of a V6i.
  8. VRacer-111
    Can't add anything to cart... get an error dialog that pops up....rrrrrRRRRR! Ready to purchase full set of Vivid and Classic for the Gustard H10.

    Update: It's working now. Site is not the most customer friendly... but I did manage to order a complete set of Vivid and Classic (with the discount) for the Gustard H10.
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  9. Ricard
    People who buy the burson V6, I would like to know what cons and pros has with respect to the V5?
  10. Gradius
  11. chaiyuta
    Anybody bought it?
  12. EternalChampion
    Burson Audio is destined to succeed in the long run.

    A while ago I said this:

    Speaking of preferences, I have to say that the V5s are not ideal for my tastes. I miss some of that liquid warm presentation I used to get from the Muses to be honest. It has less coloration (I'm sure it pairs better with HD650 than HD600) and perhaps very slightly dryer stance. Coincidentally, the instrument/vocal placement is exactly the same to my previous op amp configuration (Muses8920+Muses8820(swap kit)+lme49720). Mid-distance is perfect for 50% of the recordings, some others are just "ok" with that while a great deal of them sounds just awful. Sadly, this is the case with SS V5 as well, the sense of compressed tone hasn't changed at all. The lack of fatigue helps to crank up the volume a bit but this does not solve the issue, it simply doesn't fill your ears.
    Therefore, it would be great if Burson Audio decides to deliver such an alternative: A closer sounding V6!!


    How can you not appreciate this? Small things make huge of a difference. :beerchug:
  13. Nikorasu
  14. Elocai
    I had a Soundblaster ZXR, and now I´m left with 2 Burson V5 Dual or 2 Burson V6 Vivid - what should i get to use them again? Buying the ZXR again is not an option.
  15. newdoughboy
    Well I was in a similar situation when I sold my desktop with my HT Omega claro halo. I saved the opamps, and when it was time to upgrade my phono preamp, I found that Cambridge Audio had a well designed layout but with inferior parts. So I had my local epic audio store remove the opamps and solder on a swappable slot. Now I have utilized 3 out of the 4 I used on my sound card.

    You can always look for mid grade equipment that cut cost by using IC opamps and make them realize their full potential.
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