Burson V6 Vivid and V6 Classic Discrete Audio Opamps Discussion and Reviews

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  1. snellemin
    Got a confirmation that my V6 classic is on it's way this morning. Ordered it on the 13th.
  2. newdoughboy
    I know I'm on that list, but no confirmation
  3. Elocai
    but you have no recommendation of what should I buy?
  4. newdoughboy
    Well, I absolutely loved my HT Omega claro halo, that's the one with a dedicated headphone output. But needs 4 dual.
    Asus has a pretty big product line. Essence is a very good desktop unit. I believe the sound card unit has a shroud that needs to be removed. Just look at Burson kits. That gives you an idea on who else is using them, and how many.
  5. Mihaidmg
    Sorry if i am not asking in the right place, what kind of v6 vivid should i buy for replacing the stock op amps that comes with asus xonar stx II? The dual ones ? And how many? 3? I am looking to put 2 tannoy 802 on the rca ouputs and maybe with a splitter to go in my headphones amp. I don,t want to use the hp amp that comes with the board. I have allready Jds Labs Element. Thank you in advance!
  6. newdoughboy
  7. snellemin
    To how I like to listen to my music, I prefer the V4 in my equipment. The V5 is nice, but doesn't have the lowend of the V4. I'm hoping the V6 classic is a nice blend between the V4 and V5, to use in one of my preamps.
  8. hma101
    I got mine yesterday. I've placed them in my Gustard H10 (vivid, 2 dual and 2 single). Even without burn-in they're amazing. So much better than the stock opamps. I've used the v5s before and (from memory) these are much livelier, smoother, with a larger soundstage.
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  9. EternalChampion
    The card accepts only dual channel op-amps. You'll need 2 of them for the headphone output or 3 for the RCA. Right now I'm using headphone out because it feels less fatiguing and closer sounding than RCA with V5s installed.
  10. Mihaidmg
    Thank you all for you answers.From what i understand v6 are pretty new, i will probably wait a bit before making a purchase.
  11. VRacer-111
    Is there going to be an option for V6 in the warranty registration anytime soon?

    Got my V6's today and am trying the V6 Classic in the Gustard H10 right now. Hope they get better with some run time on them because honestly, overall, I currently prefer the stock sound. There is more detail and clarity with the V6 classic, but as of right now I'm not sure I like the shift in sound. Need to really give it some more time though, only been listening for about 1 hour so far.



    EDIT: Nevermind about the sound, totally forgot needed to switch the gain dip switches in the back of the H10 from when using the Burson's... just got reminded of the need to change the switches. All is fine with the sound now, bass and overall sound signature is like it should be...
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  12. snellemin
    How hot do the back opamps get?

    I like that the V6 have better cooling then the V5 now.

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  13. VRacer-111
    The duals are getting pretty hot from the top opening, almost like the voltage regulator heat sinks and main heat sink but not quite... really need to get a thermometer so I can see if there is any difference between +6 and +12V.
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  14. snellemin
    I installed the V6 Classic in a Parasound preamp, which had the V4 in it. It has been playing for a while now and I can't make up my mind if I like it or not. The Classic sound lifeless, like it's missing the warmth. Maybe it's my setup, but I'll keep using it and see where it goes.

    20170804_210632.jpg 20170804_210838.jpg
  15. EternalChampion
    I don't know how the V6 react to burn-in, but I'm in a position to confirm after breaking-in two sets of V5 duals that they change a lot for the better with use. Switching back to the untouched set for comparison every time it was like you said: lifeless, harsh and thin. After 150-200 hours of playing time (playlist run 16/24) they improved a lot, mostly by getting clean and control over things. At 500-600 hours mark they became exceptional and finally settled. Full of sweetness and warmth. I couldn't believe the level of refinement compared to the starting point, but it's true. Had they stayed unchanged, I would have gotten rid of them right away for such a cost.

    V6 must be a similar situation. So I think it is unfair to judge the op amps from the first listen.
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