Burson V6 Vivid and V6 Classic Discrete Audio Opamps Discussion and Reviews

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  1. mikaelmark
    I have now purchased 4 pcs (2 pairs) of Bursons new OpAmp V6 Vivid dual, and waiting for them to arrive!

    A big thumb´s up to the Bursonaudio´s costumer support, that are very handsome and easy to do with!!:point_up:

    Just a small question; The spec´s are telling the V5 and V6 will pperate at a minimum of +-3,5/7 VDC.

    As my headphone amp only has 5 Volt to the OpAmp, will i be enough to operate the V5 and V6? Or is 7 VDC adding +3,5 AND -3,5?
  2. mikaelmark
    Do anyone having experience of settle the V5 or V6 into BIAS Class A, using two resistors at about 4 Kohms between the Power pins and the output pin? Operating my OPA627 and THS4032 this way in my headphone amp.

    I know Burson themselves are using Class A in there new heaphone amp, but I´m not sure if they are doing it the same way?

  3. alphanumerix1
    subscribed for impressions with v6 vivid.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2017
  4. The Chief
  5. The Chief
    Got them, now I have a fine collection of Burson V4, V5, V6 vivid and V6 classic single op amps. and a special candidate also...
    What I want to give here is a first impression, how they behave If they are new and not burned in.
    V4 is good. Better than any IC Op Amp I tried.
    V5 is a little more open, and a very little sounding like modern parts.
    V6 classic is more open, detailed and v e r y into face, more 3D (realistic) than classic, great for classical music, voices ect...
    V6 vivid Very open, clear, more dynamic than classic, great for Jazz, Pop, Rock, my personal favourite for the music I listen to.... exept : look at the right side of the photograph... there are only 3 pieces alive all over the planet. I will tell more about it, if all my op amps are burned in. So then things can be compared...
    But as far as I can say now: V6 is a progress...

    Burson Op Amps.jpg 1"]Got a confirmation that my V6 classic is on it's way this morning. Ordered it on the 13th.[/QUOTE]
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  6. mikaelmark
    Regarding my quiestion about settling the V6 discrete OpAmp into Class A, I have now seen Burson´s description/philosophy about standard Class D and the differenties to Class A:

    Are they saying the V6 already are Class A? In this case there should be no need to implement any extra resistors, i assume?

  7. dmz555
    I'm still waiting for burson v6 vivid dual.
    Ordered last Aug 6, 2017, haven't receive any transit info yet.
    Anyone tried it on zishan z2?Ü
  8. Ricard
    To this day I do not know if I buy "Sparkos Labs SS3602" or "Burson V5 / V6" Op Amp.
    Please someone who has tested the two brands who can tell me which one to buy to improve my op amp stock.
    I want an original and faithful sound, I do not want an artificial or metallic sound.

    In return I will tell you to those who are looking to listen to the highest quality music on speakers I am using: Asus STX II 7.1 + Creative T6300 + Unixonar Driver + Foobar2000. I listen to songs to mp3 320kbps / Flac in 5.1 thanks to channel mixer DSP of Foobar2000.
    It is an excellent combination :beyersmile:
  9. Faber65
    Relax, I did ordered on July 21st, and I have just received the AWB number and the confirmation that the dispatch has been handled to the courier.
    Enjoy the music in the meantime....

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  10. mikaelmark
    How long from your purchase until you get a tracking number from Burson? I purchased a bit more than a week ago, and have not received any tracking yet after askeing for it.
  11. mikaelmark
    Regarding using the V6 in a DAC, is it suitable both in the I/V stage and the output stage? And without any needs for modding, such as removing/adding any cap´s?
  12. Faber65
    From the purchase to the shipment confirmation it took 21 days.
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  13. mikaelmark
    Maybe they´re soldering the OpAmp´s directly for the customer after every purchase!?

    I´m curious if it´s possible to buy them unsoldered and finishing by myself, and how much money to save?
  14. Faber65

    Toys arrived.
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  15. dmz555
    Congratz faber65!:beerchug:
    I'm happy for you bro.:smile_phones:
    Please update us here once your done in the burn in period of your Burson V6.
    i gotta have those 35mm Extension Lead and some Extra DIP8 Socket.
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