Burson V6 Vivid and V6 Classic Discrete Audio Opamps Discussion and Reviews

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  1. Evan Longmire
    Asus Xonar STX with V5i vs V6 Vivid vs Woo Audio Fireflies (Gen2)
    I'm a PC gamer, a tinkerer and a modder. Plus I really value good quality audio.
    I bought my Asus Xonar STX back in 2012 when I built my first water-cooled gaming pc. I’ve been rolling opamps for a few years as a hobby but until recently nothing really stood out.

    A few months back I was reading and saw some impressive reviews on the Burson Audio opamps but I wasn't ready to part with the EMI shield just yet so I bought Burson V5i's for the I/V section. To tell the truth I wasn't overly impressed at first. Don't get me wrong- they sounded great; nice full sound, wide soundstage and the instrument placement/positional audio in games was nicely presented, but they weren’t life changing great which I had hoped.
    BTW- the new V5i's are different to some of the other V5i's I’ve seen in this forum- they don't have that little lip at the bottom anymore so they slot in real nice without fuss.
    Anyway, it wasn't until I swapped them out for my previous favourites (LME4970NA) that I could appreciate how good the V5i's actually were. I found the LME4970NA's were hollow and closed in comparison and the difference was so pronounced that I was soon looking forward to putting the V5i's back in.

    A few weeks later I got that itch again and started looking at the V5’s to see if they were a justifiable upgrade to the V5i’s. I saw the V6’s available for order. But the EMI shield!?! What do I do? So, I emailed Burson to see if they could shed some light on the importance on the shield. I asked, "Will removing the EMI/RFI shield (to fit the taller discrete amps) make any noticeable difference with interference?”
    I got a response, "Based on our experience the EMI shield on the STX card is purely cosmetic. We have done some lab test and we did not see any change to the noise performance in relation to the card with or without the shield."

    I ordered two V6 Vivid's. But they were taking a while to post and I got impatient (and a little crazy TBH). I bought a Woo Audio Fireflies (Gen2), a pair of Sennheiser HD600s and subscription to Tidal Masters.
    They arrived before the V6's. That combination was the incredible experience I was looking for. The Fireflies paired with the HD600s were so very warm, natural, clear, deep and smooth. Not a huge soundstage though which I hadn't expected. The treble is in no way fatiguing to listen to and even at high volumes. The sound is very flat and un-molested however it's not all gravy...
    Movies and games do sound good with the Fireflies but it seems to be missing a defined punchiness to the cracks and gunshots and explosions that i really enjoy. It's as if they were just too natural? Too smooth? It's hard to describe because there's nothing actually missing. Maybe I’m just used to the accentuated bass and treble in a lot of other speakers, headphones and amps. I like to be almost startled by those sounds in movies and games and that's definitely missing with the Fireflies.

    Eventually the Burson Audio V6 Vivid's arrived. I removed the EMI shield, strapped in the little red towers and plugged it all in. The sound... Mother of God the sound is phenomenal!
    So much punch, great soundstage and positional audio in games. Everything sounds brighter and more exciting with the V6's than with the Fireflies. The gunshots and explosions sound louder in contrast and give me that "WOW" factor I was looking for. There is no doubt in my mind they're noticeable improvement over the stock opamps and even the V5i's. I really love gaming with them; Escape from Tarkov, PUBG, Doom, Overwatch, Nier: Automata and Senua's Sacrifice all need to be heard through the V6 Vivids. It's really something else.

    Music is pretty great too but I honestly prefer the Fireflies experience for music and that’s mostly because the brightness of the V6's high end can be slightly fatiguing with the volume up high for long periods. But really, now I’m comparing the STX upgraded with Burson V6's to the likes of the $1600 Fireflies... and to me that makes them crazy good.

    PS. I got bored and cut a hole in the EMI shield for the V6 Vivids! Best of both worlds now. :D

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. russdog
    So, here's what I need to know.... but I don't know if anybody can tell me for sure...

    I'm not gonna get 2 Gustard H10's with V6 Vivid's in one (for classical and some jazz) and V6 Classic's in the other one (for rock and some jazz)....

    Instead, I'm gonna get *1* set of V6's for my H10 and use EQ to adjust things for other purposes. But which one? Get Vivid's and EQ it to approx the Classic's? Or get Classic's and EQ it to approx the Vivid's? Which one is more doable/less objectionable?

    ps: Also, just curious: Let's say you have an H10 and get 2 duals of one flavor and 2 singles of the other flavor? What happens? (I have no idea...)
  3. EternalChampion
    From my experience with the V5 towers, the Burson op amps go through a transformation process and will enter beast-mode after some use. :) Just give it a proper burn-in time (150-200 hours to wipe-off harshness, 500-600 to completely flesh out).

    If now "Holy Mother", then what? :L3000:
  4. alphanumerix1
    What did you use to cut the emi shield? Looks good!
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  5. raoultrifan
    BURSON V6 CLASSIC DUAL - beautiful inside, magnificent outside.

    Received this little beast from Charles - BURSON about 3 weeks ago and I intend to test it in my only single-ended device: Objective 2 headphone amplifier. Thank you Charles! I'll get back here with updates within few weeks...just need some time to warm up and dig this baby's sound. :)

    Meanwhile, delighting my eyes with some inside naked electronics. 100% solid-state with high quality components, quite a beauty, isn't it? :)

    IMG_3684 copy.jpg IMG_3681 copy.jpg IMG_3685 copy.jpg IMG_3686 copy.jpg IMG_3687 copy.jpg IMG_3688 copy.jpg IMG_3689 copy.jpg IMG_3690 copy.jpg

    Note: Do not try to open up the case because you're voiding the warranty and you're also risking to destroy the internal components! Thank you for understanding!
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  6. alphanumerix1
    Very nice, Can't wait to hear the V6 as well!
  7. mikaelmark
    How to get the cover off? It seem´s to be glued to the socket, am I right?

    And because it´s made of plastic, it should have no EMI/EMF shielding function.

    It´s a good thing that Burson let the V6 have some ventilation hole´s at the top as the V5 had overheating problem. But why not go totally naked, as by your picture´s? What may be the downside? (except the risk of shorting if any wiry or component will touch it)
  8. raoultrifan
    The case it's very good in keeping away electrostatic discharge and any possible mechanical damage. Also, short-circuits may occur if V6 is moved by mistake (with your hand perhaps) inside an electronic device.
    I recommend you to keep the case as it is, it will not make any harm for sure. :)
  9. Ricard
    I was going to buy Sparkos, but in the end I went with Burson V6 Vivid, I do not regret it.

    Stunning Op Amps, Three Dimensional Sound on My 5.1 Speaker

    It took them a week to wake up and draw their power. During the first time I put them sound very flat, linear sound, without charisma. I thought I had thrown the money.

    After the first week, I suddenly said wow! this is new, the sound had reached a new dimension. For the first time I buy Burson it is normal for me to be so impressed.

    + Warm, musical and pleasant sound. Each song is a new world.
    + Music comes to life and is dimensioned.
    + Well separated and detailed instruments and channels.
    + Musical notes differ from each other.
    + Middle and low sounds come out, sounds that were previously hidden.
    + Deep bass and deep bass and tight guitar bass without causing fatigue.
    + Very realistic sound and all this without background noise or distortion.

    In general it's like you're in the recording studio. It's my first Op Amps, I never heard the same music. Very lively sound

    I never tried the original V5, so I can not compare them, people spoke wonderful. The V6 Vivid is supposed to be a bit better

    We must continue this path of perfection.


    Good job! I give you a rating of 9/10
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  10. Evan Longmire
    I took to it with a Dremel and lots of elbow grease. :yum:
    It was going so well until I got complacent and relaxed my grip on the shield...
    If you look closely, you can see where the Dremel caught the edge and scuffed the pretty side of the shield. :scream::tired_face::sob:

    I still think it looks good even if it's not perfect.
  11. EternalChampion
    Anybody who has tried both Vivid and Classic can you please answer to this which interests me a lot:

    Does one of the two op amps give you a noticeably different seat on the stage than the other? I mean something like 1st row (like being inside the orchestra) vs 4th row (or ever farther away) type of experience.

  12. Ricard
    I have the V6 vivid. It is very good but answering your question there are sounds that go straight to your face and others that envelop you but without touching you so much.
    Let's say that natural and improvised sounds go more right to your face, like live music and sounds of nature and recording studio music is contemplated more distanced.
    It is my personal perception. I have not tried V4, V5, V6 Classic burson. I think the Classic is similar to the V5 but with more color and the Vivid delves a few more in all the features of V5
  13. raoultrifan
    Do not try to open up the case because you're voiding the warranty and you're also risking to destroy the internal components! Thank you for understanding!
  14. Burson Audio
    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for supporting this discussion thread and Burson Audio.

    Like you, we know the joy and importance of opamp rolling. It offers an opportunity to compare and appreciate different sonic performance while holding other variables in your audio system unchanged. It is also a valuable opportunity to develop listening preference and taste.

    We believe opamp rolling should be a rite of passage for any audiophiles.

    Many of you are asking how the sound compares between the V6 Vivid and V6 Classic. Below is a video review which may explain this better than we do. : 0

    Introducing the Burson Play. (USB DAC, Headphone amp, Remote Preamp with a Mic input)


    Our upcoming Burson Play is designed particularly for the opamp rolling community.


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  15. sha007
    Hi there. I have a stx II and using a HD 700 headphone. So which v6's should I get?
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