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Breaking News: HE1000 V2

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. Toolman

    How do you know that? Don't make a general statement and speak on behalf of all V1 owners. I'm a V1 owner and I'm rightfully pissed. I owned the V1 for less than 2 months before they were "upgraded" and retail price for new units dropped by 1/3 :rage:

    This will largely depends on the type of music you are playing but in general, I will very much agree to this but that's just me. Some do considered 800 to be the best headphone in the world and their ears and preference are their best judges :thumbsup:
  2. ardilla
    I'm a HE1000 v1 owner .) I don't like that they did this, it annoys me too. They are dependent on a functioning 2nd hand market, and should be aware of that - as should other manufacturers too. 
  3. Vigrith
    I bought my CLS63 S two years ago and then recently they came out with the new 2017 model. I can't believe Mercedes would do such a thing, do they not realize how that makes owners of previous models feel? Pretty inconsiderate.
    Come on now. You can't expect Hifiman to sit on a V2 prototype that improves upon the previous iteration just because you happened to blow a bunch of money on the original version (which is a couple years old now correct?) a few weeks ago. You can argue any brand is dependant on the 2nd hand market, they're still not going to hold off on releasing new products because model x is expensive and customers will feel worse about their amazing TOTL headphone because it's 1 version old and thus rendered completely obsolete.
    The market moves fast, new products are being pushed out more often than ever now, why would that annoy/piss you off? Your headphones are still as awesome as they were half a year ago, or two years ago, there just happens to be something new (not even necessarily better). Feeling bad about your purchase due to that is a little strange to me personally.
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  4. ardilla
    That's the other side of this. When they have a better product, they of course want to sell it as you say. But headfi didn't move so fast before and frankly the comparison with the car market is a bit unfair. Cars are slightly more advanced...

    Many people make their purchase calculating in the resale value. As an enthusiast I prefer that the companies offer mature products at launch and keep them the same for longer periods, like Sennheiser, Beyer, AKG do.
  5. Toolman
    Tried to type a longish reply but decided not to because it would not be productive...

    ...but since you choose to compare this with the automotive industry, let me ask,

    1) how would a Mercedes or a Ferrari or a Porsche fan etc react if the brand decided to replace their top-end model after 6 or 12 months?

    2) yes 6 months to replaced their Edition X V1, around 12 months to replace their HE1000 V1 and NOT 2 years as you stated above

    3) keep in mind that this is not merely a facelift (although it would look like it) as HFM claimed an improvement in V2's sonic performance and comfort level so this is a "replacement" model

    4) normally we would see a small discount for discontinued model but when V2 came out, the street price for V1 plummeted some 33% from it's original retail
    Granted, my V1 still sings along beautifully and I felt no urge for an upgrade. However their ear pads do need a replacement but HFM is refusing to sell them as replacement accessories, and those who paid for the expensive upgrade will have to take on their useless "improved" cables that jacked up the cost for the upgrade.

    No many would be so upset if these were managed properly. We hear no claim of an improved QC which plague many of the V1 units, their "upgraded" cables are still of very poor quality and while the ear pads are the most requested replacement parts most requested, HFM continue to ignore such request and made their upgrade plan extremely inflexible (all or nothing). 

    Asking upgrades to ship in their headphones without the proper protection box that comes with their headphone, and to ask them to lie on customs declaration (which means any insurance claims will be severely limited) only adds insult to injury.
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  6. fapman

    We are talking FLAGSHIP models here. HE1000, HD800S (if you don't take account orphheus) is a FLAGSHIP product. Read: flagship
    CLS63 isn't by any means Mercedes flagship model. 
    There is thing called https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_S-Class

    And in there it says:
    "Sixth generation W222/C217 (2014–present)" 

    And maybe even more importantly, calculate the timeline of the previous model:
    "Fifth generation W221 (2006–2013)"  .....7 Years....

    Even automobile industry doesn't upgrade their flagship models same way as Hifiman does....  
  7. munce31
    Can no one get their hands on the V2 ear pads?
  8. patrikh
    I think they shouldn't have offered an upgrade program because it sets the aftermarket price of the V1 to V2's price minus the upgrade cost at best. They should have just started selling the V2 as just HE1000 and leave the differences as is like fazor vs non-fazor on the audeze side.
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  9. sahmen
    I've been wondering about that too.  However, they were indeed available for a brief period a month or two ago at the headamp store for $79.00 (advertised as HeK/HeX V2 ear pads), and then they were abruptly removed, never to appear again.  My guess is that Hifiman must have thought having the pads available might act as a form of disincentive to those who might want to upgrade (If a V1 owner already has a great aftermarket cable, why would he or she be encouraged to pay $650 for the official upgrade if the new ear pads can be had for $79?). If this assumption is true, then it is possible the new ear pads might return after the He-1000 v2 upgrade window slams shut, which incidentally happens tomorrow.  All of this is, of course, speculation (sprinkled with a little dose wishful thinking on my part, I admit it), but I am hoping it is not too wide off the mark. After all, they must have several of those v2 ear pads available now, and they cannot hoard them forever. Fingers-crossed.
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  10. reeltime
    The HE-1000 may be a bargain considering the other players for best headphone are $4000 and up.  
    Guttenberg thinks the V2 HE-1000 is as good as the Focal.  Maybe better.
  11. Toolman

    Yeah HFM was very quick to put a stop to this... $650 is a lot better than $79 rite?

  12. ardilla
    I realized my local dealer/importer offers the upgrade plan as well. Might be something to check out for others, to avoid problems with customs. But be quick, the offer soon ends..

    They must be selling replacement pads at some time.... This reminds me of when Audeze refused to sell LCD3 pads to non LCD3 owners... Except refusing v1 owners the new pads, THAT I agree would be "pissing in their face" Let's hope for more it's a matter of supply. I take it for granted that the v2 pads become available later.
  13. Toolman
    One thing is...I won't just blindly swallow what these reviewers wanna feed to us, who knows what (if any) are their agendas and listening preference?

    Your ears are your best judge...after all which headphones are better should largely depends on your personal sound preference, the sensitivity of your ears, what you are used to, the genre of music you listened to and (in large part) your budget.

    Having owned both, I will discount if anyone telling me HEK are better than Utopia (according to my own set of ears). Now at $3K the HEK are in no shape and form considered a "cheap" headphone. The built quality for a TOTL audio equipment (never mind a headphone) are rather poor with bad QC and a customer service to go with it. That's not saying I don't like my HEK but I loved my Utopia a lot more. It's also just that this kind of shoddy quality control should have no place in a premium priced product.

    Now if you wanna follow what Guttenberg says and not what your ears tells you, then you are entitled to your opinion.
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  14. reeltime
    Bargain = value based on other similarly priced objects.
    Bargain does not equal cheap.
    I'm sorry YOU had bad experiences with HifiMan with regard to QC and customer service.  I can assure you most of us, evidenced by the vast majority of satisfied HE-1000 owners on Head-Fi do not share your opinion. 
    We seek expert opinions because it's fun.  Stereophile and TAS might as well close shop if there's no reason to read their reviews.  I'm glad they exist.  
    Enjoy your Utopia.  That's what it's about.
  15. Maxx134

    The V2 has an extremely good chance to match the focal as I believe it is very similar in character.
    I have the V2 coming in and will do some comparisons..

    Their can be different tunnings of same headphones,
    so although HifiMan says same drivers in V2,
    the unit certainly changed in tonality and presentation.

    It is more neutral and not laid back, while having a more substantial tonality, like adding attributes of their HE6.
    The change in character is like adding more of the HE6 into this can.
    There are those that said the HE6 was, in some respects, one of the best planars made.
    Now I believe this version 2 has added these atributes because of the new tonality..
    HE6 qualities of more neutral, more tonaly true, and more impact.

    I believe they finally hit a sweet spot with V2 .

    To give an analogy,
    The V2 is to V1,
    As the Utopia is to the HD800.

    Micro levels of the detailing, dynamics and clarity are improved with 20% closer intimacy and deeper pespective.
    This is the same that happens with the Utopia over the HD800.

    The tonality also steps up an notch sounding more true or correct.
    The same as the Utopia over the 800.

    So actually I would say the HEK V2 is very, very much like the Utopia but with a larger stage.

    I had the Utopia on my head yesterday at a friend's house so my observations I believe are "on point",
    but I will have them side by side soon enough.

    The Utopia to me is above the HD800 (modded) in all but soundstage about 25% less.

    Same applies to the HE1000 V2 over the V1.

    Actually I was of the opinion that my fully modded V1 could hold up to the V2,

    But the change was more than my V1.
    The V1 remains a great detailed slightly laid back presentation with the whole soundstage a bit further away from you, compared to the V2.
    The V2 brings back more intimacy and tonality.
    It brings in the whole soundstage closer in, taller and deeper, all by about 20% over my modded V1, and probably over 30% compared to stock V1.
    The effect is a larger more involving presentation because of height+depth,
    So it is not actually a reduction of soundstage,
    But more like an immersion.

    If you have a forward or bright, or strong sounding solid state gear like the Jotunheim for instance,
    Then the synergy would be to stay with V1 ,
    But of you have neutral or tube gear, the V2 will be better suited because of its neutrality and more solid tonality.

    To me, the V2 unit "sound" is worth the upgrade so I went for it.
    I had to return my beautiful unit to stock form, and luckily I did not make any permanent changes like polyurethane the wood which I was going to do if I kept my V1..
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