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Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ear8dmg, Sep 9, 2009.
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  1. mvrk10256
    Probably not. I would look at the MKIII instead than PSII
  2. techboy
    Little Dot MKIII will end up costing a little over $300 for me. Is it a huge jump from Ocean? I don't want a dark sound. I like how Ocean sounds. Does MKIII sound dark? Also, I don't want something where I need to adjust the bias.
    Also, how many mW does Ocean output at 32ohm and 600 ohm?
  3. techboy
    How do Little Dot MK III, IV, IV SE and Lyr compare? How do these compare with each other esp for low impedance phones and as preamps?
  4. mvrk10256
    I have searched in the past and not found a direct comparo between that many amps. Just read the individual reviews. 
  5. mvrk10256
  6. techboy
    I have access to the individual reviews but I need a comparison between them :)
  7. mvrk10256
    Well good luck with that. If you find anything please post it here. 
    all I can say is this.... My bud has a MKIII and he plugged his HD650's into my Bravo and we went back and forth on it. The MKIII is definitly warmer, and does a better job driving the 650's. On here you can often snag a MKIII for less than $200 shipped. It will be my next Tube amp purchase. 
    For now I will be adding a grubDAC to my bravo to see how good I can get it. 
  8. DefQon
    $400? I'd look at something else that would be better than the Sunrise at that cost range. I'm guessing you are from Europe?
  9. techboy
    I am from India. I need to pay:

    US retail
    Plus shipping
    Plus customs on both the above at 35%
  10. UmustBKidn
    Well. Now I don't know what to think. Can Sony MDR 7506's be that much better than Beyerdynamic DT770 / 250 ohm cans? Because that's what it sounds like. Now that I've run all this stuff side by side, I am at a loss to understand what is going on. The only combination I own that properly drives my Beyer cans is the Magni+Modi stack.
    See, I'm leaning towards getting another Bravo for my home setup to replace the Magni. This comparison has altered my perceptions. As you mentioned, the tube sound is superior, even coming out of a Bravo (albeit with a better tube than the stock piece of crap). But I'm not going to do this if I also have to buy another set of cans. Another hundred bucks plus the cost of another Bravo? No. I'd rather take a step up and get the Bottlehead Crack, and keep my Beyers in line (I am sure the Bottlehead Crack will drive my Beyers - Lord, I hope so lol).
    I just don't understand why the bottom end drops out when I plug my Beyers into the Bravo V2. I've re-checked all of the connections, wiggled the plugs while I'm listening, etc. No noise, not even so much as a pop - everything is solid. This is a mystery. Even stranger, as I listen to the Beyers on the M+M stack, with the same music I did my review with ... it doesn't have the same dynamics any more. What have I done to myself?!
    One possibility does cross my mind - now that my brain has been through all this new tweaking with different setups, I wonder if I've reset my brain cells somehow? LOL. You know, the people who say all these perceptions of sound are imagination (like burn in, etc)? Or, what if the combination of a good DAC (the Modi) and a tube amp (the Bravo) has just reset my expectations enough so that I'm ... ruined? No longer a virgin? ... can that be true? At my age? ...
    What's just as sad is, I'm not really happy with my work setup any more either. I don't like how bright that damn i-20 is when driving the Bravo. And maybe it's all that brightness that screws me up, so when I come home to a solid state setup, its just not that exciting any more. Damn. Someone warned me this hobby was going to get expensive.
  11. RAZRr1275
    I had a very heavily modded bravo v2 for a bit before owning a project sunrise ii and later a project ember. The fully modded bravo struggled heavily driving my modded Fostex T50RPs and AKG K702s. The bottom dropped out and it sounded incredibly sluggish. 
  12. Mshenay
    OMG my Indeed G3 can roll 12v and 6v tubes, and WOW it cost like $80 bucks used -.- seriously Sun Rise II is nice but it's not some one of a kind SUPER bargin tube. It's just another option in another price point. A price point mind you that were not talking about :D
  13. jaywillin
    here's a g3 just raring to go !!
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  14. DefQon

    I still don't see how this is possible and why a few of you are saying you had trouble driving those mentioned headphones,especially the K702. They are not a high z headphone, I successfully drove a K701, 702 and the 712 Quincy Jones or not on an E5 and the E11 portable amps and it was easily driven.
  15. RAZRr1275
    Honestly I find that even a fiio e9 has issues driving the fostex and k702s to their potential. 
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