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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. leobigfield
    Hummm... After those comments, might jump on B200 as well if the right deals appear this BF on Brainwavz international site :)
  2. xblackdemonx
    Why not the B400?
  3. Brooko Contributor
    Did they change the sub-bass between B200 v1 and B200 v2? Because the B200 v2 has a lot less sub bass than LZ-A4.
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  4. razzer001 Contributor

    With BF and CM, we will have a deal going on both the B200 and B400.

    However the deal for the B400 will be a preorder for the next batch as we are quickly going to be out of stock of the current batch, next batch due out mid/late Dec, the BF deal on the B400 will be quite tempting but i will be limiting the quantity available to be preordered at that price, i assure you the price will not repeat (well, maybe until next years BF).
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  5. leobigfield

    Ohhhh man now another dilemma : getting another B400 as spare, a B200, or both. Or another thing... I've always been a loyal fan of brainwavz deals on BF, always some nice combos!
  6. xblackdemonx
    I cannot wait for a black friday deal on the B400!
  7. Ahmad313
    and how you compare the sub bass on B400 vs A4 ,?
  8. sly_in_the_sky

    I received the B400 yesterday and I wanted to thank Brainwavz... Really good IEM...incredible transparency, dynamic and fluidity all over the spectrum...

    I just wanted to know if they plan to make a 2 pin connectors version as I think that this type of connectors allows a better fixation.

    Am I the only one that prefers 2 pins connectors over MMCX?
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
  9. davidcotton
    Nope, hate mmcx. Never had a problem with 2 pin connectors, but had a couple of fails with mmcx. Plus I think they just fit better because the cable can't swivel.
    sly_in_the_sky likes this.
  10. harry501501
    Does this mean there will be a long wait before they hit Amazon UK?
  11. harry501501
    Not sure if you misread my post or i wasn't clear. The LZA4 has more weight and will go lower, but i prefer the B200 as it's more realistic to my ears and can also go low. The LZA4 sounds a bit bloated to me now. I spent quite a bit of time away from the LZA4 which was my everyday IEM for a long while and going back to it after the B150 and B200 I think it's outclassed especially by the B200. B200 sounds more natural all round. As always it comes down to preference and I've come to really enjoy the Brainwavz BA line more.

    (I've a brand new tin of filters and new LZA4 cable so hopefully someone in the UK will get a good deal when i put it up on eBay. I've never sold on Head-Fi so not sure how safe it is but that's going off topic, sorry).
  12. harry501501
    Would buying the B400 at the current full price (i.e. before BF) mean delivery will be immediate? Also would that mean it would arrive to the UK before Xmas guaranteed. Going by your online store it says delivery to UK 15-25 days.

    Out of curiosity, is FREE delivery the only option at the checkout or can you pay more for speedier delivery?
  13. Brooko Contributor
    I read your post - you'll be a little surprised when you see the measurements. Could be my pair. I was surprised how much sub-bass roll-off there is. B400 has a lot more sub-bass. B200 v2 still sounds very good, but there is no doubt that it is comparatively quite sub-bass light. Hoepfully I'll have review up over the weekend.
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  14. xblackdemonx
    Wait until tomorrow for the black friday deal...
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  15. razzer001 Contributor
    Glad you're enjoying our little creation. I don't have any plans for a 2 pin version at the moment and right now.

    We will have two B400 product pages, the current one at normal retail pricing for IN STOCK units, the other page will be for the special B400 preorder for Black Friday, once the sale period is over that product page will be removed, eventually (probably sooner than later) the current in stock B400 will sell out and then we will move it to a preorder at the same preorder pricing as before.

    and just a hint and a wink to all your headfiers, for our black friday sale we will have a storewide discount coupon which WILL NOT work on the B400, however the discount code in my signature below mayyyy just work on the B400 :wink:
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