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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. xblackdemonx
    Thank you Papa! My wallet is ready!
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  2. leobigfield
    No bundles this year? Remember when i get a HM2, Hengja, and that small amp for a really nice price altogether!
  3. razzer001 Contributor
    We may have one as part of our xmas deals after cyber monday is over, but ever since we moved all our loose stock pick/pack shipping from in house to a third party warehouse, we aren't really able to do these bundle offers like we used to as the third party warehousing system doesn't do well with mixed single product bundles. Ironically we outsourced this portion of our warehousing so that we could make the new workshop from which the B400 is made in.

    FYI as it is now Friday in Hong Kong our black friday deals are up and running:
  4. xblackdemonx
    Thank you Papa Smurf, I got My B400! :ksc75smile:
  5. ahmonge
    My black friday order for the B400 has been completed. Thanks for the discount code; it has worked fine.
  6. ax0nom
    Hi, I'm waiting with excitement for my preorder of the b400 Cosmic black, I ordered last week!

    Do you have any info about when color orders will depart?

  7. harry501501
    Well, at that BF pre-order price I'd be a total fool not to buy it, especially with the disc... :wink:

    I have to say 'thanks' to Razzer for the quick updates and interaction here on Head-Fi... been great dealing with you!
  8. harry501501
    In the meantime I've been really enjoying the B150 with small INAIRS Air3. Two of them match perfectly. I recommend these tips to anyone with the B150 and B200
  9. harry501501
    If the B400 has more sub bass I'll be in heaven
  10. Kira69
    Can yu share your thoughts about B400 vs IT03?

    For me IT03 are pretty good overall, but unforgiving with sibilances. Also not the best with vocals.
  11. RenatoN
    Should have waited for the Black Friday sale, but I'm still happy with these.
  12. thejoker13
    I ordered the stay frosty version of the b400 today. Is there a rough time frame as to when they begin to ship out? I wish I would've noticed that there was stock before I preordered, ugh. I would've gladly paid 30 more dollars to get them sent immediately.
  13. razzer001 Contributor
    Right now i do not have a specific date, just mid to late Dec, as it gets closer to that period we will be able to have a more specific date.

    Should you want to cancel the order, please contact our support team and they will help to get the order promptly refunded.

    In other news our MMCX cable with mic/remote just arrived, it should be on our site soon :)
  14. thejoker13
    Thank you for your prompt response @razzer001. I will contact support and see what we can work out. I very much want to have your B400's in my ears as soon as possible!! The good Lord didn't bless me with patience, and my work Christmas bonus is burning a hole in my wallet, haha.
  15. HiFiChris Contributor
    Quite different tonal presentation - the IT03 has got a strong sub-bass whereas the B400 focuses more on the midbass, with a bit of warmth and fullness (not too much). The IT03 has got a bright midrange (elevated upper mids) whereas the B400's is not bright. The IT03 has got an upper treble emphasis whereas the B400 is a bit on the darker side here.

    Sibilance shouldn't be a problem with the B400 at all (as long as it is't way overdone on the recording).
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
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