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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. xblackdemonx
    Thank you for that. I'm on the edge to buy the B400, i'm just waiting for black friday so this review will sure help me.
  2. Slusho
    They do. I returned mine (although it hasn't reached them yet because USPS seems to have lost it as it's shown as "delayed" for the last 5 days) due to comfort issues as well.
  3. shane55
  4. Radec
    My favorite A4 combo is the black back filter and grey nozzle. Black/black is great as well, but the uneven treble can be fatiguing over time. I find the B400 have much better resolution and detail, much smoother sound and a much better fit for my ears. The A4 can be a bit more exciting due to their more V shaped sound but there's often times where the mid bass hump is excessive for my tastes and makes certain music not sound very good. The A4 mids kind of suffer because of the mid bass hump while the B400 was a beautiful midrange. A4 soundstage sounds wider but B400 have much better imaging.

    B400 has just enough bass quantity to be engaging with all types of music but the mids are where I feel the B400 are very special. Every type of music I've listened to on the B400 sounds great but live and acoustic music in particular is just fantastic.

    Lastly, the A4 are not what I'd call uncomfortable but the fit of the B400 for my ears is damn near perfect. I can get a seal easily with the silicon tips and the Shure foam tips I'm using now sound and feel amazing too. It's the type of IEM I forget I'm wearing.
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  5. razzer001 Contributor

    That's a shame, only thing I can recommend is to try the comply tips, this could help with the seal and fit. Otherwise we do have a 30 day return policy, if you wish to take that route please make sure to get in touch with us so we can help setup the return, you can email our team at help@yourbrainwavz.com

    I am not really going to wade in on the entire burn in or not topic. I do want to point out we do let them burn in, but this is for stability test to make sure no problems show up with the speakers after a couple of hours of straight use.

    Just a fyi I think there are 2 or 3 frosty orders still to go out, this coming Monday majority of the black and other color preorders will be dispatched.
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  6. Ahmad313
    Thanks for this detailed comparison ,
    I like my A4 ( yes they are not that comfortable) so i am still confused to make a decision that I have need to buy a B400 or not ,
  7. Fatdoi
    after around 100 hours run in, i find the sound stage extended, vocals more focused, instrument separations more defined. bit more rounded and bounciness to the sound, lot more engaging
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  8. harry501501
    Btw, I used INAIRS 3 for the B150 and B200 and they worked perfectly for their small narrow nozzles and had good impact on the sound (more open on both). If the B400 is the exact same they might help anyone struggling for a fit. They worked better than the included Comply imo
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
  9. shane55
    Thanks... Comply is all I ever use, and that's what I put on.

    I will either return or sell them. I too am sorry that they didn't work out.
  10. harry501501
    I think from most reviews they all said treble was rolled off and they were either lacking or very smooth up top, and far from bright signature.

    I must admit it's something I'm a wee bit worried about too... as reviews seem to suggest the B200 is brighter and snappier... and i found the 200 maybe just a tad too smooth
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
  11. harry501501
    For me, I actually prefer the sound of the B200 more than the LZA4. It makes the LZA4 sound congested actually in comparison and the B200 is more detailed.
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  12. harry501501
    The B150 and B200 are both better sounding than the re-400. The B200 is in a different league to it altogether.

    I'd expect (and hope) the B400 to follow suit.
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  13. Ahmad313
    wow, its really interesting , need some more impressions from other fellows ,
  14. harry501501
    The B200 showed up the LZA4's limitations. B200 is more organic, musical and better for nuances and micro detail, it's got a more realistic soundstage too. The bass on the LZA4 has more weight but I'm starting to hear it having more mid bass than sub bass, it's a dynamic driver so expected this... but the sub bass on B200 is no slouch either. I'm about to put my LZA4 up on eBay uk
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