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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. shane55
    Well... not to be contrary, but their sound did change in the first hour of wearing them. Straight out of the box they were closed in, muted and muffled.
    After a while they opened up a bit and brightened slightly.

    They are now out of my ears and burning-in over night for a test ride (literally) in the morning. I'm hopeful...
    If they don't open and brighten more... look for them in the For Sale forum.
  2. khestoi
    Can someone post the retail packaging of this?
  3. Fatdoi
    IMG_20171117_234843.jpg IMG_20171117_235837.jpg
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  4. Fatdoi
    Also pair of Comply tips and cleaning wipes
  5. HiFiChris Contributor
    ... and a cleaning brush.
  6. shane55
    I’m disappointed to say that I’ll be putting these up for sale.
    Simply put, they just don’t fit my ears, and I can’t get a good, well-seated insertion to save my life.

    The angle of the nozzle (especially on the left) just doesn’t provide an adequate seal.
    And the sound just can’t ever be right with that unfortunate circumstance.

    This also means that I won’t be getting their new B2 killer. Bummed.

    Let me know if you want them.

  7. JaeYoon
    Dang. I hope you find a pair of earphones you like.

    I just received mine from a hold at location after a failed delivery attempt fedex :/
  8. Radec
    2 days in and I'm really enjoying these B400s. For my personal tastes, this was exactly the kind of IEM I was looking for. Coming from things like the LZ A4 and the iBasso IT03, it's so nice to have an IEM that's comfortable to wear all day.

    I didn't like what Comply tips did to the sound. I'm going to bite the bullet and try some Shure foam tips on these and hope they don't dampen the highs as much.
    Ahmad313 and JaeYoon like this.
  9. khestoi
    Will this sound good for pop songs?
  10. Ahmad313
    I think Brainwavz also offers a return option ( need to confirm ) .
  11. Ahmad313
    what is your favourite combination on A4 and how you feel the B400 is better than A4 ,??
  12. thejoker13
    I'm very interested. I'll pm you and see if we can work something out.
  13. xblackdemonx
    But these earbuds come pre-burned-in
  14. leobigfield
    So... Any comparison with the hifiman RE-400? I know that they are half the price but just so i have an idea against an iem that i have... Thanks in advance :smile_phones:
  15. B9Scrambler
    I'll be able to give you that comparo next week when my RE400 arrives.
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