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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. razzer001 Contributor
    The color variations are painted and then enameled over, we wouldn't be able to get the vivid colors and finishes with using dyed resin.

    The black and all the other colors are not, imo, finger print magnets.
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  2. HiFiChris Contributor
    I can only report for the green version of the B400, and it doesn't attract finger prints or grease at all.
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  3. khestoi
    Glad to hear that.
    I used to own a set of B2 so I am gonna go with this B400.
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  4. moedawg140 Contributor
    I love the green version - it's definitely one of my favorite colors!
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  5. HiFiChris Contributor

    Glad to see you around again, buddy! Hopefully recovery will be good and quick.

    Yeah, Brainwavz are indeed rocking some great in-ears and colour options lately.
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  6. moedawg140 Contributor
    Thanks so much, my friend! Rehab is going well today, and I'm so happy I was able to play some ping pong this morning with the staff! Hopefully balance and coordination will get better as the days and weeks move along!

    Stay awesome, and much love!
  7. harry501501
    You need to make getting these to Amazon UK your number one priority :wink:
    JaeYoon likes this.
  8. razzer001 Contributor
    Trust me, so do I. Hopefully we can get it there sooner than later.

    So we are considering changing the cables that come with the b400.

    I would like to know if people would prefer for us to keep the balanced 2.5mm cable or change it for a 3.5mm cable with a 3 button remote and mic? Any feedback would be appreciated.
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  9. moedawg140 Contributor
    3.5mm with a mic would be the easiest to implement for sure in my opinion, but using the 2.5mm balanced cable makes fidelity that much sweeter. I'd say using both would be awesome!
  10. peter123
    Tough question, I think that for the wide majority a mic cable would be better. Everyone can use a mic cable and just a small percentage can use a balanced cable.......
  11. harpo1
    Or raise your price and sell it with all three cables.
  12. peter123
    Only problem with that is that like 95% of the users wouldn't have any need for a balanced cable.....
  13. harpo1
    Not sure that's true anymore. Many of the newly released DAP's are coming with balanced out now. Yes I know most listen with their phone but he is asking here on head-fi where most people have DAP's. The other option would be to offer different packages.
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  14. peter123
    I honestly don't know one person in real life that doesn't listen from their phone, or let alone even know what a balanced output means. Not at my job, not any of my friends or family. I agree with you that in here it would probably be more people interested in a balanced cable music even here most people do not use a balanced connection. I'd expect Brainwavz to look for a bigger pool of customers than us hard-core nerds in here :wink:
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  15. harpo1
    I agree. One other option would be to do away with the standard 3.5 cable and offer it with a 2.5mm balanced and 2.5 to 3.5mm adapter plus the mic cable. This way everyone wins.
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