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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. DcPlusOne
    Using a poll would be the best! But that doesn't take into account people who aren't on this forum. In my opinion,
  2. jant71
    Think it would be an easy choice of which is more widespread and probably more in demand. More cell phone users than all types of balanced combined probably. 2.5mm is just some and not 3.5mm balanced or 4.4mm or PONO. Would think 2.5 balanced would be the one to leave out and offer as optional. A "Hi-Fi" 3.5mm cable plus a 3.5mm mic/remote cable still seems the most popular combo when 2 cables are included.

    Might be closer if you don't count the real world and just stick to Head-Fi but obviously that is not the case so no point of having your product turned away by the consumer sheep that don't know what 2.5mm balance is but they know they can't take a call with the B400 so they choose something that can when they are perusing Amazon.
  3. Jamesom
    Personally I don't like or use the remote. Balanced is something I'd like to try on a future DAP though, so it being included contributed to my purchase of the b400. In the end having a plain (no remote) 3.5 is the most important for me.
  4. Radec
    Here we go..[​IMG]
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  5. keyzer1980
    Hi all,
    Got my B400's delivered today - amazing sound... BUT - I was wondering if anyone can recommend how best to file back these small plastic overruns right at the end, they're are super sharp... any old fine grit sandpaper?


    I can't really wear these properly at the moment as it feels like a little knife stabbing into my ear! Which is a shame, as from the little I could stand, they sound fantastic!
  6. razzer001 Contributor
    Firstly I am sorry for any discomfort. I can't really make out from the image what it might be causing this, but I assume it might be two numbs on the back housing, can you let me know if that is what is causing this issue.
  7. keyzer1980
    Thanks for the reply! Maybe this picture shows it clearer... it's not a huge imperfection, but because of how sharp it is, and how sensitive the inside of the ear is, and the fact that it is in constant contact with the inner ear, makes these unwearable at present.
  8. razzer001 Contributor
    Ok, I can see the issue, it is matter left over from the support structure, it should have been removed. If you run your nail over it, the derby should come off. If still an issue please pm me and I will assist you to get it changed.
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  9. keyzer1980
    Thanks, but it's definitely more 'structural' than a little bit of easily removed plastic residue from the manufacturing process... I'll need to file it back to smooth it out and make it flush like the rest of the unit (on both sides).
    Not looking to send them back, that's just time and money. For the price, with how they sound, I'm ok with 'budget' rather than 'premium' finish that you expect of higher end headphones.
  10. shane55
    How about the 'fine' side of an emery board, or very fine grit sandpaper?
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  11. keyzer1980
    Yep! That's what I ended up using - first I trimmed it back to as flush as I could get it with a super sharp pocket knife, then used my wife's emery board to 'polish' to a smooth finish. Because they are the 'frosted' colour option, you have to be paying attention to see the resultant imperfections.
    I can definitely recommend these for their sound, and for the price, you get the housing you pay for... absolutely value for money.
  12. CactusPete23
    Glad to hear you got it smooth !

    I ordered a Black One... Hope I don't have to file off down to the white to do the same.. We'll find out soon!
  13. shane55
    Mine are waiting for me at home.

    Cough, cough.... hey boss, I think I need to go home. May be coming down with something. Cough, sneeze...
    ValSilva likes this.
  14. Fatdoi
    my frosty arrived yesterday, super fast delivery... now burning in, will leave it for next 4-5 days before do proper listen. high hopes
  15. ncristia
    No need to burn those in, put them in your ears and enjoy!
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