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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. thejoker13
    I'm very interested in the B400's. The green rage look amazing! Can anyone help me out with a comparison between the B400 and the 1more quad driver? I almost exclusively use the quads now and love them, but have been getting the itch to buy something new. I would appreciate any kind of a comparison. Thank you in advance!
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  2. B9Scrambler
    The My Love II and B400 are very, very different earphones. Technically the B400 is a large upgrade, but it isn't as vibrant a listen as the My Love II is. Would have to pull the TFZ to a/b.
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  3. reeza
    That would be a nice comparison. The 1More Quad is also in my list...

    Interesting! Was hoping for a wider, cleaner soundstage. I find while the My Love II are bright, they don’t have much separation.
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  4. euge
    +1 same here
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  5. Jameshillbilly
    I’m eagerly awaiting more reviews of these gems. I’ve came so close to pulling the trigger on purchasing them, but I would like a little more insight into their performance.
  6. Jameshillbilly
    I’m curious about how these stand against other quad IEMs that incorporate a dynamic driver with BAs.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  7. egokun
    Alright, after some more time with the B400, my opinion of them has greatly improved.

    Fit is VERY important. I switched to the small silicone tips, and with a deeper insertion the bass gets much better.

    Speaking about fit. The cable slider, which I had missed the first time around (seriously, I'm ashamed), helped me greatly in fitting the B400. This IEM has fantastic ergonomics for me. The earpiece sits flush with my ear, the nozzle's angle is pretty much ideal for my ear canals, and the tips go in effortlessly.
    I only have two more problems to solve:
    1) I simply can't see how the provided Comply tips could ever fit on the B400's nozzle. Seriously, it's impossible. The nozzle has a bulging end that helps silicone tips stay in place and not slide off when the earphone is removed (great idea!), but the plastic cylinder in the Complys is way too stiff to accommodate this.
    2) My ear canals seem to be a special case. Smooth, single-flange silicone tips will always slide out of my right ear after a while, and my right ear also requires a deeper insertion to achieve a good seal and fully feel the bass. I really need a double flange to get a durable seal. I still have a pair of Ety triple flanges, but the hole is narrower than in the B400's own tips. Any suggestions?

    As for sound, the B400 is starting to grow on me. I still find it a little dry, and it can get fatiguing after a while. I'm used to, and definitely prefer, a slightly smoother sound. Detail is excellent, but the soundstage isn't very expansive and all that detail gets kinda compressed, which may contribute to fatigue at higher volumes.
    The great thing about the B400 is that it sounds almost the same as the old Westone UM2, a favorite of mine some years ago. The amount of detail, slam, impact and bass is almost identical. I take back what I previously said about bass: it's there, definitely, and maybe even a little too much with certain recordings. No basshead territory though: the B400 does clean, quick, powerful bass that doesn't bleed into the mids and doesn't overwhelm the other frequencies.

    So far, I can definitely recommend the B400.
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  8. Brooko Contributor
    The included Comply fit pretty easily on my pair - so not sure why you're having issues. If you like a foam tip, Shure olives are a natural fit - as well as being very durable.

    And just another opinion on the tonality - I find them to be very smooth as they are. If anything I'd like a small bump around the 7-8 kHz mark for a little more detail (I know that is personal preference).
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  9. razzer001 Contributor
    @egokun Well i am glad they are growing on you. With the Comply tips you should have no problem if you squeeze the tips gently and then put them on at a slight angle. With the bi-flange tips, unfortunately we were unable to source those style tips that would fit, i don't have any suggesstions of where you could get that particular type of tips for the B400.
  10. ajaxender
    The Mee double flanges I think fit naturally.
    But, the nice thing about thin nozzles is you can adapt them for larger bored tips in a number of ways. This one, with the larger lip, it only takes a layer or two of tape to work with most tips.
  11. halcyon
    Thanks! All I needed to hear. I'm also ear canal sensitive and none of the silicon tips ever work with my (I have a collection of several dozens already). Comply P-series it is and if it doesn't fit... time to move on.

    I'm glad it's growing on you!
  12. Ahmad313
    It is a positive sign that the B400 growing on you , the customers experience/opinions are very important for me,
    can you please explain about the height of soundstage specially the singer feels more in the headspace or just outside of the head , thanks .
  13. Brooko Contributor
    They’re more intimate than expansive - but the actual imaging and separation of instruments is pretty good.
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  14. DecentLevi
    The Comply's will fit, just like he said, insert straight in, firmly and twisting R/L until they decide to pop in. Some things I've noticed from all of my recent IEM experience in general, at least with my ears is that foam tips seem to somehow smooth off the treble a fair margin, making a good fitting silicone tip sound more articulated on the highs, as well as the lows. Double flange are good for this too, just do what I do and save all your tips from old earphones so you may find a good pairing later.

    Your impressions however about the dry and fatiguing sound, and soundstage seem to be different that what most have experienced though. I seem to suspect your source chain. Which DAP and/or DAC+amp are you using them with, and with which gain settings? My previous B300 demo unit sounded brilliant with the Onkyo DP X1A on high gain + the FiiO E6 external amp.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
  15. ByDesign
    @jant71, Here is a quick render of the possible RED/BLUE combo. I think it would make Captain America Proud. CX-EP022v7.00-ProdPicPose01.00-RedandBlue-Shot03.000.jpg
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