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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. Brooko Contributor
    Common fallacy, and consistent with "audiophile" lack of knowledge about simple electronics (unfortunately). If you measure the two cables, you won't find an audible difference. Personally I love having the on-cable controls, but as Razz said, the trade-off is longevity.

    If anyone has the FiiO F9 - it's cable fits, and is perfect for the B400 and the later FiiO DAPs.
  2. ajaxender
    I've had these a couple days now. Bought them, to be honest, mostly because of Brooko's measurement. With favorable impressions backing it up, of course, but knowing his graphs that's a fine looking frequency response.

    They have exceeded expectations. Can anyone think of anything remotely wrong about them?
    They seem pretty source agnostic - are they affected much by impedance, @razzer001 ?
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  3. Ahmad313
    Please share some detailed impressions because everybody waiting/want for some more impressions and reviews ,
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  4. egokun
    Hi guys, I received the B400 on Wednesday and only had a couple occasions to try them so far. Yesterday I let them do some burn-in all day long with pink noise. I can only offer some initial impressions, so please don't take this post as anything more than a quick tryout of the B400 - and entirely personal, of course.

    I've only tried the B400 with the pre-mounted medium silicone tip.
    Honestly, at a first hearing, I'm not very impressed. The B400 sounded a bit harsh and metallic at first. When I pushed it deeper into my ears, the sound became smoother and fuller, but this kind of insertion is a bit deeper than I hoped would be enough to fully appreciate the B400's sound.

    For my taste, the B400 is anything but bass-heavy. I find it extremely vocal-centric, with a rolloff in the highs that prevents it from being sibilant or piercing, but also tames the cymbals and snare drums almost to the point of taking away their snap. Not a dull sound, but not very energetic either. The overall sound signature is a bit dry. Vocals are prominent and very upfront, but kind of cold.

    I read some opinions about the B400's supposedly outstanding spacing ability. Instruments are very defined and separate, but I don't find the overall soundstage particularly expansive - none of this "multidimensional" imaging someone wrote about. Resolution is definitely good; as for speed, the B400 certainly isn't the quickest IEM I've tried.

    All of this may be due to the earphone being new, or the tips not being optimal for my ear canals. I don't really want to use the other included tips though, because I may still want to return the B400. As for foam tips, I've never been a fan of those, due to longer insertion time and the fact that they usually tend to make IEMs sound a bit muffled and darker.

    Finally, I do have a gripe with the cable. I don't understand the "memory" portion of the cable: it doesn't seem very pliable, and I can't find a way to bend it to an ideal position. Also, the cable doesn't have a slider, and this, together with the "memory" portion, makes the B400 a little uncomfortable to wear from behind the head as I usually do with IEMs.
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  5. jant71
    2 things. Most of us do have the Frosty upgrade cable so that may indeed improve the imaging over the stock and obviously if you want a more shallow insertion then go up a tip size. Sounds like the medium isn't what you need if they are vocal centered that much you probably don't have enough seal.

    Try other tips if you can. I use Apple L size addiem style tips on my pair.
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  6. razzer001 Contributor
    @ajaxender No they should not be affected by different impedance.

    @egokun I don't know which cable specifically you are referring to, however all the cables we supply have a cable slider. With the standard cables (stereo and balanced), the slider can be over looked as it flows with the design of the splitter, but it is there. The slider on the standard cable can be a bit tight at first, but will loosen after a few uses. Also don't worry about opening the accessories bag and using the tips, even in the event of a return for refund using the accessories will not stop you from recieveing a full refund, our return process is pretty simple and we try to keep it as least hassle as possible.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
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  7. egokun
    I see. My bad then, I didn't spot the slider right away and thought there wasn't one. Will definitely try when I can use the B400 again tomorrow.
    Thanks for the info about returns, too.
  8. DecentLevi
    Yeah, I may be an audiophile
    (not my desk, LOL)

    Anyway it was just an untested hunch that adding a mic may degrade the audio purity, I may have been looking to how adding inline volume limiters or cable extensions can reduce fidelity... but I'd say just as long as the cable thickness / conductor type is not reduced inside the mic section, then there shouldn't be any loss.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
  9. Ahmad313
    That's sounds a nice company and excellent customer service , i heartily appreciate it ,
  10. maniac2003
    Curious about the bass with this setup. I think it will be not enough for me as a little basshead. I have the feeling it will sound more towards the UE900 I own.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
  11. HiFiChris Contributor
    Slightly fuller than the UE900. Definitely not bass-driven but quite balanced and smooth though.

  12. maniac2003
    I like the UE900 for it's balance but I favor a bit more fun sound these days.
  13. razzer001 Contributor

    Hey how did you get a picture of my workshop table, haha :wink:

    I would just add to the inline Mic debate, there are two ways inline mics are wired. The first and the way we do it, the speaker and mic are wired separately, audio quality won't be affected.

    The second, less common way is with the speaker wiring going through the inline remote pcb board, this could affect audio quality if a low quality board is used.

    Our general tuning for our products tends to straddle the fun and analytical fences. With the B400, it's not bass heavy, less than most of our other models, but not bass anemic as balanced armature tend to be.
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  14. B9Scrambler
    That sounds like a good description of the B400.
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  15. reeza
    Hi All,

    My only IEMs I own are a pair of TFZ my love ii, which are well.... not that special.

    Anyway, looking to get a new pair of something a little more “special” and spotted the B400 which seem like a nice upgrade that would/ should offer a lot more then the TFZ. I can land them in Australia for about $220AU.

    So, do you think it’s a worthy upgrade from the TFZ? Or with $220 AU as a rough budget, should I be looking at something else?


    - It will be used with my (soon to own) Hidizs AP200
    - I guess my main music listening is hard rock. Bands like Tool, Faith No More, QOTSA, Clutch.
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