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Bose Sues Beats for Patent Infringement

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Jul 26, 2014.
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  1. Byrnie
    Sounds good [​IMG].  We'll just agree to disagree and leave it at that :wink:
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  2. Byrnie
    I'm also of the same mindset with the M100s but I haven't heard the others.
  3. TripBitShooter
    the only bassy cans i have is the Nad Viso HP50 and the audio technica ATH-WS55X. I only like slight bass emphasis. Just that extra bit of richness. I still prefer neutral sound though
  4. cb3723
    schwarzchild radius

    I own, use and abuse them both and TBH, I don't rate either over the other - it's like ice cream, one flavour from another :cool:

    But moving back to topic, maybe beats should counter sue Bose for blatantly copying their monochromatic colour range of cans - sheesh - what a flagrant copy cat move by Bose *edit* you can't patent colours or use to defend intellectual property rights, so Bose can breathe easy....


    But make no mistake - beats introduced the full spectrum of colours to headphones from the usual black or grey hum drum affairs prior - and brands like Bose followed suit - just not a colour law suit :wink:

    GREQ jude

    IMO Apple re-invented the smartphone with the iPhone in so many ways in form and function and that's why is set the world alight upon its release.

    iPhones schwarzschild radius effect was/is ...er...very effective? :wink:

    Three common denominators between Beats, Bose & Apple - they all blew the world away in respective fields - Apple, where do you begin with their achievements? Well, start with the iPod which quickly became the worlds default mp3 playback device which paved the way for Beats to revolutionise the headphone world market as an essential item and Bose's ANC = very, very wow,

    With stakes so high all three (or now two) brands are going to highly defend any infringements they deem er...infringed upon - too much global revenue at stake for them not to be breaking a sweat over...:basshead:

  5. prot

    I was wondering how long it'll take for this to happen. Stoopid ppl always end up beating each other.
    If both those companies end up into lawyers pockets the world of audio should celebrate. Yes both were very good at advertising and bringing audio to masses but they were already handsomely paid for that. Enough is enough. Oh well, one could dream :)
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  6. Byrnie
    I can definitely agree with that.
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  7. jazzflav
    Yes you're right this is very interesting. It seems like reaching a plateau of success also means more lawsuits. Bose have a variety of infringements working on their side . Can't wait to see how this turns out:)
  8. hession

    ^ pretty much this, all of this
  9. quluman
    Apple is obviously very experienced in dealing with this kind of stuff..
  10. singlasing
  11. StanD
  12. singlasing
    I see that removing Bose from Apple Store is a kind of revenge, or business move? LOL
    Apple is still the leader in the industry.
    Since it takes some time to remove the stock out of Apple Store, I guess we cannot see Bose in the store very soon..
    what a pity
  13. StanD
    You can still see it there right now.
  14. MedMan
    Interesting to see what this will do to Apple
  15. AnakChan Moderator
    Maybe replace Bose with Alpine headphones in their stores??

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