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Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

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  1. dharmasteve
    If you have the Blon 03 and are talking from empirical experience....that's fine. If you haven't got them then it's a little silly. It may be best whilst commenting on this particular thread to get them and at least have a basis for comment. Then people will trust your comments more.
  2. F700
    I own the VE BIE like you. The BL-03 is on its way. I will be happy to compare both and post impressions.

    For the time being, I find the BIE to have a tad too much bass and recessed mids. Treble is ok for the price. Fit is ok as well, but not as good as the Final E1000. The BIE is a fun sounding and solidly built IEM. I have higher expectations regarding the BL-03... Let's see.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  3. Damz87
    Spent time with the BL-03’s today and I gotta say, I am absolutely loving them.

    Driving them with the Sony TA-ZH1ES which is overkill but damn they sound good!

    Not the most detailed IEM in the world but for the price, they are unbelievable.
  4. mark88888
    Here's a song I'm loving with the BLONs. To me it really brings out what they do really well. :)

  5. baskingshark
    Nice, I saw u ordered the BLON Bluejay too. Would be interested to see your comparisons between the Bluejay and BL-03.

    I've been using the Cardinal on the subway/travelling for about 4 hours today and it has about the same passive isolation as my Semkarch SKC CNT1 (above average). It definitely beats the BL-03 in isolation. The Cardinal has an elevated mid bass and this does help as a transit IEM as lower frequencies are generally the first to be lost in noisy environments.

    However, the Cardinal cannot be used in windy environments. There's a massive vent near the MMCX connector (in fact it is the biggest vent I have ever seen in an IEM, it's so big that they had to put a small mesh filter to prevent crap from going in!), and the wind sound gets in like some mega tornado in my ears LOL. So for those who were thinking of riding bikes with the Cardinal, it's a no go. But in a controlled windless environment, even though there's noise, it is quite a good pair for isolation. It won't beat some smaller profile ventless BA IEMs though.

    After 2 days of using the Cardinal, I stand by my earlier assessment that the tuning and probably internal driver is the same as the BL-03. Just slightly better technicals (details, clarity, instrument separation) and better fit, soundstage and isolation.
  6. F700
    BL-03 should arrive sooner than the Bluejay. I will compare Final E1000, BIE, BL-03 and Bluejay.

    Thanks for your detailed report about your Cardinal.
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  7. F700
    Ears, hearing quality/capacity and personal music tastes might be the biggest variables at the end. The source plays a role as well. The audio material too.

    The same as with food. 2 people sharing the same meal won't experience the exact same taste, I think.

    Talking about sound reproduction is more difficult than one might think. It's highly personal and depends on so many criterias...
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  8. youngku
    Just ordered two pairs of EPro horn-shaped tips. Does anyone have experience with these?


    Based on the reviews I've read, EPro horn-shaped will sacrifice the quantity of bass exchange for broader soundstage, airy sound and bring the vocals forward.
    I hope M size fits well and allows me to wear BL03 cable down securely. And please don't turn BL03 into Tin T2(my first chi-fi gem), cause I do like the bass of BL03.

    btw I used to own a pair of CP100 but I gave it away when I sold my AKG N20.
    What a stupid decision...
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  9. HungryPanda
    Interesting tips indeed
  10. youngku
    I owned a pair of BIE before. (Bought right away after watching BGGAR)
    The stock tips came with BIE must be the worst tips I've ever seen. Never had a good seal with those.
    Besides, the driver flex is kinda annoyed.
    The sound signature just not my cup of tea. Small and crowded soundstage, unnatural vocal compared to BL03, too v-shaped for my taste.
    I sold them to my friend for 10 bucks days after BL03 arrived.
    BL03 definitely suits my music collection better. Especially acoustic female vocal genre.
    I have no problem with BL03's stock cable & tips.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  11. silverfishla
    I just switched my cable to a Kinboofi balanced. What an upgrade in sound. These Blons sound great through my balanced Plenue D2. Pretty great. Have got a Faaeal Hibiscus on it’s way. That should make a good comparison.
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  12. dharmasteve
    Yup I agree. My BIE are sitting in a little earphone box where they are sleeping and guess what....it's the Blon 03's I listen with. Very rhythmic and unveiled. I like the Blon 03 a lot.
  13. logiatype
    It continues to amaze just how great they are. Eagerly awaiting the MK II with less bass and the longer nozzle (even though I don’t hate the current fit).
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  14. kingcro
    I agree... Also dynamic bass that has nice control and hits hard, sounds like a good subwoofer on your ear (Beyonce- Drunk In Love is a good example of this or Melanie Martinez- Carousel), existance of actual soundstage, realistic vocals (both male and female), no sibilance, sparkle is well separated and sound awesome, and the distortion is almost non-existant, these IEMs can handle abnormal loudnesses... To me, they don't belong to $25 price range. These are very close to perfection, it could only use more microdetails. But the sound is very listenable, never harsh and with all that it sounds realistic and full-range. Love them!

    They IMHO beat any other budget IEM. Their bass and soundstage are great performing.

    It is hard to believe you can go better than this at $25-$33. I don't know what is with reviewers, idk why they give them ratings less than excellent, some other budget models that sound worse get better ratings (talking about AudioBudget and The Phonograph).

    In-your-face macrodetail is nice. Microdetail could be slightly better, but at this price I don't care. There is very little to complain at this price.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  15. Slater
    I wasn’t aware they were tuning them with less bass. Where did you get this information?

    It’s not like the existing BL-03 is some overly boosted basshead monster.
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