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Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

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  1. mbwilson111
    Of course not. Never buy things that you cannot afford.
  2. Otto Motor
    No, there is no reason to jump to $200. The upcoming KBEAR Diamond single DD will be a killer earphone for (way) below $100. It has better resolution than the Blon and the most natural timbre I can think off (except the JVC HA-FDX01 at $250 USD).
  3. logiatype
    See below.

    I'll definitely be checking it out! I've been going back and forth on one song, for an hour, with the KXXS (after 100 hour burn in lol) and it sounds off compared to the BLONs. High hats seem to sound like tamborines on the Moondrops but the BLONs seems a lot more realistic. It gets a lot of things right that I'd expect the more expensive iem to get right. If they can make it "better" it might be shockingly good. Even though the BLONs are a lot more bassy, it's much better at not overpowering the violins.

    Complaints: I don't know if it's the post 15K drop-off but the guitars are more lively on the KXXS though. Neither really replicates the energy of the piano like a home system does.

    Probably returning the KXXS because it doesn't really do anything else better. These guys are going to be eating a lot of other companies' lunches (and driams).

    Oh comeon. I can't deal with this hype much longer lol
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  4. piji
    BLON used DRIAM EATER...

    It's super effective!
  5. Otto Motor
    My basic philosophy:

    1. Three $100 earphones are better than one $300 earphone.
    2. Enjoyment of an earphone is largely independent of price.
    3. The higher the price for buying something unseen from China, the higher is the threat of loss.
    4. You pay a lot for that fancy unboxing experience, a sensation that lasts only for a few minutes.
    5. Read many reviews and between the lines in each. Filter out the ones that are ads.
    6. If you are savvy you save lots of money. I got most of my stuff on sale.
  6. jsmiller58
    I might differ with you on point 1. You can only listen to one pair of IEMs at a time. IF, and it is a big IF, you can find something for $200-$300 that is 1.5X better than a $100 IEM you are better off with one higher priced than three lower priced, even though there are diminishing returns. Of course there is the case where you have very specific musical tastes that can only be served by the specific tuning of different IEMs. Buy fewer, but better, would be my advice
  7. Otto Motor
    Don't forget, I called this "my philosophy"...applying to me only...everybody is different and rightly so. Yeah, I have a couple of more expensive references ($200-250)...which are still relatively cheap in the big picture....and I made sure they will be for "eternity". But the logic that one can only listen to one earphone at a time, means that one needs only one shirt, one TV channel, one book, and a single mouthful of food.

    If you want to go higher, the question is: where's the sweet spot?
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  8. jsmiller58
    Good points, with maybe the example of the shirt. I don’t have to wash my IEMs regularly, the weather doesn’t dictate my IEMs, and the social setting doesn’t influence my IEMs...

    Having said all of this, I, ummm, have something like 15 or more, shuffles his feet while looking at his shoes, IEMs...
  9. redrol

    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
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  10. mroneto
    May be hard to see, but basically match the shape of the BLONs connection to the cable end (round off 4 corners)

  11. njam
    I also wanted to buy QDC cable for my Blon BL03 first, but was afraid that i may end up with inverted polarity connectors, so i bought a simple 0.78mm 2pin cable...
    So there are no probs with +/- connection and QDC/Blon combo? All you have to do is file the edges?
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  12. mroneto
    To my ears and from doing some higher end car audio stuff, I feel that the whole reverse phase issue with the QDC connectors and IEMs is being blown out of proportion. The same goes for the whole 0.75 vs 0.78mm plug thing as well.

    I hear no significant difference in bass response, imaging/staging, etc that people keep parroting over and over again. In fact, i compared the tripowin C8 cable with the stock one and found that the stock cable had a more detrimental effect on the overall sound quality.

    File the corners down (not too much, keep checking as you do it), plug in your brand new nice cable, and listen to your favorite songs.

    Take from my post what you will; this is of course my own subjective opinion, but I will say this: the BLONs with this new cable are the ones that are being used the most out of all of the stuff I own at the moment.

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  13. njam
    As long as both earpieces have the same "wrong" polarity it shouldn't really matter from my experience, but try telling this to my OCD which demands a correct connection :).
    Still would be good to know if Blon's cable polarity matches the QDC's, which should be easy to check with both cables and multimeter.
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  14. mbwilson111
    I think some are confusing references to reverse or inverted polarity with iems being out of phase which definitely affects the sound. I don't worry about reverse polarity.
  15. njam
    Yep. Most of the time you have to guess what the other guy means, when there is talk about polarity and phase.
    For me "reverse or inverted polarity" (the one I spoke of) is simply switching +/- on both sides. This makes no difference to the sound and like I said, it's more an OCD thing for me.
    Then there is "out of polarity", where +/- on one side are in different order compared to the other side, which definitely creates sound problems, since the soundwaves "cancel each other out".
    Then there is "out of phase", which is when the sound of one channel has a time shift.
    But often people have their own definitions of the above (maybe I'm one of those ^^)
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
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