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Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

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  1. chickenmoon
    I've measured nearly all my IEMs and I find that the treble past 10kHz is most often only 3 to 10dB lower than the 1khz band
  2. kingcro
    And Anole VX is on 0dB I guess? 0dB would be ideal treble IMHO.
  3. logiatype
    So, how does it feel to have tiny earholes?

    No fit issues here either. They are very easy to wear and keep in all day.
  4. Dcell7
  5. chickenmoon
    I don't know, I don't have Anole VX. I don't like upper treble "zing" too much, I find it distracting, so probably not the ideal treble for me.
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  6. Seaea
    Same here, This is even my most comfy and fits iem in my life.
    I tend to have hard times with iems that reviewers called it "comfortable" though.
  7. DrBrawler
    I cut the ear guides off one of my cables to wear my blons down. Seems like they're meant to be worn this way. So comfy
  8. kukkurovaca
    I have the IT01 and just picked up the BL03. Based on what I'm hearing so far:
    • They're both easy to drive, but the IT01 is much more hiss-pronee
    • With a good seal on both (using spiral dots), the BL03 has much more impactful but slower bass.
    • IT01 has more pronounced/shoutier treble
    • BL03 is warmer and thicker
    However, YMMV, particularly given how sensitive the BL03 is to fit & tip selection. And I haven't been listening to the BLONs for long.
  9. Cuebbing
    Thank you for the info/impressions on the Cardinal. I have a pair on the way from the 11/11 sale.
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  10. Cuebbing
    I have both and agree. Luckily I don't experience hiss with the IT01.
    I'd say the IT01 is more V shaped like mentioned above.
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  11. youngku
    Pretty Pretty Pretty!

    Have no problem with stock tip wearing cable up.
    But the short nozzles do cause some problems when cable down.

    The cable I use is Hansound KINOPIO. Much thicker and better craftsmanship compare to stock cable and some other budget chi-fi cable.
    Sound-wise: wider soundstage, micro-detail, better imaging & separation, tighter bass(maybe?
    Don't want to break the 2 pin connector so I didn't do much A/B test.(this is my first higher tier cable
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  12. F700
    Very nice looking cable, color goes very well with the BL-03
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  13. kingcro
    This IEM never gets sibilant. I used JetAudio Pro Crystalizer which gives ear pain with any other IEM. But not with Blon BL-03 which is quite nice. I can boost highs without annoying harshness and I like that.
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  14. LaughMoreDaily
    I just got my ve clan bonus ie v2 iem
    I once read someone say it gives the Blon 03 a run for its money.

    The sound is fantastic, the isolation is great. The sound is HD! It may be the best budget chifi I have heard. It even fights toe to toe with BQEYZ.

    Is the Blon 03 a little bit better? With the short nozzle and bad isolation... and the need to change eartips, I doubt it. I think the veclan bie probably kicked its butt!

    For that reason alone, I don't need an 03!
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  15. GreenJay
    Finally ordered the BLON BL 03 on 11.11 sale. This comes with one extra cable and I dont know if that will be better than the stock cable. I'd like to know if there is a better cable than the stock one which also has Mic, can anyone please share with the link if there is any?
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