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Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

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  1. baskingshark
    After listening to the Cardinal for another 1.5 hours, I would like to add a point of difference between the Cardinal and BL-03 in the area of technicalities:
    Instrument separation/details/clarity/imaging is slightly superior on the Cardinal. If I can give a ballpark figure, subjectively the Cardinal has about 10 - 20% more details and instrument separation. This is because of 3 reasons - soundstage is slightly wider on the Cardinal, isolation is better on the Cardinal and lastly, the elevated midbass in the BL-03 relative to the Cardinal also obscures some details in the mids.

    It's still a marginal upgrade at best, and the overall tuning is still similar to the BL-03, maybe except in the bass frequencies there are subtle differences.

    Cardinal is indeed shorter by a few mm, I think if u have problems with the fit of the T800, you will probably still encounter issues with the Cardinal.
  2. redrol
    Awesome review and impressions!! You are doing good work for the Blon community here.
  3. RikudouGoku
  4. w012345
    Have anyone tried the spinfit cp155 seems they have a long nozzle (11mm long) , how long are the cp100?.
  5. SiggyFraud
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  6. w012345
    Thank. It's 9.7mm. have anyone tried the cp155 on the blons?
  7. Dani157
    Very interesting. Thankfully I've got BL03 so can pass this with some peace of mind. It's funny how manufacturers just tweak shells and increase margins exponentially. Although the package is certainly top notch in terms of accessories.
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  8. jsmiller58
    I have seen mention of the Cardinal and the Cardinal Bluejay... Are they the same or different? If different, how so?
  9. FastAndClean
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  10. Monkey Puzzle
  11. Johnny2R
    OK, after some further comparisons once a proper seal was attained with these tips and the MH755 tips (not the easiest thing with my ears), I would say that both work well, and that these Trig Rain ones have a little less weight in the bass but are a little more open and airy, slightly clearer. Is this likely to be because they have wide bores (or, at least, rather wider than the MH755s)? Not sure about my absolute preference at the moment - both have their strong points.
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  12. Monkey Puzzle
    Quote fail. Meant to say the cp100 spinfits have longer stem bit so will insert deeper, so maybe better option to counteract the short nozzle.
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  13. Monkey Puzzle
    And the Cardinals (red ones) are about £10 more expensive.
  14. FastAndClean
    Illuminati confirmed
  15. kingcro
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