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Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

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  1. tanjinyi
    Multi-flanged tips can probably help with the insertion, but I'm too scarred by Etymotic triple flanges to try them.
  2. Monkey Puzzle
    Are spinfits or whirlwind silicone good tips for the BL03? Anyone know which size works best for the nozzles?
  3. mark88888
    How would you compare the sound from the MH755, and the BLON?
  4. baskingshark
  5. RevPizzaguy
    After recabling and sealing the MH755 vent, I find the MH755's easier to listen to, as they don't have as much mid-bass quantity as the Blon's do. I'm not sure if it's the mid-bass overpowering the highs on the Blon's, but I almost feel the MH755's have a more detailed high end. On a frequency sweep, I can hear the MH755's up to 18Khz, the Blon's seem to go up to about 17.5Khz. Soundstage on the MH755 is wide, but the Blon's have better width and depth.
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  6. blaz22
    Thank you!

    2PIN or MMCX?

    I'm new and I have stupid questions :frowning2:

    EDIT: I found this one , is it even cheaper...
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
  7. Johnny2R
    I'm too much of a newbie at this game to be much good at describing sound differences. But my general impression is that the MH755 is a little weightier (may be the superior seal I get), and possibly a little clearer at the top end. But the BLONs have what seems to me to be a more integrated, balanced sound overall, and are a tad more enjoyable to listen to as a result. I'm finding myself setting out to listen to and analyse aspects of the sound but then just getting lost in the music, which can only be a good sign.
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  8. backdrifter
    0.78 mm 2-pin
  9. mark88888
    I'm having the same experience with the BLONs... using them at home which I almost never do with IEMs. Honestly I'm kind of in awe of them, great sound.
  10. blaz22

    Just ordered BLON + NICEHCK cable + TS400 foam tips on AE only 33€

    Let's wait till december now...
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  11. Johnny2R
    When people have done the spacer trick for the BLONs, using a section of the barrel of another silicone tip, how long have you made the spacer?
  12. dharmasteve
    Quite thin for me 2mm - 3mm max. Such a tiny bit, but for my ears it is the size that makes a seal.
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  13. Dani157
    Wide bore tips work well with them. I bought some generic tips from Trig Rain store and they're fantastic with BL03. Whirlwinds make them sound more open and mid-bass is streamlined. They sound good Sony hybrids as well. I suggest that you try all tips in your collection and decide it. I tried them with some 7-8 tips before finalizing one. Now not only they fit flush but sound fantastic. Although YMMV.
  14. Johnny2R
    I originally bought this cable to use with the BLON BL-03: https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4000113348265.html. Not seen anyone else talking about this, so was wondering about ordering a different (but still cheap) one today, if it would be an improvement. Any thoughts?
  15. Johnny2R
    There seem quite a few options on this store. Do you have a link for the actual ones you bought?
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