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Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

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  1. TimeSnow
    Thanks! That's great news!
  2. Hisma
    Looks like it will be here by Monday.
  3. piji
    Still pretty keen on getting some of these on the 11th, though the constant thread seems to be "fit sucks, use other tips". As a first timer to IEMs, I have no tips to roll so I'm a bit lost, there's like 10 types of Spinfits which has my head spinning (pun intended). What are some relatively inexpensive tips to try that will fit the BL-03s? Ideally with minimal issues since I'm giving a pair as a gift. Or should I get something else as a first pair? Just looking for a decent inexpensive all rounder that'll do me for now and can serve as a point of comparison to any IEMs I get later.
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  4. yorosello
    Do you have any unused stock tips from your old earphones? Maybe they can be used for your first time tip rolling. I did that too last time. Using the old tips from my older earphones, which lucky me to have been the sony hybrid tips.
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  5. baskingshark
    Generally a longer nozzle eartip will fit better for Westerners due to the short nozzle of the BLON. YMMV as we all have different ear anatomy.
    A few of us use spinfit CP 145 and CP 100 (I personally use the latter), it fits me well. Spinfit CP 100 has a narrower bore so the bass will be of greater quantity than CP 145, so depends on your bass preferences. I saw these spinfits retailing @ 4 - 6 dollars a pair at Aliexpress, not the cheapest, but they are quite durable and comfortable.

    A cheaper eartip to consider is the KZ starlines. Some have reported good fit for it, though it doesn't suit me. It's a few cents on ebay.

    A few headfiers also reported a successful fit on the BLON BL-03 with a spacer mod or some variant of the sort (pics included):
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  6. piji
    Just ones from phone pack-ins. Silicone I guess.

    Oh, I do have some o-rings that I used to use on my keyboard so maybe I can make that work if I need to! Might splurge on a couple of pairs of CP100 and 145s to see what fits best, stacking a bunch of coupons hopefully.
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  7. yorosello
    If they are pretty comfortable to you, you can try tip rolling with them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  8. SoundChoice
    . Tips could be Spinfit 100 or 145, Symbio, JVC Spiral dot, etc, but it’s unique to your ear anatomy. Start a collection, what fits one IEM won’t twork for another.

    Give the ZS10 Pro as a gift, get the Blon for yourself
  9. voicemaster
    You can get KZ starline tips on AE for dirt cheap. It works for me using the Large one.
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  10. courierdriver
    Agree 100%. ZS10 PRO would make an awesome gift! In fact, that's what I'm giving to someone for Christmas. The BLON BL03 is also great for someone who missed out on the Moondrop Kanas PRO, and doesn't want to spend the extra $ on the KXXS. For less than $35, you can get a KanasPro equivalent with the Bl 03. Both BLON BL03 and KZ ZS10 PRO are solid values with different sound signatures.
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  11. piji
    Do you know if the ZS10 can be worn straight down comfortably? The reason I thought the BL-03 could be a good gift is because she has tiny ears and prefers to wear straight down, which they seem to be able to do comfortably if you swap sides and use a straight connector.

    Cheap enough to just chuck in the cart for 11.11 with no worries. :)
  12. dharmasteve
    Stick with Blon 03 they a fantastic IEM. If you want a quality set of tips then you can get.
    https://penonaudio.com/jvc-spiral-dot-silicone-eartips.html?search=JVC Spiral Dot

    The Blon and the JVC Spiral Dots work well together
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  13. tanjinyi
  14. dharmasteve
    I do find that if very shallow spacers are cut from the canal of an old tip..... that gives a little more depth and a better seal. This works well for the Blon 03
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
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  15. ThanosD
    Has anyone tried any of the NiceHCK cables? Cause they don't mention if the termination is .75 or .78 mm. I am worrying that it might be a bit loose
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