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Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

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  1. backdrifter
    Sure! My cables came from here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33030782005.html
    You can just order the standard cable with a mic if you need that. You can just search AE if that's insufficient, as I haven't looked into that.
    If you're more ambitious about your cables, you can take some inspiration from this guy:

    I prefer Spiral Dot tips. I haven't ordered from this store, but this is the best price I've seen. https://penonaudio.com/jvc-spiral-dot-silicone-eartips.html
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  2. BadReligionPunk
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  3. piji
    Off topic but, what camera do you have? :)
  4. Hisma
    nothing fancy. an old nikon D7100. I've sadly been out of the hobby for quite some time, but I still have some okay glass. The lens is a tamron 90mm 2.8.
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  5. GreenJay
    I've been using Tinaudio T2 for over couple of months. Looking for an upgrade to give this kind of clarity without much coloration on mids and highs but more punchier bass than T2, does BLON BL03 fit the bill or TRN V30? Anyone? Was asking this on CCA thread for C12 but BL03 looks more like what I've been looking for but how is it compared to T2?
  6. mark88888
    Thanks for the great explanation and education!!

    Yeah, there is no mic on the cable, so I guess its balanced. Speaking of the cable... the reason I did not link to it is because I believe that it was made by a "banned" manufacturer here. However, I noticed that the BLON 03 appears to have been made by that very same manufacturer, and the name has been mentioned in this thread. Am I wrong about the ban, or...? I'd love to post a link to the cable to get opinions about it but don't want to violate the rules.
  7. mroneto
    I would recommend you check out the KZ ZSX or TRN V90 from the tonality that you are describing, I have owned both of those as well as the T2 and actually ended up selling the T2 as a result.
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  8. chinmie
    the Blon is in a different sound signature to the T2 altogether. it's more of a fun, mid-bassy IEM compared to the cold and cleaner T2. the better upgrade path might be the Shuoer Tape (i haven't heard it personally, just reading other reviews here, so can't vouch too much on that) or the Tinhifi other family members like the T3 or the upcoming T4
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  9. GreenJay
    How is BL03 comparing to T2?
  10. mroneto
    Almost the complete opposite in tonality (at least for my ears).

    Yes, I did have a complete seal and tried the bass port micropore tape mod, but I felt that the T2 did not have enough low end punch for most of the music I listen to (EDM, Psytrance, Modern Funk/Soul).

    The T2 mids and upper register are much clearer than the BLONs, but the BL-03 to me sounds a little more natural in terms of timbre and dynamic range.

    I would like to try the T3 at some point, but for now the pricing seems a bit high for what else the market has to offer at this time.
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  11. GreenJay
    Thank you. I dont want to sacrifice the mids and highs on T2 but with more bass ya know! But fun sounding is something that I would love to try as I will be using it on Office laptop and cellphone. T2 is too dry sometimes.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  12. dharmasteve
    I've had the Tin HiFi T2 for a long time. It has a very balanced nice sound. The Blon 03 IMHO is a better sounding IEM to the T2. The Blon 03 has a more natural unveiled sound. Rhythmically it is more engaging than the T2 and timbre on the Blon 03 is as good as I've heard. The T2's are good but have been overtaken by some. The Blon 03 punches way above it's weight. One of my Blon 03's took a day to open up fully.

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  13. GreenJay
    Really appreciate this. Thanks a lot.
  14. dharmasteve
    There is one downside to the Blon 03. It's shallow fit can be infuriating. I had to make a spacer from the canal of an old silicone tip and then use a large JVC Spiral Dot tip to give a deeper seal. The supplied tips are not good. It was worth it though. The Tin T2 is good out of the box. So it's a lot about your patience. Some get fed up finding the right, tip and seal for the Blon 03.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  15. Johnny2R
    Yes, the fit of the Blons is a major hassle. I'm using Sony MH755 tips and little spacers made from the canals of other silicone tips (as above), and I do get a seal, in that I get great sound and they don't come out of my ears if I give them a gentle tug (i.e., there is a little suction there), but I'm still unconvinced I'm getting the best out of them. I tried my Sony MH755s yesterday and the fit was just so much easier, with a proper seal being trivial to achieve.
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