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Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

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  1. stryed
    Got the TRN T2 16 core cable for the blons I ordered. The idea is to remove the ear guide tubing and wear it down...Hopefully it works! I didn't do much research :confused:

    Does anyone have the IT01 and the blon by the way? I believe the IT01 has thicker bass and might be more V shaped?
  2. Dani157
    I only have medium and large size tips here. You can order as per your ear size.
  3. Johnny2R
    Unfortunately that link doesn't work, just takes me to a general page (seems a regular issue with Ali Express links).
  4. Slater
    The TinAudio T2 has an infuriating fit for many people as well.

    It’s not really an ideal fit wearing it up, and it’s not really an ideal fit wearing it down. At least that was the case for me anyways.

    I had to fiddle with it, swap channels around, put really long tips on, etc.
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  5. Slater
    It’s because you have to use the Aliexpress mobile app for those links to work properly.
  6. pfloyd
    Blon 03 is “Da Bomb!” on High Voltage Balanced (HVB) via ES100

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  7. Cameradaknow
    Are there any fake BL-03s going around? I just bought a pair from a vendor on ebay that was a bit cheaper than AE (3-4 dollars) but now I'm starting to have doubts.
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  8. BadReligionPunk
    Your good. No fakes.
  9. Mouseman
    Check to see if there are any words spelled correctly on the box. If so, you might want to worry. :ksc75smile:
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  10. Cameradaknow
    Thanks, that's good to hear!

    I will, as soon as I get the oppoty!
  11. kingcro
    These IEMs are perfect for genres like EDM. Their big bass and treble sparkliness makes them that. Such a good value for money. But really bad fit, and only few tips work with it. Even when you get a good fit you can get boomy bass.
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  12. originalsnuffy
    Fit is definitely an issue with these. Normally I use JVC spiral dots but with the Blon the spiral dots did not really work so well. Right now I am using sold old foamies. They are probably Comply brand but I don't label my tips as well as I should. The foamies are reasonably comfortable and not boomy when inserted at a comfortable depth.

    Having a bit of fun doing a super mini non scientific shootout of my various wired IEMs.

    Everything has the JVC Spinfit tips with the sole exception of the Blon which has the previously discussed foamies.

    First of all; it remains remarkable to me how good an audio experience can be had at the $100 and under price level. When you see the list you will recognize one common factor; at one time or another these were all the reasonable priced IEM flavors of the month at Head-Fi.

    The Blons are inefficient, but have a good well rounded sound. If inserted really far into the ear bass can be overcooked; but at normal depths the bass sounds about right.

    Then I pulled out the iBasso IT-01. Much more efficient and also a good listen.

    Then the good old LZ-A2. Wow I forgot how good those can be.

    Finally, the Carbo Tenores. Those are also fairly inefficient, a fact I had forgotten. Also a very nice smooth sound; though I would pick the Blon ahead of these.

    So far; the winner for me are the iBassos but the Blons have merits. Just for fun I will probably pull out the LZ-A2 pair more often also.

    But then again my favorites remain the FLC8D (I like the FLC8S also but it sounded an awful lot like the 8D and only needed one set with that sound profile). But here we are more in the $200 price range give or take.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
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  13. Assimilator702
    Try 14mm Wide bores. These are my preferred tip. Sony Hybrids work but the mids and treble are not as open sounding s with the wide bores. Foams work but dull the treble compared to Wide Bores. Unfortunately the majority of tips don’t work due to the shallow reach of the nozzle. 2 to 3 mm of extra reach and these things would be a perfect fit and much less restrictive with usable tips. I suspect the smaller your ears are the less problems the Blon are.
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  14. chinmie
    Does anyone tried to modify the Blon to reduce the bass?
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  15. baskingshark
    I found that wide bore silicone tips lowers the bass quantity actually.

    But I'm a basshead and am in the minority that thinks the BLON's bass is not enough. So I've tip rolled about 10 silicone tip brands and settled on the spinfit CP 100 giving the most bass quantity due to the narrower bore. YMMV cause we all have different ear anatomies.
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