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Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

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  1. Hisma
    "they sound good." shoulda stopped there. Or at least spent more than 15 minutes with them before I waxed poetic.

    Oh also my opinion on the stock cable has also changed. I tried some of my nicer MMCX cables and I think I'll stick to one of them instead. Surely an upgrade over the BL-03 cable but still worth changing out. :v:
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  2. mark88888
    When you attached the connector (2 pronged thing), did you check or care about which way the connector was facing when you attached the earbuds? In other words, is there a "wrong" way to attach it with this type of connector, or does it not matter which way you do it?

    I'll try to do a phase check.
  3. mbwilson111
    the positive pin has to be connected to the positive side of the connector on both pieces.... Like when you wire speakers. Otherwise the sound will be out of phase. For me the easiest way to check the sound is using a binaural recording. the stage will close right up... everything will be in or near your head. There are also various online tests and videos but those can bemore difficult for me.

    Assuming that the pair was in phase when you got it...some are internally wired incorrectly from the start or the connector has been put in wrong way around... the fact that you have the bend in the cable should mean that if those are bending the same way it should be ok. Cables with straight connectors usually have a small dot near the pins to which pin is positve... or negative

    If it is out of phase you have to turn the pins around on ONE side.

    Also you can check here (this link is at the bottom of Slater's signature.)
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  4. mark88888
    OK, thanks, that makes perfect sense to me. What was throwing me is that they sounded the same no matter which way I alligned them - with both bending the same way, be it front or back.

    So anyway, I'm clearly no professional audiophile, but I've used a lot of different headphones over the years, cheap and expensive. I own Sennheiser HD600 and Etymotic ER4XR, both are great and far better than others I've tried. And I'd like to say to this forum, yeah, these BLON 03 earphones really are super. The hype is accurate, great sound. I'll definitely be using them... they are far, far better than others I've tried anywhere near this price and maybe they're even comparable to the other 2 I own.
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  5. mbwilson111
    Technically someone could point out that one of those ways... I don't know if it is bending front or if it is bending back (because I am not sure which of those ways is the way it would be with the ear hooks) would be in phase and the other way would be iinverted phase. With tiny little iem drivers it has been said that no one would be able the hear a difference .. but of course some golden eared person will come in and say they can,. maybe with speakers someone can hear a difference.

    You could see if you can hear a difference between having them point back or front.

    Some things I found online explaining phase

    In simple terms, the speaker cones should go in and out together. If the phase is reversed on one speaker, then one cone will go in while the other goes out. This can result in certain sound waves cancelling each other out, and/or giving a sort of "difuse" sound.

    When polarity is wrong, the speakers will be out of phase. One will move in, while the other moves out. At the listening position (right in between the speakers) the displaced air from one will be cancelled out by the other. This effect - stronger at lower frequencies - will result in a loss of bass.
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  6. mark88888
    Thanks for all the info. So, I did the polarity test listed at the bottom of Slater's sig (thanks, Slater). To me it sounds identical when they are both pointing forward, or both pointing backwards. In phase the music sounds more present and solid. Out of phase it's more... echooey. And I assume that's how it should sound in both cases...? (sorry for the incorrect jargon) .
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  7. mbwilson111
    sounds like all is well.

    I have a question. Does the bend in that cable connector bother you when you are wearing them down?

    I never removed the memory thing in my stock cable. I just happened to have a spare balanced cable here with straight 2 pin connectors so I used that. You probably saw the photo. It was not very expensive (only a few dollars on aliexpress)... only 4 core but I like light weight cables when wearing down. I enjoy earbuds and some of those have mmcx connectors (one, the Rose Masya has 2 pin). I have chosen 4 or 6 core cables for some of them.
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  8. mark88888

    It doesnt bother me, the bend is slight and so its no big deal. I kind of like it as it angles the wires back a little. And the sound is really good.

    I was looking for "the dot" on the BLON buds, and I couldnt find any dots! Do they have dots? I'll try to use a balanced cable soon, it does not have a bend. I can see the dots on the cable but not the BLON. I used a magnifying glass and still couldnt find the dots!

    Another question. My cable is 8 core, with a 2.5mm plug so I know it will fit in the balanced socket of my DAP. It has silver plated wire. Is an 8 core cable with 2.5mm plug definitely "balanced", or not necessarily? (I dont think this is relevant, but it had an ear guide that I removed).
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
  9. mbwilson111
    dots are on the cables near the pins on certain aftermarket ones. you just have to put those dots in the correct orientation on the earpieces. If you aren't sure.. just do what you think is right and then do the phase test. If you did it wrong just turn it around on one side only.
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  10. mbwilson111
    if it is balanced the plug will be 4 pole rather than the usual three pole. You will see the additional ring when you compare them (as long as your regular 3.5mm single ended cable does not have a mic)

    In this photo the 2.5 and the 4.4 are balanced.

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  11. mark88888
    Ah I see, so there are no dots on the BLONs... just the cable? I had thought the idea was to line up the dots.

    Thanks for the info about the balanced cable and the photo. I think, based on what you said, that my cable is balanced... but to be sure would you be kind enough to take a look at this and confirm? It's a 2.5mm plug... it looks like your 2.5. Is this definitely balanced?
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
  12. Makahl
    Thanks! Now I need one, my ears just hate metal-shells. Out of curiosity, can you spot some similarity between the drivers?

    Someone x-rayed the BL-03:
    Can you count 8 vent-holes on the driver and spot a similar "aperture"?
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
  13. mbwilson111
    If there is no mic on the cable then yes that one is balanced. Balanced just means the the left and right ground wire are kept separate all the way to the plug.... so there is that extra ring for soldering those wires separately to the plug. In a regular 3.5 single ended cable, the ground wires are combined at the splitter and soldered together at the plug. This is why there is no adapter that can magically turn single ended into balanced. But of course you can get an adapter to use your balanced cable with a regular single ended source. 2.5mm female to 3.5mm single ended.

    I think I recognize that cable:) Between my husband and myself there are so many cables here.

    ... as for the dots on the cable those are to indicate which pins are positive so that you do line them up correctly.
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  14. Slater
    I thought x-rays didn’t penetrate metal objects? How did the X-rays get through the metal shell to show the driver? Very interesting...
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  15. Nanokillzx
    Goddammit I was right, well no regrets. I bet that the Cardinals are airier/wider due to the positioning and distance of the drivers, I think the hollow cavity helps out too, but will mess with the resonance a bit. I wonder how it handles really hard-on bass? The package is waaaay better than expected too. Is there any driver flex though? I can see that the filterless nozzle could be a potential problem to either lazy people or those with constantly wet earwaxes

    I kind am regretting that I didn't trust my instincts to jump on the train, but oh well, I only had around 70 bucks to splurge in 11/11 and I got the SHP9500 instead (I know, ancient) for the exact same price sellers are selling the Cardinals here.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
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