beyerdynamic T51p & T51i impressions thread

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  1. Slaphead

    My personal opinion is if you can grab the Amperiors for half the price then it's well worth a shot.

    I have both the Amperiors and the DT1350s (which is kind of considered to be the professional version of the T51), and while I consider the DT1350s to be a touch more refined in their presentation, the Amperior is not far behind at all. They're different, but neither is inferior to the other.

    Whichever way you go you'll be getting a decent pair of on ears
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  2. Fixxxer86

    Thx Slaphead! Yes, I bought the Amperior, they arrive on monday. I was texting with Analog's who helped me to take the decision and go for the amperiors.

    It makes me happy to see that a lot of people recommend the amperior.

    Thx so much.
  3. Fixxxer86
    Luckily the Amperiors arrived last friday. I was testing them all the weekend and today. Just WOW, I'm so happy!
    The sound signature and SQ is just what I was looking for. Precise bass but not bloated, mids are amazing and highs are beautiful. Maybe sometimes (only in a few songs) the highs are a little bit harsh on my ears, but it has lot of detail wich I love, There is subtle details wich I never heard on some songs! One word to describe them is "fun". It makes me want to listen to all my favorite songs again.
    I don't know if the t51i worth the extra money, but wow the amperior can deliver!
    Cya [​IMG]
  4. Slaphead

    That's great news, and stop worrying if the T51s are worth the extra money. When the Amperiors were first released they cost more than the T51.
  5. Fixxxer86

    Yeah thats true, never thought about it. Thx! :)
  6. zpolt
    This is my goto hp on the go. My set is msr7, p7, momentums, fostex t50rp, qc35, k701, beyer dt 1990, shure 840, grado sr60, hifiman 350. Running theough wm1a plus pha2a dac amp.

    Beyer rly did something with that tesla driver, it has something extra microdetail in rendering, really has that extra punch. Its treble punches similarly to its bigger bro the dt1990. Acoustic guitars really sparkle. The render is fast and tight.

    Very comfortable headphone to use. Plush pads and very lightweight sometimes you forget youre wearing em. And light clamp. And the sound is not fatiguing as well. Easy also to wear around your neck.

    I would still go with full size cans for more immersive experience but in the go this is my best bet for really portable hifi sound.
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  7. loomisjohnson
    i'm generally an iem guy, but after my kid snagged by sennheiser momentums, i got a pair of the t51i, which appear by consensus to be best-in-class. they are in fact very good, but compared to my better iems somehow less detailed; bass in particular is less etched (though more visceral/physical) than i expected. i realize this is a learning curve for me--i'm used to a smaller, more precise presentation--i'll be interested to see how i feel after getting more acclimated to their form and sound.
  8. fannyfoodle
    I realize this thread is getting a little stale, but to the gentleman who just picked up a set of Amperiors and is wondering whether the T51i is worth the extra money, I would have to say (from a purely sonic standpoint), absolutely - YES! That being said, as I sit here awaiting the return of my beloved T51s from being repaired, if durability is a significant concern for you, then you may just want to stick with the Sennheiser.

    I use my T51i's almost exclusively in the office and I take great care in packing them away safely every evening, being sure to loop the cord very loosely as I don't want there to be any tension that would cause a short. Because, as I'm sure you know, the cord is hardwired. Even so, after only a few months of light and careful use, I have had both earpiece covers come unglued (taped) and fall off. And most recently, I put them on only to find that the left channel was significantly diminished in volume. Granted, the nice folks at United Sound Services promptly sent me replacement earpieces and have now repaired and shipped (as of today) my headphones, but this does not bode well for future durability.

    Meanwhile, my Amperiors are nearly bulletproof. I've had them for about 4 years now and recently replaced the earpads. They're MUCH more robust but even if you do end up having a problem, virtually every component is easily repaired/replaced.

    But with regard to sound quality, the Amperiors are not nearly as balanced. They're great for listening to rock music at high decibels, but the Beyers are much more refined. And, as many have pointed out previously, they extract tremendous detail without having to "crank it up".

    There is definitely something special about the design of the T51i though. They render such a sweet and musical presentation that you just want to keep listening. In fact, I like them so much that I picked up a pair of DT1350 (gold edition) to have as a backup. And while they utilize the same drivers and same earpads, and same earcups, they're just not the "same". They're very good, don't get me wrong. But they're not as comfortable and, more importantly, not as musical. There's a resemblance to be sure, but it's just not the same.

    And lastly, with regard to isolation, I find the T51's to do a tremendous job. I think they do a better job at isolation (and controlling sound leakage) than the Amperiors. They're also better than my OVER ear Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 which I hardly even listen to since getting the Beyers. And somehow they achieve this isolation with the least clamping force and the smallest earpads. Go figure!
  9. Fixxxer86
    I think that it is stale due to the fact that on ear headphones are a little bit weird now a day, more so with so good iems that are even better at portability and maybe sound.

    I'm very happy with the Amperiors, after those I've got the HD650, wich are amazing but even after using both I realized that the Amperiors are great for portability. Anyhow I still want to try the T51i :)
  10. headwhacker
    on-ears has never been the most comfortable headphone system. Though, T51 is pretty much on top with regards to comfort. However, There have been many alternatives that are more comfortable and technically better sounding. In short the T51 is showing it's age. As much as I love this headphone when I got them, I don't see myself going back to them.
  11. fannyfoodle
    @headwhacker - You mention alternatives that are more comfortable and better sounding. I don't keep up on all of the latest releases, but I'd love to hear about other options. Do you mind sharing a few examples of better-sounding headphones? Cuz, I could DEFINITELY find myself back in the market for another pair!
  12. headwhacker
    I find over ears more comfortable. I use Aeon Flow and TH-X00 when out and about. Unless you find them too big, they are more comfortable, better sounding and has better isolation than T51.

    However, as far as on-ears go, Audeze sine is a better sounding alternative.
  13. fannyfoodle
    Thanks for the tips. That's some high-dollar kit!! You've got me intrigued with the Audeze and Aeon recommendations though. I've heard Fostex variations a few times and they never seemed to do much for me. But I do love a good planar magnetic speaker (or electrostatic), so that might be worth pursuing for sure. Thanks again.
  14. rlisin
    On a more technical note, do you know the Beyerdynamic part number of replacement driver for T51? I'm getting these headphones for next to nothing (less than the cost of earpads) but for repairs, one side is quieter and has weak bass. If it's not a cable problem I might need a driver, but can't find it on the Beyerdynamic website.
  15. Rach13
    Just got a set of these, the 'p' variant without the remote, just basically because I found some being sold very cheap for only $78 USD, including postage, and because of so many positive reviews. I have DT 990s and REALLY love them but wanted to try 'higher end' Tesla beyers. Can't afford T1s or anything like that.

    I guess my experience with other cans is VERY limited but compared to what I've tried I think these are AWESOME! They are really great for all the music I listen to, but are very different to my 990s which are better for movies and surround sound. I was running the T51s straight from a Q1MKII, and although they are 32 Ohm (Checked the model number and they seem to be made after the 60 Ohm version), and are said to be easy to drive, I actually find they sound much better when I run them out of my Fiio A5. The Q1MKII will get them to painfully loud levels but the A5 seems to really bring them to life, they sound to me to have a noticeably bigger sound even at lover volume levels if that makes sense? To me they seem just like my 990s in that they really shine with an extra amp and are also a bit flat and almost aren't loud enough when run straight from my phone for example.
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