1. Jbmorrey

    Portable headphone decision..... That Planar sound...on the go!

    Ok, so I don't have access to listening to headphones other than what you would find at Best Buy. So I can tell you what I have and what I listen to and hopefully you can help me decide, or throw in a sugesstion. I own the Thinksound on1 and to honest, I am quite pleased with them, I am just...
  2. misformatt

    Beyerdynamic T51p

    Hello fellow head-fiers! I have for sale a Beyerdynamic T51p. It is in very good condition all-around, but does have a few minor imperfections here and there on the metal finish (which seems to be pretty typical with these models--I've owned three). The only one significant enough to show up in...
  3. iRock1

    Headphones for an iPod 5.5G?

    Hi all.   I'm using an iPod Video 5.5G–with no AMP nor external DAC–and I want to put those fabric-included white earbuds back on their box as soon as possible. What would you recommend me as a replacement?   My personal history is nothing to envy. I'm by no means an audiophile, and the most...
  4. KT66

    Is On Ear market dying ?

    Looking through this section of Head Fi it strikes me that On Ears get very little mention, it doesn't help that some On Ear related posts go to Headphones - "Full Size". At present the forum seems only about IEMs. As I look around here for something new it struck me how few new models have...
  5. alienden

    Looking for <400$ portables with good mids and comfort

    Just a copy paste from reddit :)   Budget: <400$ Source: Nexus 7, Galaxy S4 ATT Isolation: Reasonable isolation of portables Past Headphones: Cheap-open senn, 363d for gaming, X10 IEMs Preferred Type of Headphone: Closed portable Preferred Music: Some vocal heavy genres with little bass...
  6. justyourboy

    On ear headphones under $250 (comfortable).

    I would like to spend $250 or less on a pair of on ear headphones, could you recommend me something?   They have to be: Comfortable Closed back design (don't want lots of leakage... these will be use for the gym and on planes) Sound signature: For the most part I enjoy a very natural sound...
  7. lofthanza

    Shure 1540 vs Beyerdynamic t51p vs ath-m50

    Having had both the ath-m50 and the t51p, and being perfectly happy with both, yet craving an upgrade, I thought of the Shure 1540. I just dont know what to expect from the Shures in comparison to those two headphones or to the momentums that I owned for a while? Anyone with any thoughts please?
  8. Billheiser

    NAD HP50 versus Beyerdynamic TP51p

    Comparison between these two highly praised, well reviewed $299 closed-back portables:  Just days ago I traded my HP50 for a T51p, to get a smaller form factor for gym/portable use.  I wanted something as good sounding as possible, since I loved the HP50 for its overall sound quality...
  9. h1a8

    Good Replacements for NAD Viso HP50 with stronger bass?

    I have the NAD Viso HP50 and think they are excellent for the price. They are very clear, smooth, ok comfort, balanced, and have a good sized soundstage for a closed can. However, I hate the way they look on my head in public and wish they had some more bass slam. So I'm looking for a closed...
  10. lofthanza

    Shure 1540 vs Beyerdynamic t51i/t51p

    I have had 3 headphones so far, the ath-m50, the dt-1350, the fidelio l1. Those were good enough for me before I auditioned the t51i yesterday. I was very impressed by the t51i that i now consider them a solid improvement over the other three ones. What i liked about them is that they have...
  11. dharan

    Best Looking Portable

    I'm sort of stealing this idea from the Full-size forum. But I think the Beyerdynamic T51p is the best looking portable I've seen so far. On the contrary, Sennheiser Momentums are too leather laden for my tastes, and as I mentioned once already, the stitching in the leather headband reminds me...
  12. navii

    beyerdynamic T51p & T51i impressions thread

    lets enjoy   I got mine last week and am really loving the sound. They look very stylish too, sort of video game techy.     Here are some reviews:   Quote from     Quote from...
  13. lofthanza

    where can I order beyerdynamic t51p ear pads replacement?

    I have had the dt-1350 for a year now. Their pads need to be replaced. I thought i would replace them with the new t51p ear pads, but i dunno where to find them online. If you can help, thank you very much!
  14. Minstrel711

    Good Closed Headphones for Electronic Music?

    Looking for a good pair with a budget of about $200, want it to sound good with electronic (house,electro,etc.) but not to the point that there's so much bass that that's all it sounds good with.
  15. Koolpep

    Beyerdynamic T51p vs V-Moda XS same price - which to go with...

    Hi!   I am looking to buy another portable headphone and am not sure which one would I would enjoy more....   I had the T50p for half a year but didn't warm up with them, so I sold them a year ago. I heard the T51p are closer to the DT1350 who I listened to (from a friend) for 2 weeks and I...
  16. skroid101

    Best on-ear headphones $250-$500

    Hello all!  Greetings from the UK :) After owning my Grado SR60i's for a while (ok well not that long.. (a year (ish))) and using them pretty much everyday throughout then, someone stood on my bag with them inside.. Thus, the mounting bracket on between the right hand side has snapped.. Which...
  17. autumnholy

    The Golden Triangle: A short impression between T50p, DT1350 & T51p

    Beyerdynamic has just released its t51p, a refreshed version of t50p. It looks very similar to t50p, and only under close inspection can you circle the differences. Today I'd like to make a short note (for anyone interested to read) about:   The perceived difference between t50p, DT1350, and...
  18. alexm23

    Beyerdynamic T51p Review & Amperior Comparison

    I got these from ProAudioStar on eBay because they were selling open boxes for $199:   I thought I'd write a quick review on them since I haven't seen much talk about these...
  19. ostewart

    Brief Impressions: Beyerdynamic T51p, T90, T1 and A20

    Brief impressions of the Beyerdynamic T51p, T90, T1 and A20 I would like to thank Thomas at Polar Audio for lending me these samples for a week, I thoroughly enjoyed my week with them. I try to write as honest an opinion possible. T51p: Specs: Transmission type - Wired Headphone design...
  20. rexFi

    Acceptable Average Headphone "Life span" (for the Price)

    How many months, years should a Headphone last before it dies based on how its priced?   I ask this because I notice I change Headphones frequently more vs. Speakers(PSB B6) at home which is now running for almost 3 years.    
  21. DangerToast

    The Beyerdynamic T51p Discussion Thread

    I couldn't find a discussion thread for these surprising little cans so I thought I'd make one. First, some photography:             Owners of the popular dt 1350 will notice a few key differences. Firstly, the headband has been completely redesigned - it's a little bit wider...
  22. 2rooi123

    beyerdynamic t50p

    pre-ordered them today from soundearphones and should receive them by early june. cant wait to compare them to es10!
  23. Beyerdynamic T51P

    Beyerdynamic T51P

    Like its award-winning predecessor T50P, the focus for design of the T51P is delivers unrivalled sound quality with our new and improved Tesla drivers. The closed design of the T51P also isolates external noise very effectively while on the go. The cable has also been improved to be more stable...