beyerdynamic T51p & T51i impressions thread

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  1. LaCuffia
    I just got the T51i and am very impressed so far.  I am usually not a fan of on-ear, and still trying to adjust to the fit, but the sound is pretty remarkable.  I actually don't find them bass heavy as many others do (this coming from a Stax user, so not a basshead at all either).  They seem fairly even across the spectrum, with a touch of warmth.  I paid $200 on Amazon, so it's a nice deal considering retail is $300.   Build quality is top notch, a welcome change from some headphones I tried as of late (for example, HiFiMan Edition S, which is $250, feels very cheap by comparison).
    I'll need at least a few days with them before I decide whether to keep them or not.  I am not a big believer in "burn in" but perhaps my impressions will change (for better or even for worse) with more hours on them.  I have a JDS O2 amp that I will try with them, even though it's a highly sensitive headphone and no amp is required.
  2. JerseyD
    The T51i does not change radically with burn-in. However, there are headphones that do, so as far as being a "believer" goes...I gues that will come when you experience it for yourself.
    Also, read your comments on the Meze 99.  I think the T51i and the 99 sound more similar than different. What's your take so far?
  3. LaCuffia
    I reluctantly returned the T51i because I couldn't get used to the on ear fit. Awesome sound though. The Meze is perhaps just a tad warmer than the T51i but they are fairly close actually. The T51i bass was probably tighter too. Very happy with the Meze though.
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  4. headwhacker

    If you are talking about Meze 99 classics I'll take T51 all day. The Meze I tried is not just a tad warmer but too much bass bloat which makes the mids and highs sound too far behind in the background. I like how it looks like though on my head. I just don't like how it sounds.
  5. LaCuffia
    I agree the T51i has the edge in sound but the Meze is just better for me ergonomically. I also think the mids are one of the Meze's strengths. Vocals are pretty upfront. The treble detail is nice too. It's not a neutral headphone but much better than a lot of more expensive headphones that try to provide a similar natural and "fun" (for lack of a better word) sound signature.
  6. zerolight
    Anyone tried these headphones through the Dragonfly Red? Is it a worthwhile upgrade?
  7. cazone

    Don't know the Dragonfly red but listening to the T51p with my mojo and they sound great!
  8. Viber
    Can you compare the Edition S with the T51? (in terms of comfort,instruments separation,bass/mids/highs, sibilence?)
  9. Saniva

    My dad got me new T51p headphones today. Im letting them burn in for a few days before trying them out. We use Dragonfly Red as the portable DAC. Will let you know how it sounds put together.
  10. Slaphead

    Don't bother, start listening. I have a number of Beyer cans, including the DT1350, which effectively is the pro marketed variant of the T51, and so far I've not noticed any burn in changes or improvements that are remotely significant with any of them. They all sounded good right out of the box.
  11. pdferguson

    Congratulations! Hope you like the headphones. The Dragonfly Red should be a great combo, I've heard nothing but raves about that DAC.
  12. Saniva
  13. Saniva

    Ok ive had them playing some music for about 20 hours and im not 100%, but im sure it sounds the same.

    So far im liking the sound. Its different to what i've used before, which is the Amperior but thats ok.
  14. Saniva
    I've been listening to some different things with the T51Ps. I have been using it with the Audioquest Dragonfly Red.
    Not all music works with it, for example I am listening to some new Iggy Pop and it sounds a little lean below. Likewise for techno and trance the bottom end isnt matching strength for strength with the melody. They are, though sharp and spacious so things like Marissa Nadler and Nick Cave can turn out quite lovely and sparkling.
    I am happy to say I am pretty stoked with t51s, and loving working out what works with them and what doesnt.
  15. snip3r77
    Is the 1350 the same as t50i/s ? So get the one that is cheaper?
    How does this fair w.r,t Momentum 2 over ear?

    Why is there a 32 OHM Audiometric for the 1350 and it's >$300 ?
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