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Beyerdynamic New XP series, the Unexpected

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  1. SpringBiscuit
    i believe it is mainly due to the huge driver, the require burn in time is much require as well.
  2. beyerlove
    And I recall that I've heard reputations of beyerdynamic's earphones(e.g DTX 101e) to be very tough to burn in.
    So the XP series are.
  3. helionascimento
    Seems like a very nice entry level IEM, I ordered a XP3 as my first earphone to replace the death of an ATH-CK32 that was very useful for just 4 years.
    Expecting a little more quality from this ones than the CK32.
  4. SpringBiscuit
    Quality wise so far seem pretty ok, as a user for myself i don't experience any hardship, nor i saw a lot complains for the build quality.
    And it is beyerdynamic =)
  5. Vincy8925
    Any more users of the XP2? Looking forward for more reviews about it. :)
  6. ostewart
    XP2 is great for a fairly balanced sound, with a bit of a bass boost, very easy to listen to.
    they are very well bult iem's too, if your interested in the XP2, PM me.
  7. Gallade475
    this can't die, I want this, but how does it compare to the spider realvoice? and is that shinyness on the realvoice metal, and is this made of metal?
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