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Beyerdynamic New XP series, the Unexpected

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  1. fhuang
    do they sound like any of beyers headphones?
  2. SpringBiscuit
    personally i will say better then Jays from my opinion, as jays having the similar concept of increase bass base on their numeric model, however XP series provides more value for money, and the biggest part it fits more comfortable compare with Jays.
  3. SpringBiscuit

    Pretty hard to compare, as the both are different type of product, but i can say it is not 880, T1 type of signature, more mass market type.
  4. putente
  5. putente
    Great unboxing video, Swimsonny! I'll be waiting for your review and comparisons between the 3 models! [​IMG]
  6. mrdon
    SB...thank you for your review from your blog. You mention that the XP3 would compete well with the Shure SE215, which is my current IEM of choice. In particular, how would the XP3 compare/contrast with the SE215?

    Also, is Jaben the only place online where these are available? Is there a US distributor selling these?
  7. Swimsonny
    These are awesome for the price! SO impressed!
    Review here:
    In my round up
  8. putente
    Some reading for tomorrow! Thanks... [​IMG]
  9. SpringBiscuit

    i would pick XP3 as a fair fight with SE215, It is warmish type of sound if you get a great fit in XP3, while the treble and bass extension is much dynamic compare with SE215,  SE215 offers more body in mid frequency,  XP3 provides much natural and clean mid.
  10. SpringBiscuit
    updated first page with bro Sonny review!
  11. Angelopsaro
    Whats the shipping cost to Europe? it takes you to paypal and still doesnt mention anything about shipping costs..
  12. SpringBiscuit
    try contact with Jaben about shipping cost? as i believe they have different price rate on shipping to worldwide.
  13. Jamhead9
    Cool in looking, Flat cable, Good sounding and it is Beyerdynamic!!
    I will go to try these out very soon!
  14. marald
    You have to login with Paypal and then it redirects you to the cart page.. Shipping cost to Italy is 15$ but it comes with a free portable amp!
  15. SpringBiscuit
    that is a great promo they are having they =D
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